Transformation. By Mary Shelley

A macabre, sinister, and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing.
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The Philippine Island Chronicles

Here lies a collection of Heroic, weird, supernatural, and horrific tales which are alleged to be true from the Philippines. The philosophical interpretations of what each story might actually mean is examined. Read, enjoy and above all remain safe!
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The sons of Nöx

Have you heard about the Alexandria’s genesis? People with very rare physical birth characteristics. Such as a very pale skin tone. A resistance to disease. Longevity. And perhaps the most distinctive trait, an intense violet color in the iris of the eyes. This is an impure heritage, almost extinct on our plane. A lost vestige; very ancient, comin…
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The oak plantation (true story)

A horror photo shoot! True story
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Part of the Universe of Silverwolf Beware of the silver moon
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Generation Of The Genesis

She was a woman of praise and filled with passionate love. She been born an introduced to her first love man she'll love and cherish to the truth of her heart until the end of time of there living. It being wrongfully taken away from her, broke her heart into pieces. Punished on banished from the Holy Paradise Heaven. Unprotected, both of them…
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No translation is necessary for horror

Horror is a universal language...
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Secrets hidden, pasts forgot, and a mystery unsolved. But not for long.
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The Leather Funnel by Arthur Conan Doyle

The story was about a house guest – always a good set up – of an Englishman collector. The room where he was to spend the night was the library filled with musty-smelling books, and a fireplace with embers burning to a darkly glow.
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The New Catacomb. by Arthur Conan Doyle

The New Catacomb
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The Horror of the Heights. by Arthur Conan Doyle

"The Horror of the Heights" is a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle. It was first published in Strand Magazine in 1913.[
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Night of the Vampire: full story

Не проверенная история After losing his wife giving birth, Raymond raises his son Mikey, ten years has past and now grown ten years of age, Raymond and Mikey we're leaving from a school play, When a storm bruise over head and was driving home through the country when they encounter a terrifying vampire that's stops them in there path.
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Chronicle of a fat teenager

Не проверенная история What’s the transition like from a fat teenager pre-covid, no self esteem, bullied and guilt ridden to a 50lbs lighter mentally screwed teenager who had lost all control-well read on to find out
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Another Murder In New Jersey

Не проверенная история 20 years later Meet Jeremy Summers, a man with a dark past, who discovers his true nature when he defends himself against a home invader. Seeking solace, he confides in his mother, only to uncover shocking secrets about his father. As Jeremy falls in love with a woman, he unknowingly becomes entangled with the sister of the man he killed. Suspense…
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The mystery of forbidden love

Не проверенная история Horror
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Joint Pain | Causes | Symptoms | Best Treatment

Не проверенная история Common joint discomfort frequently manifests in the hands, foot, hips, knees, or spine. Pain may come and go or be constant. The joint may become stiff, painful, or achy. Some people report experiencing a burning, vibrating, or "grating" sensation
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Eyes Don’t Lie

Не проверенная история Elöise is just a girl who lives with her younger sister and mother in a small cottage near a forbidden forest path. Join her to find out what will be at the end of it and join her for her future adventures
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Anna Molly

Не проверенная история In the depths of the hills, a mansion hides dark secrets. In the mid-1890s, seven-year-old Maria mysteriously disappears, leaving her family in anguish. Enigmatic tale that delves into the unfathomable mysteries of childhood and the shadows that lurk in the heart of our very own home.
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Не проверенная история Uju was the first child, lady ,Woman to ever be an Ogbenjuwa.
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Не проверенная история Иногда люди могут быть чудовищами, прячущимися под внешностью человека.
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What Was That

Не проверенная история A young pianist discovers disturbing things that are happening in his deceased grandfather's house.
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Не проверенная история |Completed| They are watching every moment of our lives. Listen to the words they see and we cannot see, the words they whisper but we cannot hear. What do they want to say? They are everywhere, we can only feel them. Sometimes at night we look in the mirror in our reflected image, sometimes in the invisible glances on our shoulders when we ar…
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Death in New Jersey

Не проверенная история Jeremy Wood is your basic rich guy, at least that's what others see. No one notices the scars that were inflicted on him. He plays a normal guy all too well. His past he keeps buried as deep as he can. One thing he knows for sure is that she's the reason he started killing. He can't stop no matter how much he tries. Jeremy just graduated colleg…
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Не проверенная история I needed to be rid of my family and yet I choose to dispose of them all...
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Corpse washing

Не проверенная история Each chapter has a brand new story
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Snakes In The Dark

Не проверенная история Seth lives in Raven which is a state of Fordland. He hears snakes hissing whenever he sleeps and one night he saw one in his bed. But when his mother gets killed it’s up to Seth to find out the root of the snakes.
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Dawn Of The Witch

Не проверенная история Miranda Martin takes a job cleaning for her boss when she stumbles across a book of witchcraft, that changes her life forever
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Не проверенная история The people you love the most can turn out to be backstabbers... Out to get you... Jealous of you! My best friend Janelle, who's been with me for quite a long time now, is out for me... I am shocked when I find out her accomplice! The people who have been with me all these years?!...
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