99 or more horror stories, every chapter in one separate story, more coming soon COMING SOON- THE CAMITY (Noah Rowland's book). COMING SOON- ??? Stay tuned for more. Will the character's survive creatures that they've never seen or dealt with before? Or will they die against an immense creature? Packed with tones of sperate stories 99+
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Over one-thousand investigations interrupted. . . But by what? There has been 100 people missing in Blue's National Park. The owner of the new national park doesn't believe that there is a creature in his national park. But, he will consider shutting down the park if the investigators gets evidence. And he needs a lot. He had to call 2 investiga...
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Aiden a 12 years old boy went to go in the door because of pure curiosity, but then further on he started to regret it, seeing Demons, and creatures coming after him. And something, or someone imitating him, but why? Why is the "person" mimicking Robert? For help? Or to lure him to hes death? 🎖Was one point 6th top trending stories in the wh...
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DEATH WISH Blurb Jaylen accidentally summoned a creature. Jaylen and his friends goes camping in a forest and the creature will hunt them down. They will survive and run away from the blood thirsty-flesh eating creature, but will they survive The creature? This story was written by an award winning writer, Noah Rowland. And join in the story...
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Mind inside mine "The Creeper"

From the mind inside mine series
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Madame Lerbrt was respected by local society in ancient Europe, for taking care of abandoned or rejected children by his adoptive parents. On his birthdays that they never spent of 42, Madame Lerbrt always received a gift from his son named Julius, were always expensive gifts. On this birthday, Madame Lerbrt expected some exotic animal as she ha...
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Baby’s of Devil

The girl left the dance floor and took the glass that was offered to her with an almost blooming blue liquid, she raised the huge glass to her mouth and felt a taste of imaginary perfection. Just one more sip and she already felt like the best person in the world of Chaos. She went towards the bathroom, it didn't have a male or female sign, she ...
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Auto Rickshaw's Tomb

This is a type of short story based on a real story! A girl who had a terrific dream wakes her up and that happens in the reality
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Recent events show multiple kids going... missing. When a few kids figure out the truth about what's happening, they must find out who's behind all these horrible acts. TW: Murder, violence (I'm sorry, it's horrible, but it's a murder mystery, after all.)
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A Virus and A Mirror

Blaine contracts a supposedly lethal neurovirus and develops unheard of abilities. After escaping, Auden and Blaine team up to find out more about the virus. But they may find something very unexpected...
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The House

Horror story of a house that is old and haunted that scares a girl, but then the girl will gradually fall in love with someone and then the story will go back to being about horror. It is a horror-romance. The house is only haunted in the night, during the day it is normal most of the time, but usually only at night it is haunted and scary. A gi...
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Rose academy

Thirteen year old Gia Wilson is an extremely smart girl with a very high IQ. When she gets accepted into a very prestigious school she is determined to try her best. But what she doesn’t know is that behind the beautiful school and lovely scent of roses at every corner is just the cover up to hide the terrifying secret. Now she has to graduate o...
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To thegrave

A story about a greedy man. Will he change and learn his ways? Find out.
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The Sunnyside Stalker

Candy was on her way home from a convention when her car breaks down and is stuck in the small town Sunnyside. Soon she learns of a mysterious murder on the loose.
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In The Forest

Lily, Jess, Quinn, Kody , Jason and Robin got lost in the forest along with the bratty girl, Andrea. Will Lily be able to get out of the forest, losing friends one by one and get betrayed by her most loyal friend? Or be trapped in the forest for eternity? Or a twist? Who is the actual protagonist in the story? It is yet to be discovered...
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My Fantasy Dream Life

Isabella is a girl that has been dreaming about living in a fantasy world where she can live freely unlike her real world where there are no freedom for girls and boys since 6th grade. Will she be living in her own fantasy world and leave her real world along with her friend, Lilian or will she be staying in her own world and her own nightma...
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Those Fearful Nights

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books This book is a modified form of a dream but some attached fiction. It says about a girl older than her teens studying in college and attempting to overwhelm her phobia of devils and darkness. It includes nine sections full of thrill and some sudden endings. So do not miss any chapter so that you can experience the excitement and suspense. ...
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The unknown discord user "-04.02.2017-"

This story is not real,please,don't take it seriously,discord is safe,well,not really safe,still it's controlled by admin's.
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The Hollow Kidnapping and Killing

Not sure if I want to continue this or not... So... choose!!!!!
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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The Gates To Hell

SIPNOSIS The Doors to Hell, (original title Zaza atreves de la ouija) tells the story of six strangers who meet in a room full of dust and mystery located in Belmont High School. They find the Ouija leaving their differences aside in order to play and talk with spirits. They manage to make contact with a demon named ZAZA, which as time goes by...
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Не проверенная история Park rangers sees someone speeding in a national park, the park rangers follow's them and then in the distance the person gets out of their car and goes in the forest. Maybe a bikerider, and when the park rangers stop where he went in. Like a forest. The park ranger (Main character) will try to track the speeder down. But then, he sees nothing b...
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The Stateville clown

Не проверенная история Based on story's told, The Stateville clown is a clown named Mr. Giggles. He has been around for 200 years. This story is about these high-school students finding out the truth about Mr. Giggles past and the truth behind the old murder house.
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Tag, You’re It

Не проверенная история Inspired by Savana Moss, “A Million Dollar Game of Tag” Go check her out! TW: Cursing, Gore, Death, Anxiety, Depression, Horror. Spanish version coming soon! (Version Español en camino!) Karai and Hailey are the last two survivors in death tag. Or are they? The game started 2 months ago. Or was it 2 years? Will they survive? Or will they die!...
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A dream in a dream

Не проверенная история 𝙰 𝚐𝚒𝚛𝚕 𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚍 𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚒𝚊 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚝𝚞𝚌𝚔 𝚒𝚗 𝚊 𝚗𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 Horrifying dreams . 𝚆𝚑𝚗 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚒𝚝 𝚎𝚗𝚍.
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Не проверенная история This is a horror story about a young girl and her will to avenge her family that has passed, but she never found her brothers corpse……could he be alive?
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This will be your last word..your majesty.

Не проверенная история Gun shots.. Screaming.. Blood.. All the things I love.
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Не проверенная история In the whole of Canada has a massive blizzard, coming to the whole of Canada. And then a creature in the blizzard will hunt carter and eat him alive. Can carter survive against the creature? Who and what is the creature? Christmas special 2022 Chapter 2 coming soon. --------------------- Note: Thankyou for supporting me and reading my books...
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