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Cave Dwellers

The Star By H. G. Wells

The Jumping Frog. By Mark Twain

Dont love me For forever

The three brides

Не проверенная история Francis Alexander Durivage (1814–1881) was an American author. He was a contributor of poems, humorous articles, short stories, and sketches for magazines, often written under the pen name 'Old Un.' In connection with W. S. Chase he translated Alphonse de Lamartine's History of the Revolution of 1848. At a later date he issued, with George P. B...
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Не проверенная история Михаил Евграфович Салтыков-Щедрин
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Paraíso perdido

Не проверенная история El paraíso perdido, clásico literario, (Paradise Lost en su original inglés) es un poema narrativo de John Milton (1608-1674), publicado en 1667. Sobrepasa los 10.000 versos escritos sin rima. El poema es una epopeya acerca del tema bíblico de la caída de Adán y Eva. Trata, fundamentalmente, del problema del mal y el sufrimiento en el sentido d...
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One step at a time

Не проверенная история A true story about an overweight woman who started training for a marathon with Oprah's trainer.
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El niño que quería ver a su ángel

Не проверенная история Por Jacqueline Balcells
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The Damned by Algernon Blackwood

Не проверенная история Known as one of the key figures in the 'weird' horror movement that arose in England and the United States in the early twentieth century, Algernon Blackwood was known for inserting surprising, often sophisticated twists into his tales. The Damned tells the story of a haunted house whose supernatural activity stems from an unlikely source.
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Записки маркера

Не проверенная история Рассказ «Записки маркёра» был написан Львом Толстым на Кавказе в пору своей молодости
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Benito Cereno

Не проверенная история En 1799, el capitán Amasa Delano ancló en la bahía de una isla desierta del litoral chileno. A la mañana siguiente apareció en el lugar un misterioso navío, el Santo Domingo. Las maniobras de éste hicieron sopechar que se trataba de un barco en apuros, con lo que ordenó que se preparara un bote y acudió a la misteriosa nave para prestar su ayuda...
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Не проверенная история Самое мистическое и завораживающее время..
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Не проверенная история Можно ли продать друга? Нищий старик, бродящий по кабакам с дрессированой собакой, поддавшись минутной слабости, решил, что можно... Расплата оказалась очень жестокой. - Александр Куприн
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Mademoiselle Fifi

Не проверенная история During the months after the Prussian defeat of the French in 1871, Prussian troops occupy many areas of France. Five bored Prussian officers are among the leaders of the force occupying the small Normandy town of Urville, where they live in a castle. Major von Farlsberg is an older bearded officer; Captain von Kelweingstein is an obese man who l...
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A Flight Into Texas

Не проверенная история Short story "A Flight into Texas," by Arthur Cheney Train.
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86 ways to cross one desert

Не проверенная история by Alexander Lumans
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The beginning of the Summation of our dead

Не проверенная история by blake butler
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Не проверенная история La vida es un conjunto de consecuencias, algunas provocadas por uno mismo, otras por personas a las que ni siquiera conoces. Los acontecimientos que suceden en tu vida a veces son injustos, pero el tiempo es el único que te lleva a algún lugar, física o intelectualmente. Esta novela cuenta la historia de Vanessa Longoria, que como a muchas otras...
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The box tunnel

Не проверенная история By: Charles Reade
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The Lost Soul

Не проверенная история By Tadeusz Deregowski.
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The Tunnel Under The World by Frederik Pohl

Не проверенная история On the morning of June 15th, Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming out of a dream. It was more real than any dream he had ever had in his life. He could still hear and feel the sharp, ripping-metal explosion, the violent heave that had tossed him furiously out of bed, the searing wave of heat. He sat up convulsively and stared, not believing what he ...
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The Pit And The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe

Не проверенная история The Pit and the Pendulum" is a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe and first published in 1842 in the literary annual The Gift: A Christmas and New Year's Present for 1843. The story is about the torments endured by a prisoner of the Spanish Inquisition, though Poe skews historical facts. The narrator of the story describes his experience of ...
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The Forgotten

Не проверенная история A love story of infinite misunderstanding, just like so many of the love stories we might find in our own lives. The Idea (Eyedeal) and real (Rheal) both fall in love and learn to tolerate each other. But how and what happens exactly you will have to read to find out!
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2 Faces Break Completely

Не проверенная история She is as dark and velvet creamy as any women could come.She saw this man he looked like a monster he lurked into the dark porn pages.He disappeared Wolfen tie the forest what a game this man Simon says no sex hands were raised. He is going to turn into something else.They found his sex print tracks did he smell strong when they approached him....
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Иллюстрированная история


Не проверенная история Un sueño, o quizás otra cosa
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Como tomar sopa sin cuchara

Не проверенная история Es un relato corto.
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Aníbal y Escipión

Не проверенная история Artículo sobre la invasión de Aníbal a la Península Ibérica en el año 221 a.c. - publicado en 1890
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"The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles"

Не проверенная история This synopsis to my in-progress novel of "The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles" summarizes how my main character, Peter Olson, is drawn into circumstances for which he has no frame of reference, no life experience to guide him. My intent is to finish writing this story around mid-July of 2017.
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How my mind was stolen

Не проверенная история A story about how a fresh mind was stolen.
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Весёлые похороны в Нагасаки.

Не проверенная история Казалось бы, что весёлого в смерти, в похоронах?.. Естественно ничего! Но то как иногда ведут себя пьяные люди- это смешно. И вот герои умерли, ради того, чтобы их похороны были смешными.
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Hunted Down by Charles Dickens

Не проверенная история One might not necessarily think of Dickens as a mystery writer, but detectives and criminals do figure into much of his work. This...gathers a dozen of his stories featuring cops of one kind or another
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