Cuando las arañas dejen de tejer

Se conocieron en un muy mal momento, TaeHyung odiaba a las arañas y YoonGi había sido una desde que tenía memoria, siempre buscando una manera de manipular a los demás; y para mala suerte de Kim, sus redes eran todo lo placentero que no debían ser las maldiciones. Pero bueno, a quién le importa. Ahora estaba muerto. ፧ ੈ Categoría: Terror | C...
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The Love I Give ~ H.S

Melissa Ann Summers, was a normal girl, living with her mum and dad, in Minnesota, but after she was tormented and sexually assaulted by a man she thought she knew. Her parents thought it was best to send her away, far away where she could live with her Aunty Alex Summers in the United Kingdom, London to be exact. Melissa thought she could hide...
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One Week Challenge

Challenge accept! Ed Sheeran thought when he heard there was a girl who said she could never fall in love. No matter how many dates she went on, no matter how many secret kisses she stole, she just couldn’t seem to fall in love. Willing to risk it all, Ed decides to help her find true love. They have one full week. Little did he know, he would b...
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Secret Double Life

When a fashion designer/writer goes to Iceland to learn about a suspected superhero named Sportacus, she is finding herself to be falling for the person who is suspected to be him, Magnús Scheving. Her manager, Kim sent her to iceland with specific instructions to find the story, write about it, and publish it so the Loop Design would be on th...
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Labyrinth Of His Heart

Sometimes the way people act can be misleading and cause a misunderstanding of that person’s real personality. Elora Felch saw right through Draco Malfoy’s hard shell the moment they first met. Elora is a transfer student from Ilvermorny from North America. Although she befriended Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, she is drawn to...
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In The End

Was it all really worth it? The pain. The feelings. The memories. In the End, it's them. ps: there are hidden messages you need to understand. It will be fun. Please note, this story contains mature content.
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As I Am

Не проверенная история Marlena Dianesis Manson is a free spirited, go lucky 27-year-old young woman who always tries to see the good in everyone. While she's busy encouraging everyone else around her, no one sees the insecurities she has within herself. She flies to London to an Expo. Her friend surprised her with tickets to meeting with some of her favorite celebs an...
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Hello To The Next Door

Не проверенная история Two people, opposite personalities and lifestyles, collide. Billy Hargrove was well known around the small town of Hawkins. And not positively. Billy would always get into trouble with not only the police, but some of the town's locals. No matter how many times his family tried getting him to change, Billy rebelled more. Inconsolably, his bad d...
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School Is Out

Не проверенная история After Vecna, a strange plague falls upon the town of Hawkins, causing people to turn into walking corpses. Fortunately, even after losing contact with his friends, Eddie Munson creates a safe-haven at Hawkins High School for the new strange things happening in Hawkins for everyone he rescues. It wasn't long before he finds out that someone he ha...
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The Venom In Us

Не проверенная история Secretly twisted minds. It's difficult to point out who is pure and who isn't.Mayhem follows them when they least expect it. Working together is what they need to do but with good intentions.
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In His Mind

Не проверенная история Even the happiest of people have something they're hiding in the deepest parts of their minds. This is when kindness and understanding come in. Although Joseph Quinn loves his fans and greets them with smiles and happiness, something unseen wanders around in the back of his mind. What would your thoughts be if you could get inside the head of ...
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Gripped By Fate

Не проверенная история Attracted to a girl who moved across the street with her family, Keith Partridge finds himself intrigued by her quiet demeanor. But Kyarry River has a secret. After being threatened by her dad to stay away from Kyarry, Keith tries different ways to get closer to her to figure out what the River family is hiding.
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The Next 7 Things You Should Do For Beach Success

Не проверенная история Beer fanatic. Unapologetic explorer. Coffee fanatic. Friend of animals everywhere. Zombie buff. Tv aficionado. Devoted coffee nerd. Freelance food trailblazer. Beer fanatic. Unapologetic explorer. Coffee fanatic. Friend of animals everywhere. Zombie buff. Tv aficionado. Devoted coffee nerd. Freelance food trailblazer.
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Bark on Bark, Petal Strands

Не проверенная история Minho wasn’t getting any younger, though he wasn’t necessarily a ticking time bomb, he was still not interested in jumping from job to job. He wanted a stable, whole pack, a place to belong where he didn’t need to worry about stability or fight for it. And though he didn’t need it, he wanted it. And that was a good summary of his power—he didn’t...
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Since Forever (Sequel To The Fake Love Bet)

Не проверенная история SEQUEL
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Toby Regbo Character Stories

Не проверенная история Stories for characters that Toby regbo has played
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Motion Free

Не проверенная история Motion Free - ¡La mejor solución para deshacerse del dolor en las articulaciones! Reseñas, Precio
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Stray Kids 9th member

Не проверенная история Welcome, I’m Seonji, Lee Seonji to be precise. This is my story, of how I became apart of the most popular K-pop group Stray Kids. Not only will you see the positive side of reaching my dreams, but also the baddest decisions I’ve ever made….
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Jaden Walton

Не проверенная история will you have a happily ever after?
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The way we used to be (sequel to Him and I)

Не проверенная история ...... You'll see ;) (Spoiler no Harry and Louis will not get back together) Or Will They.....
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Please, remember me

Не проверенная история I don't know anymore
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javon and olivia

Не проверенная история You have been best friends with javon and the other waltons since birth. You begin to want more.
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zoe laverne

Не проверенная история you are zoes bestie
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Black Garage Doors

Не проверенная история Find the best modern garage doors that will increase the sleek and elegant look of your home. For that reason, many are reimagining the garage door’s potential as both style icon and improving factor for the overlook look and scheme of the home. There multiple modern garage door brands, each of them with a different style and personality you wil...
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Him and I

Не проверенная история Please leave a review please follow and please like. Louis and Harry that's all I have to say
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22 Secrets to tell [Luke Patterson]

Не проверенная история When Julie Molina noticed a boy full with tapes and realize they belong to Luke Patterson, who went missing 25 Years ago, she hears his incredible story
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Не проверенная история pinterest poems ⛽🔥🔥🔥
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The Unexpected

Не проверенная история This is the story of what happens when two unexpected people falls in love,
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