Psique is adopted by a mysterious family and raised in a strange environment that she begins to doubt is benign. After a late-night visit from two unknown men, she begins to discover the harsh reality that her family has been hiding from her. Who or what are Psyche's parents and uncles? She will have to find out as she struggles to find her own id…
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Liberator by Tyler B.

Part of the Universe of TB. Universe This is the first step to Morgan's story in the Morotho galaxy as she attempts to fight a rising military power firstly know as the Harron Protection Service and mind manipulating chips. With the help of her friends, she tries to stomp out the flames of the rising empire. In her attempts, she becomes a symbol for hope and a spokesperson for a secr…
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The Observer

Pax can't remember why, but it's his job to watch two people doing the same stuff every day, and report to management when they don't.
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A Consensual Hallucination

Pecker has been upgrading his WetWare piece by piece, and when a score threatens to take him out from under the thumb of a Corp, heads roll.
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Trapped in Circles

Meet Mirabelle, a teen whose life is nothing more than normal. She does the same assignments, goes to the same school everyday and faces the normal problem of every teenager: the bully. Meet Diana, the self crowned Queen of the school and AKA, the bully whose mission is to make Mirabelle's life nothing short than a crazy life. As Mirabelle fin…
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Old Man Coffee and the Cyberpunk Kid

A thrilling science fiction tale in a cyberpunk future, where a brilliant hacker and an ex-government agent with bionic enhancements must join forces to bring down a corrupt corporation that controls people's minds through advanced neural implants.
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Shattered Control

In a harrowing cyberpunk dystopia, Ethan, a master hacker, finds himself trapped in a relentless pursuit by a powerful corporation. Rescued by the enigmatic Claire, a former government operative with bionic enhancements, they form an unlikely alliance to dismantle the corporation's mind-manipulating technology. As they uncover the corporation's i…
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Something's wrong in the country Ostrandia. Two enemies Adrianna and Jackson, must settle their differences and work together to find out the mastermind behind all this.
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The Parting of the Moon

This story, I believe, is written in such a way that rewards going in blind. And so that's what I encourage readers to do. Enjoy! CONTENT WARNING: This story involves instances of extreme violence, strong themes and adult situations. Ages 18+ ONLY. Reader discretion is advised.
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Lives lost, the earth lost its greeny. In the entire universe, the only planet to live is going to end, but for only 17 minutes!
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Fern : The Cure

In a dystopia where there are no forests in the world. Brazilian Silvia Ramos will embark on a journey to achieve what could be the cure for humanity. But the cure for what? *THE FULL STORY JUST AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM*
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Cyber Wild West

San Perinado, Texas. 2115
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Long Run

With a destination at hand, seven friends must journey under the influence of an eerie situation. Secrets are revealed, actions are to be taken as love and deceit shakes their friendship. Enemies are made along the way. Will they resolve their inner conflict? Or crumble under the hands of their enemies.
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Wealthy Secret

"Everyone can't live without a secret" In year 2850 our society is divided into two types of individuals, the Copious and the Destitute. The Copious got everything in the world, money and power. The Destitute are forced to live underground because of the belief that the Destitute bring chaos to this world. Meanwhile there is an orphan girl nam…
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The Mother of the World: Aya's Revelation

Не проверенная история In a dystopian future, the world is ruled by Aya, an artificial intelligence that claims to want the good of humanity. Leo, a young rebel hacker, is part of a group that plans to break into Aya's system and reveal her secrets. But as he reaches Aya's core, he discovers a truth that could change the way he sees the world. What will it be?
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Ground Zero

Не проверенная история Title: Ground Zero Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Race Against Time Summary: In the wake of devastation, the world lay in ruins, a mere echo of its former glory. "Ground Zero" chronicles the harrowing journey of disparate souls, brought together by the cruel hands of fate. As they emerged from the debris, a motley crew of individuals, each carr…
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Blood, Status, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Не проверенная история Daphne Yalle: When the great nation Neptune invades her land, Daphne's peaceful life soon changes drastically. And because she is a Neptunian-Plutonian - owns the same ethnicity as the Neptune invader country - Pluto residents hate her ethnicity very much it leads to a provoking conspiracy that traps her and her entire ethnic group as genocide vic…
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Не проверенная история When the NIX, corporation born from the past, establish in the world of 23rd century, it have become different...Yet, at the same time...Similar. Who reshapes the society for everyone lives in the present. United, harmony and prosper, as corruption, poverty, war and crime disappears...Three was once Four. Where anything can be fulfilled, something…
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Understanding The Benefits Of Outsourcing Cyber Security To A Managed Service Provider

Не проверенная история In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits that businesses can reap by entrusting their cyber security needs to an MSP. From cost-effectiveness and access to expertise to 24/7 monitoring and improved compliance
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Get 360 degree test of your internal and external network with pen-testing

Не проверенная история Assess the vulnerabilities of your internal and external network with SharkStriker’s network pen testing services that are carried out by certified pen-testers and cybersecurity experts. More details for visit:
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The Sanctuary

Не проверенная история "Using or not using weapons, or even whether you like them or not, isn't relevant. Remember, when civility is abandoned, the person holding the weapon makes the decisions. And in matters that are truly important, no one allows something as trivial as 'being civil' to limit them." -Ard Vorkink, Founder of The Sanctuary Sanctuary is the haven wher…
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Не проверенная история "Eko: Immortality" stands out as a riveting dystopian sci-fi tale that expertly weaves together intricate characters, a captivating setting, and thought-provoking themes. Set in the year 2157, the story unfolds in the metropolis of Eko, a technological marvel rife with societal divisions. This richly crafted world-building immerses readers in a fu…
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Included in: XENOSHEN MEMBERS ($3/месяц)

The Best GPL Elements

Не проверенная история By incorporating the best GPL elements into your website, you can significantly improve its functionality, appearance, and overall user experience.
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Venierreaze: The Moon Meets The Sun

Не проверенная история Christian Sadean, king of the Crescents; Venice Aralea, queen of the Stellars. What happens when the moon meets the sun; Venierreaze is soon to find out. When the two races have a disagreement, an intergalactic war arises. Both being elite races have much in common, yet many differences. The two races clash in a fight to the death; many lives are …
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Venierreaze: Rise Of Evyna

Не проверенная история Evyna, one of Venierreaze's greatest warriors to have ever lived. What happens when Nina, Evyna's sister, is kidnapped and experimented on for her peculiar gem? Unlike any other, Nina's gem is believed to harness special capability. Christian Sadean, husband to Nina, aware of Nina's kidnapping, takes drastic action. Overwhelming emotion irked out …
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Venierreaze: The Planet Of Extirpation

Не проверенная история Venierreaze is a fantasy-fiction world with unique creatures, characters, geography, analytics, story, languages, and design created by Me. I made up this fictional world when I was 7 years old and it has been under constant development since. With new information being added almost daily, Venierreaze has a thorough story with unique elements to t…
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Zinks contos paeteritum

Не проверенная история Deus possa me perdoar por ter criado uma história que não posso contar a minha filha
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Effective Pest Control Services in Melbourne

Не проверенная история When it comes to effective pest control services in Melbourne, there are plenty of options available to meet your needs.
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