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Now we look at the night sky and try to find a single star. It shines with a special brightness and we remember, and we promise never to forget… And in the end, it does matter!

Фанфик Группы / Singers 18+. © Linkin Park doesn't belong to me. Story written for fans.

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A Tribute

Tonight Nobody can save me, all I have now is a decent Good goodbye, everything is going to be just fine without me, I’ve been Talking to myself for so long, explaining with kind words my Battle symphony, being Invisible all the time, being here and not being at all, I feel the Heavy rain coming down from heaven and I just wish I’d be Sorry for now, but I can’t feel regret, I’m always Halfway right and I grew tired of it, I’m just One more light on that dark anonymous sky, while I’m hiding these shameful Sharp edges.

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Andre Tornado Gosto de escrever, gosto de ler e com uma boa história viajo por mil mundos.


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