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A young boy named Lane has his life rewritten due to mistakes that have him Moving across state. He was talked into it but knew it was better for him if he was going to have a better life. A twist ... Драма ЧИТАТЬ

The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

In the search for the unknown enemy, Michael comes across something more powerful than what he can handle. Driven by a vengeful spirit, he seeks for help from someone he feels would have been in a ... Вдохновенный ЧИТАТЬ

The Truth about Forgiveness

Emma is an ordinary girl, who does not expect her life to change. Then she discovered that sometimes life is not completely fair and there are god and bad changes. Драма ЧИТАТЬ

His Blind Mate

Blamed for the death of her parents, Sienna grew up under the abusive hands of his brothers and the spiteful comments of her pack. She decided to leave, but an accident rendered her blind instead. ... Мистика ЧИТАТЬ


A drug addicts father dies and instead of leaving his son money he buries himself with his small fortune, so his son gets the idea to rob it Ужасы ЧИТАТЬ