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Garotos não podem se amar

Alan é um simples garoto francês, com notas medianas e sociável na medida certa, ao contrário de seu infame melhor amigo, Ryan, que a cada dia se isola mais enquanto procura motivos para não se ape... LGBT+ ЧИТАТЬ

Love Among the Haystacks by David Herbert Lawrence

Love Among the Haystacks is the story of two brothers, the tensions between them and the emotional fulfilment each finds one summer night after the Nottingham harvest. Любовные романы ЧИТАТЬ

Just love me

Three persons, three different stories but... connected. The beginning of a new story. A LOVE STORY Will Arlyn choose to love Adriel no matter what had happened to him?, will she still be with him... Любовные романы ЧИТАТЬ

A Comedy In Rubber

This short story narrates the love story between two rubbers, people who go to accident sites in New York City. After meeting in an accident, William Pry falls in love with Violet Seymour they part... Короткий рассказ ЧИТАТЬ

Love Story by Irving Cox

Everything was aimed at satisfying the whims of women. The popular cliches, the pretty romances, the catchwords of advertising became realities; and the compound kept the men enslaved. George knew ... Научная фантастика ЧИТАТЬ

The Blooming of Winter

Winter was sad and lonely because he thought he wasn't good enough. He attacked his season companions and froze the world in a failed attempt to freeze his feelings and become stronger. But no mat... Фанфик ЧИТАТЬ