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Abigail when she woke up

Abigail’s first thoughts when she became a ghost were her missing shoes. From my “Circus of horrors” story. ЧИТАТЬ

A moment with Violet and Philippa

Ever since the death of Jennifer, Philippa was more distant than ever from life. Her sadness weighed on her like the entire world,her eyes were haunted with the loneliness that forever beat in her ... ЧИТАТЬ

At the carnival with you

Ethan doesn’t mean to scare the people at the carnival! At least Felicity loves him.. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Brielle the clown-Monster High OC

****This is fanfiction for a Monster High OC I made called Brielle the clown.I don’t own Monster High,only my OCs.*** From human to demon clown,this is her story! The story of Brielle. And how sh... ЧИТАТЬ

Brittany and her friends have a conversation

Brittany has a conversation with her friends as a ghost. *From my “Ghostly Kiddos” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Brittany’s birthday

Brittany BEGGED for a scary clown to appear for her eighth birthday. Not a birthday clown, but a SCARY CLOWN. This is her talking to her skeptical older brother Tim about it. *From my story “Ghos... ЧИТАТЬ

Calypso tells Hayley about Violet

Calypso is a magical fairy,aware of other magical beings. If there were any entities that were evil,like Violet the demon clown,she’d warn Hayley about them. Which is what she’s doing in this sto... ЧИТАТЬ

Charles and Andrew scare the bejesus out of some kiddos (Ft.Abigail)

Yes,it’s Charles and Andrew.Scaring children like there’s no tomorrow. From my “Circus of horrors“ story. ЧИТАТЬ

Christopher and Juliet after killing the kids

After Christopher and Juliet’s death,they wanted vengeance.Vengeance on the kids that caused it,even if it was an accident. These are their thoughts after bringing their vengeance upon the childre... ЧИТАТЬ

Christopher and Juliet on Valentine’s Day

This is Juliet and Christopher on Valentine’s Day. *From my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Circus - Neji x Tenten

Tenten sentia-se como a atração principal de um circo, sempre que estava na presença dos Hyuugas, mas isso não a impedia de caminhar decidida em direção àquele que entregara seu coração. [Songfic x... ЧИТАТЬ

Circus of horrors

At the circus of horrors,restless souls lie.Secrets are to be uncovered.Lies are to be debunked. At the circus of horrors,hungry souls lie.Vengeful souls lie. ЧИТАТЬ

Circus of horrors:origin stories

The origins of the “Circus of horrors” characters. Enjoy! ЧИТАТЬ

C-L-O-W-N (All my friends play pretend)

****I wrote this song for a Creepypasta known as “Laughing Jack”.I don’t own LJ.Credit goes to the original creator,Snuffbomb.You can Google the CP if you want to know more about him.**** Why are ... ЧИТАТЬ

Clown under the bed!

Seventeen year old Nova has a deathly fear of clowns.She can’t stand their painted faces and bright colors. When she and her family move to a new house,Nova is met with a clown ghost girl.Legend h... ЧИТАТЬ

Clown under the bed! Part Two

Nova and Philippa are getting closer to each other,especially with Halloween coming up! And people disappearing too.. *The cover is me wearing a sock and heel. ЧИТАТЬ

Crazy,Creepy Clowns

This was supposed to be a parody of Andrew Gold’s “Spooky,Scary Skeletons” but it ended up turning into a somewhat serious song that can be used as a metaphor for the way the world is going- Enjoy... ЧИТАТЬ

Creepy family

Deep in a haunted house,there live ghosts.Ghosts that just..want to live like a family?! They don’t want to harm anyone.Like no one.At all. BUT when the murderer of one of the ghosts pays a visit... ЧИТАТЬ

Crybaby and the clown

****This is fanfiction with the Creepypasta Laughing Jack,created by Snuffbomb and Crybaby,the singer Melanie Martinez’s persona.*** This is the story of Crybaby,Melanie Martinez’s persona.Except ... ЧИТАТЬ

Daniel’s rage

After Daniel was turned into a demon and trapped in Jacob’s circus,he felt nothing but rage. He lost his family. He lost his humanity. He lost everything. He would make everyone pay.. *From my... ЧИТАТЬ

Daphne’s absurdly terrifying life

*****This is fanfiction for a character named Laughing Jack, who was created by online user Snuffbomb, for the Creepypasta fandom.***** Daphne is the daughter of Laughing Jack-and she’s totally no... ЧИТАТЬ

Delilah’s parents desperately searching for Delilah

We all know Delilah had been kidnapped and cursed to be a vampire by the evil ringmaster Hunter,right? But did her parents know that? No,they didn’t.This short story tells of their search for Deli... ЧИТАТЬ




Nightmare Hill:Even it’s name brings bad news.Hardly anyone ever lives there.The legend of Eloise,forced to spend her days as a mannequin as a result of wanting to be beautiful. But when twelve ye... ЧИТАТЬ

Gabriel and Gwyneth

Gabriel sometimes visits his sister Gwyneth,even after death. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gabriel and William scare the bejesus out of teen girls because of boredom

Being ghosts can get boring.Which is why William and Gabriel like scaring people.They get bored,so they scare others. All in good fun,of course! *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gabriel being the protective older brother

Gabriel would always look out for his little sister, Gwyneth. He loved her a lot. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gabriel imagines

Sometimes, Gabriel would imagine how things would be if they turned out differently… *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gabriel watches the living

The ghost of Gabriel Edwards sometimes watches the living pass by. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Ghostly Kiddos

Children killed in different ways,by different monsters,different obstacles in life,meet and cause mayhem in the human world. They form a team,those ghostly kiddos. ЧИТАТЬ

Ghostly kiddos reunite with their families

The ghostly kiddos reunite with their parents in Heaven. *From my “Ghostly kiddos” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gwyneth and Melinda now work at the circus

Gwyneth and Melinda make the foolish attempt of making The Ladouceur family circus the joyful place it once was before the deaths occurred… *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gwyneth is visited by Gabriel

Gwyneth sometimes gets visited by the ghost of her older brother,Gabriel. Unfortunately,no one believes her.Not even her parents. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Gwyneth’s nightmares

Gwyneth has a nightmare that tells her the truth about Gabriel… *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Halloween children-The clown and the doll:ONE

Different Halloween monsters and their children.The absurd and wondrous lives of their ghoulish kids. This first story tells of ten year old Jenny La Rue,daughter of the crazy clown and cynical do... ЧИТАТЬ

Halloween Children-TWO-Vampire and Siren

This story tells of Valencia and Jenny’s first time venturing into the human world. It’s also when Valencia makes a human friend. ЧИТАТЬ

Hayley,Veronica,Calypso,Nova and the Morisons reunite with their families

The people haunting the carnival (-The Lopezes) reunite with their families! From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

How Brittany became friends with the clowns

This is more on how Brittany became friends with the clowns. *From my “Ghostly kiddos” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

How the children felt after they died

After Christopher and Juliet killed their murderers (Children who did it by accident),their victims felt upset.Confused,even. It was an accident after all. *From my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

It’s all a bit tragic isn’t it?

Alexander Jackson was just a happy little boy despite life always squeezing lemons in his face. But as he gets older,it will be harder for him to smile. This is the story of the clown from my “Th... ЧИТАТЬ

Juliet likes to eat Christopher’s organs

Juliet and Christopher may not be on speaking terms, but she still likes to take a bite out of his organs.It gives her pleasure. Such is the un-life of zombies. *From my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Just pick on him!

Denise’s friends pressure her to pick on Gabriel the clown. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Kaida visits her city years later

After Kaida escaped the Nightmare Hill circus,she decided to return to her city. Her forgotten,destroyed city.. *Read my stories “Poppy McLain’s adventures” and “Poppy McLain origin stories-Kaida... ЧИТАТЬ

Kids talk about Philippa’s death

Philippa’s death caused quite a stir in town.Everyone was talking about it.Especially the innocent kids she used to perform for. The innocent,oblivious children who just want to know.. ..What hap... ЧИТАТЬ

Laughing Jack’s fun land!

****This is fanfiction for the Creepypasta “Laughing Jack” who was created by Snuffbomb.The character is from the Creepypasta fandom.Google him if you would like to know more.*** Jacob,Courtney,Ri... ЧИТАТЬ

Laughing Jack the human

****This is fanfiction based on the Creepypasta Laughing Jack.He was created by Snuffbomb.(Issac Grossman,who is featured,was also created by Snuffbomb).Featured characters are:Sally Dawn,who was c... ЧИТАТЬ

Lily and Conrad have a cute moment

It can get lonely in an abandoned circus.Especially for four year old Lily Morison. So why not play with her older brother,Conrad Morison? She won’t be lonely then! From my “Clown under the bed!”... ЧИТАТЬ

LJ’s spiraling thoughts

***This is fanfiction I created for the Creepypasta “Laughing Jack”.I don’t own LJ or Issac Grossman.Credit goes to Snuffbomb,the original creator.*** This is my interpretation of LJ’s thoughts wh... ЧИТАТЬ

Lucas’ story

This is more on the past of Lucas Ladouceur and why he is the way he is. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Mallory’s story

The story of Mallory Jackson,sickly girl,the daughter of Alexander and Maisie Jackson. Someone who died too soon.. *From my “The clown and the little girl” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Maybelline and Angelita feel at peace in a carnival

Maybelline and Angelita Lopez are the very few people who feel at peace in a carnival. *From my “Clown under the bed!” story. ЧИТАТЬ

Melinda and Gwyneth talk to each other about their brothers

Melinda and Gwyneth only believe each other. Nobody else will believe them about their dead brothers.. *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Melinda sings sometimes

Melinda likes to sing… *From my “Town of Richardson” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Miriam’s illusions

Miriam can do many vile things. Causing illusions of tragedy,evil,and death are one of them. They help her become stronger. This story talks about her using her powers. From my “Circus of horro... ЧИТАТЬ

Mr.Woof isn’t Vicky’s dog

If you remember from my first “The Playground” story,then you’ll know that Mr.Woof is Samuel’s dog,not Vicky’s. So why is he called her dog? Why does she treat him as such? You may find that a ge... ЧИТАТЬ

My boyfriends from Hell:The clown-One

In my new series “My boyfriends from Hell” young girls will find boys-supernatural boys and..and..fall in love with them! When Cassandra encounters the ghost of a lost clown at the abandoned circu... ЧИТАТЬ

My girlfriends from Hell-One

The first part of my new series “My girlfriends from Hell”. Young teen boys will meet paranormal girls and..it will be their journey for love. Ray and his family move to a house said to be haunted... ЧИТАТЬ

Not a dream after all-A Laughing Jack fanfic

***Laughing Jack is a Creepypasta created by Snuffbomb.I don’t own him.This is merely fanfic for said Creepypasta.I recommend you Google him before reading this.*** ***There are curse words in thi... ЧИТАТЬ

Not everyone in the carnival talks to each other

Not everyone in the carnival speaks to each other. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Nova and Philippa remember Ryan’s scared reaction

Philippa and Nova remember the lovely time when Philippa scared the cookies out of Ryan.. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Nova really doesn’t like clowns

Nova never liked clowns until she met Philippa. But she still hasn’t met her in this story.In this story,she is thirteen years old.Her friend Ava tries (and fails) to convince her to go to a clown... ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa and Jennifer at school

Philippa and Jennifer have always loved each other. Jennifer would always be there to comfort her. This is a small moment shared between them. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa and Lily cheer up Conrad!

Somewhere in the dark abandoned carnival,there is Conrad.Lonely.Thinking of all the ways he failed his sisters and all the ways he wishes he could change them. But what if it wasn’t as bad as it s... ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa and Nova remember when they first met

Philippa and Nova have fond memories of when they first met. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa can see Violet sometimes

Sometimes Philippa can still see Violet. As toxic as she was, Philippa can’t get over her. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa doesn’t like her situation

Long before Nova came along,Philippa was lonely.People were afraid of her.They thought she would attack them.That she would hurt them. She despaired alone.She never liked the situation she was in.... ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa doesn’t like the position she’s in

Philippa would lie awake at night,worrying about her future and hating her present. She never liked the situation she was in,but she couldn’t do anything about it. *From my “Clown under the bed!”... ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa gets bullied for her eyes

In the past,Philippa was bullied a lot for her unusual red eyes. This story talks about that. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa in death

These are Philippa’s innermost thoughts after death. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa is lonely

Philippa gets lonely sometimes.. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa is overprotective of Nova

Philippa can get overprotective of her love,Nova… From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa remembers something from Nova’s childhood

Nova and Philippa have a strong relationship.Nothing should come between them..right? From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa reunites with Jennifer

What if Philippa reunited with her very first love,Jennifer? After everything,how will this go out? From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa’s sadness

Often when she was alone,Philippa would have sad thoughts. This story will show that. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa visits Jennifer

Philippa visits her ex-girlfriend,Jennifer,in Heaven. From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Philippa wants Conrad to play with her

When Philippa was a little girl,she loved to play with her older brother,Conrad.He always made her happy when she was feeling down. This a moment of them in their childhoods,before everything took... ЧИТАТЬ

Poor Amy…

*****This is fanfiction based on my favorite Creepypasta,Laughing Jack.I don’t own Laughing Jack.Credit goes to Snuffbomb.**** ***You can Google Laughing Jack is you want.*** ***This story might ... ЧИТАТЬ

Poppy McLain’s adventures

Poppy McLain was just living her life,until a vampire walked into it. Yes,you read that right.A vampire. She’s going to have ten epic adventures with the vampire,ten epic adventures that will cha... ЧИТАТЬ

Reagan and Sophia go summer shopping

If you read my “Clown under the bed!” stories,then you’ll know that the main villain is the demonic clown,Violet. But what if she was once human,like the others? What if she was once an innocent h... ЧИТАТЬ

Richard and Michael are friends with Vicky,Samuel,Evan,and Vivian

Yes,Richard and Michael make friends with the amazing and iconic four.✨ *From my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Ryan sometimes sees Hayley

Sometimes Ryan Blackrose sees the ghost of Hayley Blackrose,his deceased older sister.. *This is from my stories “My beautiful Calypso” and “Clown under the bed!:Part Two”. ЧИТАТЬ

Sally and LJ are siblings

****This is fanfiction based on two Creepypasta characters.I don’t own the two characters.Credit for Laughing Jack goes to Snuffbomb and Credit for Sally Dawn goes to La-Mishi-Mishi.Disney World is... ЧИТАТЬ

Some people turn into demons

The Lopez family and the Morisons were both victims of Violet the clown.But the Lopez family became demons before they became clowns,while the Morisons,her first victims,didn’t. Why was that? Thi... ЧИТАТЬ

Sometimes Philippa can see Jennifer

Sometimes Philippa visits Jennifer.It’s just not the same.It’ll never be. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

Spirit Halloween animatronics poems and stories

***This is fanfiction for (mostly old animatronics that aren’t popular anymore or discontinued) Spirit Halloween animatronics. I made stories and poems about them for fun.*** Ah, what ghoulish mon... ЧИТАТЬ

Sylvie tortures Carrieta

Sylvie always wanted to get revenge on Narcissia and Carrieta for what they did to her, but she only ever got her claws on the cowardly Carrieta. And Sylvie would make her pay for everything that ... ЧИТАТЬ

The children’s invasion

This is more on Vicky’s thoughts when she and the other kids invaded the town in “The Playground” sequel. Her rushing thoughts coming from the thrill of finally being free from the clown and his b... ЧИТАТЬ

The clown and the little girl

A girl who is deathly afraid of clowns meets one! Only,she finds that he’s not so scary as she thought he’d be.. ЧИТАТЬ

The clown and the little girl:part two

Loraine lives in a haunted house with her ghosts.But she’s not frightened.Not anymore. Her parents think differently.They think she needs a babysitter.They think she needs someone to watch over he... ЧИТАТЬ

The clown and you

You are a young teenager who goes to a haunted carnival with your friend,Islodene,said to hold the spirit of a deceased clown who snatched visitors away. Only,when you meet him,all isn’t as it see... ЧИТАТЬ

The demise of Lani Beckett

**This is fanfiction I made for the Creepypasta,Laughing Jack.I don’t own Laughing Jack.Credit goes to the original creator,Snuffbomb.** **You can Google LJ if you want.** Lani Beckett is a ten y... ЧИТАТЬ

The happy,carefree,stupid clown song!

I wrote this song about an evil clown. A very, VERY evil clown. It’s violent,so read with caution. With that out of the way,I hope you enjoy. ЧИТАТЬ

The Laughing Jack song

*****This is a fanmade song I wrote for the Creepypasta,Laughing Jack.I don’t own Laughing Jack.Credit goes to the original creator,Snuffbomb.I suggest you Google LJ if you want to know more about ... ЧИТАТЬ

The Lopez family gets weird

This is just the Lopez family hanging out in the carnival. *From my “Clown under the bed!” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

The only kids at the playground

This story tells of the only kids haunting the playground which was formally the circus Christopher and Juliet intended to be wed in. *From my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

The origin of circusghost

Tis the origin of me, Circusghost and how I came to be. For I am not a human but a magical clown writing stories in my abandoned circus, for you lovely humans to read. (Circusghost is my username).... ЧИТАТЬ

The Playground

In the seemingly innocent playground,at 12:30 A.M.,the legendary clown’s bride roams around,searching for wee little victims. Those who dared to venture there were never seen or heard from again. ... ЧИТАТЬ

The Playground:origin stories

Origins of characters from my “The Playground” stories. ЧИТАТЬ

The Playground:Part Two

The kids at the playground are hungry for revenge on Juliet and her groom. They might even be more dangerous than the couple themselves.. ЧИТАТЬ

The spooky family and some ghost hunters

The spooky family lives peacefully in their abandoned house.. ..Or do they? What if ghost hunters came to interrupt their peace? *From my story “Creepy family”. ЧИТАТЬ

The story of Laughing Jack’s creator

***This is fanfiction for a Creepypasta called “Laughing Jack”. He was created by Snuffbomb. You can Google him if you want.*** Everybody knows the story of Laughing Jack.Everybody knows the angel... ЧИТАТЬ

The town of Richardson

The town of Richardson:A decrepit lost town,said to hold the ghosts of those who performed at “The Ladouceur family circus” and were murdered by ringmaster Lucas Ladouceur.Barely anyone lives there... ЧИТАТЬ

The town of Richardson:Part Two

The Richardson ghosts are still trapped in the circus.Lucas is still at large. Avita is holding out hope that they’ll all be freed,but some of them have their doubts. Her prayers just might be an... ЧИТАТЬ

The truth eventually comes out

***Laughing Jack is a Creepypasta created by Snuffbomb.This is just fanfiction about him.I don’t own Laughing Jack.*** After the events in “Not a dream after all” Anya and LJ are reborn as Lilly a... ЧИТАТЬ

Tim and his friends can summon clown-related things, like balloons!

Ever since Tim and his friends were cursed to be clowns, they could summon clown-related things. Like balloons and floats. *From my stories “Ghostly Kiddos” and “Ghostly Kiddos:origin stories”. ЧИТАТЬ

Town of Richardson songs

These are songs I made for my “Town of Richardson” stories.I hope you all enjoy! ЧИТАТЬ

Why my clowns’ hands are completely white

So if any of you read my circus/clown related stories,then you’ll know that some of my clown characters’ hands are completely white,like their face. This lil’ story is me explaining WHY they are c... ЧИТАТЬ

Y/N runs into Laughing Jack

****This is fanfiction for the Creepypasta “Laughing Jack” who was created by Snuffbomb and is apart of the Creepypasta fandom.*** What if you stumbled upon Laughing Jack in his carnival? What if... ЧИТАТЬ