The Law of Attraction: How I Manifested Motherhood, Marriage & Ten Million Dollars In Ten Months

We create the lives we imagine. Change the image in your mind and you will change your life. This is as true as any other universal law and equally as certain. Everything you can imagine you can have if you are aligned with the corresponding frequency of the things you desire. You must be able to adjust your beliefs, tune your thoughts and ampli...
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Apex Nation Volume 1: The Babysitter

Apex Nation Volume 1: The Babysitter A series about another world where ocean life has evolved and people are extinct
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Roots; Enter The Mage

“Maybe I will take you up on the offer….When the temptation of throwing myself over the railing while in your company abates,” Dorian reflects back on his relationship with the Inquisitor. What was said and not said; what was done and not done. Book 2 of 4 in the Bloom series.
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Elderlore, Times of Rea (Book I)

Part of the Universe of Hearthlands of Elderlore In lands afar and of age unknown, an entire realm knows not of what malice approaches. What shall become of this world, the Hearthland, where various races have long settled and made their own. Will their bloodlines endure another age, or shall the walls and roads of their lands crumble into legend; or be forgotten and fade into myth.
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Не проверенная история 36. The number of years it took a particular set of players to develop the character you'll either love or hate.
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The Long Way Back

It's about a girl...and gangs....and yeah......
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Power ZenFly

Не проверенная история Human imagination is limitless, it is especially and unique, like the constellation of Consonance, like a hundred shades of creativity, magic, fantasy and Christmas miracle. Our galaxy is the most original and innovative part of the Universe, the achievements of mankind are a mixture of audacity and genius, continuous creation. This story of lo...
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Fango's Ideas

Dear friends, readers and followers! The most interesting stories are about a better future and space. The most energetically saturated moments are for loving hearts and lofty ideas. It is valuable In these funny stories - the best travels of the kitten Placey, meeting with friends, King Fango and the purr Barsenty Best regards, @LapinaMargarita...
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Remember 18+

*BOOK 1 IN THE REMEMBER SERIES* ''What are you doing?'' I asked, and he looked at me. I stumbled back and my back hit someone. I looked up to see bright red eyes glaring down at me. "Emily?'' My friend said. That was the last thing I remembered.
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Aspect Mind

Не проверенная история An Bright and mysterious storys Buch Lavus is interested in food with delicate aromas and exquisite taste, and meets unusual stories written in chalk on the dashboard of a local pizzeria Poetic, bright, air,charismatic, delicate, sensual lines - for the most beloved readers! Best wishes - Lapina Margarita Энергичные и загадочные истории Буч Лаву...
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Tales of Terror From the West

Everyone is afraid of what goes bump in the night at some point in his or her lives. For most of us it is when we are little and our brains are still plastic our imaginations active our minds still receptive to the possibilities of the world and the otherworldly that we see or hear the unexplainable. Some of us never lose that receptive nature...
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Summer Afternoon

Karen is a writer. But on this particular summer afternoon, she has some distractions....
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The creepy mystery girl

Не проверенная история The mystery creepy girl stand in the middle of the rode creeping the person out from their peaceful drive 😕
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The traveller s story of a terribly strange bed

By Wilkie Collins
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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Christmas every day

Who wouldn't want it to be Christmas every day of the year? In this classic story by W.D. Howells, a little girl gets her wish, and soon finds out what too much of a good thing really is. Soon presents are piling up everywhere, people are losing their tempers left and right, and there's just no room for Valentine's Day candy or even Fourth of Ju...
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Captured in perfection

The youngest out of six, nobody expects anything extraordinary from her. Infact, she was everything ordinary. Jada has to prove herself worthy of something. So, she decided take up a challenge no one ever expected her to. Well, was she truly ordinary as everyone thought? Dive in... Check out this story
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Roman Atheis explores a typical development for Indonesian society since the beginning of the twentieth century, namely the shift from a traditional lifestyle to a modern lifestyle.  This shift brought with it disputes and clashes between old and new notions, especially in the socio-cultural and political fields.  Developments in society do not ...
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Не проверенная история A young girl who is alone meets a beautiful woman while taking a walk to her end. The woman is tended to kill the girl but finds out what her life is like and changes her mind.
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Tales of Space and Time

Tales of Space and Time is a fantasy and science fiction collection of three short stories and two novellas written by the English author H. G. Wells between 1897 and 1898
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Mind inside mine matter does it?

Не проверенная история From the mind inside mine series
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Basil and his sister Ash have always been close. However, after Ash is kidnapped, Basil is left angry and upset. Ash is being turned to the dark side, without her fully knowing it. Basil needs to save his sister before it's too late, but the years pass, and more damage is being caused by the dark side. Basil needs to save his sister from the dar...
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My boyfriend is a vampire

Не проверенная история Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is datin...
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The Plan

The Plan begins with a post-grad student discovering the 16th Century diary belonging to the Queen of the Kingdom, and how the discoverer and her roommate dissect it during one wine-soaked weekend. The narrative details our hero’s thoughts, and includes relative accurate descriptions of the local geography, history of that time, the weapons emp...
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SmartiScope's Ideas

The author continues the study and knowledge of human intelligence, effective communications of a better future. Thank you so much, dear friends! You are particles of the divine power that moves the Sun, planets and galaxies, I always feel your love and warmth, they are very important to me)) Legendary leaders of our planet are creating a better...
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The lottery ticket by Anton Chekhov

by Anton Checkhov
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"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney
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The Gang Leader's Girl

Amy is a 17 year old teenage girl with a normal life. She has a wonderful father, amazing friends and a loving but mysterious boyfriend. She then decides to follow Dave, her boyfriend and ends up at a creepy warehouse, just to find out that he's a gang leader. Join Amy as she lands in a world filled with rivalry, guns and scary but hot as fuck ...
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