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Find Routes with Tomtom and Garmin devices?

Finding the optimal routes become quite challenging at times your pockets don’t carry the navigation devices. Such navigation devices not only help you access millions of point-of-interests (such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and other favourite destinations) but have also set benchmarks in keeping you safe and secure. To ensure his/her security, such devices consist of maps that consist of routing algorithms as per the navigational guidelines of a particular city, state, region or country.

Likewise, one must know where and how to mount the GPS devices (either of Tomtom or Garmin) onto your vehicles like cars, trucks and other automobiles. This will help you when you drive rotationally to such routes having unexpected twists and turns. Furthermore, before we discuss the process of finding the optimal roadways via map updates (inclusive of Tomtom map update), let’s discuss the benefits of such updates and their utmost contribution in making our journeys comfortable: -

Brilliant features of GPS map updates

The available map updates of various navigation devices are giving tough competition to the market. The most obvious reason is that one can’t remain confined to the spots he/she prefers to commute daily. After you download the most compatible version of GPS updates (most preferably the Garmin GPS Update) you will get these benefits: -

You can reach any demographics from your vehicles or any other mode of transportation as now you have downloaded the latest version of GPS maps onto the devices of either Garmin or Tomtom.

  • At times you are stuck in heavy congested areas, it will be much easier for you to find a way that is smart and efficient enough to traverse all the turns amidst your trips.
  • The voice-controlled navigation instructions can detect all the upcoming dangers at times you are travelling in odd timings (most preferably night and evening).
  • After you connect your devices with any other gadget via Bluetooth, you can share all the associated map files you have downloaded after installing the updates.
  • Various fitness freaks and other corporate individuals can execute other outdoor recreational activities like horseback riding, playing treasure hunt and so on.

After reading the above benefits with utmost alertness, you might be curious to know about the procedure that can help you access the panned location with the correct roadway. This acts as a driving force in increasing the consistency and precision of finding the geological nodes (onto you GPS devices of Magellan) you desire to reach with correct longitudinal and latitudinal measurements. Now read the below steps: -

Procedure to find the optimal roadways for reaching your spots

At times you are planning to find the best roadmap for reaching your destination, it is imperative to check the GPS signals’ status so that the satellites revolving around the earth’s troposphere can fetch your position globally with the correct longitudinal and latitudinal measurements. After your Magellan device fetches your current spot, all you need to do is begin with the steps: -

Attaching the power cable to the car’s slot

Unbox the product and its USB cord so that you can connect the same with the slot present inside your car. Such a slot can easily let you connect your device and other GPS devices as well. You must insert the major end of the cable inside the car’s slot and the minor one inside the device’s one. Make sure that the device has access to the internet and the GPS functionality is working aptly.

Selecting the desired spot

Open the Magellan application and login with the credentials like your username and password. Go to the support section from where you will see a suite of options. There you will find Smart City Search option. Click the same and type the first three letters of the location you wish to prevail (for example Tor for Toronto). As soon as you type the first three letters of the location and hit the find button, you will see results from which you can easily select the one that is needed.

Adjusting the Magellan’s receiver with the opt mount

The navigation receiver will now use the in-built search algorithms to calculate the distance from your current spot to the one you wish to reach. After this, you must click the Start Trip button so that the roadway is displayed by the device’s screen. Make sure that the receiver’s antenna is placed upwards to get unobstructed signals from the satellite. Besides, one must drag the device through the car’s cradle till he/she listens to the click-like sound.

Finding an optimal roadway to reach your spot

Last but not the least is starting your car and begin your journey towards your destination with the on-screen navigation prompts your Magellan’s GPS device can generate. While driving you must adhere to the guidelines of the city, state or a region your vehicle is there. Even one must not forget to follow all the alerts like speed limit, estimated time to reach when to take the turn and others for reaching the spot hassle-free.

The above steps must be performed well so that you can surely mount the GPS devices onto the vehicles at appropriate positions. Also, it will be easier for you to use the voice-controlled automated navigation alerts without watching the screens again and again and make the trips fun-loving and adventurous.


From accessing your locations to generating the beautiful topographical views with variable colour patterns, devices of Tomtom and Garmin are setting benchmarks in the field of navigation for ages. Additionally, one can take advantage of the variable map updates that can be installed onto various models of Tomtom and Garmin. This will help you at times you are planning to adjust the device’s settings as per the demographic situations globally.

Furthermore, the steps of finding the optimal roadways listed above need to be executed with minimal error rate frequency so that one can assertively mount the GPS devices of Tomtom and Garmin and use them as per the governing laws of a region. In case you are willing to learn more about such devices, don’t spare a moment in visiting our informative blogs and plan the vacations with your families with no worries

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