Мы помогаем начинающим авторам получить доступ к ресурсам и инструментам, чтобы повысить качество, потенциал и шансы их книг стать следующим бестселлером

On Inkspired we will provide you with the tools and services you need to get the best our of your stories. It's easy, fast and straight-forward. And you can even exchange your well earned Бонусные кредиты to snatch some of these services for free.


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Translate your chapters to other languages

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Choose a chapter and translate to other languages with the help of proven professionals in book editing and translations.

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Book cover design

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Do not let your book be judged by its cover! Our great designers are here to help you get your book to stand out with a great cover design.

Rewards Credits Pack

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Buy a package of Rewards Credits at a good exchange rate. Buying Rewards Credits can help you to level up in the Rewards Program and can grant you access to many new benefits

Export stories and chapters

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Unlock the ability to export a story and its chapters to different formats such as DOCX, PDF, ePUB, HTML and TXT.

Secret story

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Unlock the ability to make a story of your choice secret, which will make it undiscoverable for anyone on the platform. The only way someone can access your story (while it's published) would be by sharing its link directly.