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jackievivianv Jacky Vargas

Their eyes met. And there was nothing else around. He looked at her like someone who knew someone he had always known, and she did the same. But they haven't met before, or at least that's what they believed, but something tied them to each other as if they were two magnets almost impossible to separate. The atmosphere began to brighten, but for some strange reason, his happy and peaceful face became a shadow, while hers turned into confusion. Then he woke up. He was revived. A unfamiliar foe looked at him from above, and said: "Your girlfriend didn't make it"

  December 20, 2018, 12:18
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Liura Sanchez Lauri Liura Sanchez Lauri
putz!!... You put it right, the doctor, in this case, was a foe... >(
NíngYì Mèng NíngYì Mèng
Very good! Congratulations! <3
María Ramìrez María Ramìrez
Hi. I don't speak English but I looked for the translation in google. I love your mini-story. It's great, it has a good atmosphere and a surprising ending. Thank you very much for this wonderful present. I invite you to read my stories entitled Skein and The Ritual.

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