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The beginning of the Summation of our dead

Не проверенная история by blake butler
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The Mortal Immortal

Не проверенная история By Mary Shelley
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Hellhound of the Cosmos by Clifford Donald Simak

Не проверенная история Earth is being attacked by horrible black monsters that appear from nowhere and destroy and kill everything and everyone in their paths. Nothing affects them, nothing stops them; they are impervious to all weapons. Earth is doomed. But there is one hope and it rests on the shoulders of 98 brave men. Can they do it? can they find a way of retalia...
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Another terrible thing

Не проверенная история By Catherine Laccy
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When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth by Cory Doctorow

Не проверенная история The heroic exploits of "sysadmins" — systems administrators — as they defend the cyber-world, and hence the world at large, from worms and bioweapons.
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Missing Link by Frank Herbert

Не проверенная история "Missing Link" is vintage Frank Herbert. It tells the story of Lewis Orne, junior I-A field man, on the planet Gienah III. He is there to investigate a missing ship, and the natives are nothing but trouble...
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The Mountain Population Is Me

Не проверенная история By Shane Jones
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The God in the Box by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Не проверенная история In the course of his Special Patrol duties Commander John Hanson resolves the unique and poignant mystery of "toma annerson."
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In the Year 2889 by Jules Verne

Не проверенная история In the Year 2889 was first published in the Forum, February, 1889. It was published in France the next year. Although published under the name of Jules Verne, it is now believed to be chiefly if not entirely the work of Jules Verne's son, Michel Verne. In any event, many of the topics in the article echo Jules Verne's ideas.
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Last Enemy by Henry Beam Piper

Не проверенная история The last enemy was the toughest of all—and conquering him was in itself almost as dangerous as not conquering. For a strange pattern of beliefs can make assassination an honorable profession!
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The anarchist of Darwin

Не проверенная история by michael ramberg
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Head down, palm up

Не проверенная история Mitchell S. Jackson
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The Tree of Life by Catherine Lucille Moore

Не проверенная история A gripping tale of the planet Mars and the terrible monstrosity that called its victims to it from afar—a tale of Northwest Smith
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Year of the Big Thaw by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Не проверенная история In this warm and fanciful story of a Connecticut farmer, Marion Zimmer Bradley has caught some of the glory that is man's love for man—no matter who he is nor whence he's from. By heck, you'll like little Matt.
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In the manner of water and light

Не проверенная история Roxane Gay
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New Frogtopia

Не проверенная история The captain and doctor's logs of the colonisation of Earth from an alien species.
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I'll take you there

Не проверенная история by david williams
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Не проверенная история By George Oliver Smith
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The Crystal Egg

Не проверенная история BY: H.G. Wells The story tells of a shop owner, named Mr. Cave, who finds a strange crystal egg that serves as a window into the planet Mars.
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Не проверенная история By Adam Wilson
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Think Yourself to Death by Stephen Marlowe

Не проверенная история f you've never read a Johnny Mayhem story before, you are in for a treat. Johnny, who wears different bodies the way ordinary people wear clothes, is one of the most fascinating series characters in science fiction.
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All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton

Не проверенная история Under normal conditions a whole person has a decided advantage over a handicapped one. But out in deep space the normal may be reversed—for humans at any rate.
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Before the trip

Не проверенная история By Adetokunbo Abiola
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86 ways to cross one desert

Не проверенная история by Alexander Lumans
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The Merchants of Venus by A.H. Phelps

Не проверенная история A pioneer movement is like a building—the foundation is never built for beauty!
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Time Defiant

Не проверенная история Another morning begins normally enough for Bill Tannins, but that begins to change once he accepts his dropped wallet from a pretty neighbor, Karen Hiller, who lives in the apartment below his. Before he can even set foot inside the building where he works, he finds out there's far more to Karen than he ever would have guessed from simply being...
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The Star

Не проверенная история "The Star" is an 1897 apocalyptic short story by H.G. Wells.
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The God Hunters

Не проверенная история A Commander, a pilot(?), and a soldier, fighting on different fronts of a war for the same faction. Their individual stories weave together to tell the myth of humanity's crusade. Their goal: to hunt down the gods of old and mold them into mechanical weapons of mass destruction.
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