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. "Orange Is The New Black": The seventh season since the 26. July Netflix available
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With the Netflix series
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With the Netflix series

With the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" we have Binge-Watching learned - and what that means diversity on television is really. A thank-you to the Start of the seventh and final season.services of MIRROR partners"Orange Is The New Black": What does the future hold?The orange pants and tops were, of course, a Trick. Only at first glance, the fabric that has become a judgment, that should suggest, in contrast to the uniforms of the prison staff, it is easy to see who had earned the penalty and who was innocent. That "Orange is the New Black", the series about a U.S. women's prison, drove orange is the new black in their now 91 always follow with a damp sponge, by this clearly defined Black-and-White, accounting for Albuch-world, boundaries blurred, and a whole rainbow of grey mixed tones, is perhaps the greatest merit of this series. Its seventh, final season is now available on Netflix."Orange is the New Black", in short, OITNB, which debuted in 2013 as one of the first series at all, the the today, Streaming giant Netflix commissioned. Along with "House of Cards" brought OITNB to its viewers, the new cultural technique of the Bing watchings, in which you felt at first like a child who had been entrusted with the whole strawberry ice cream-stock for the summer vacation at once."Orange Is The New Black": What does the future hold?Maybe you have OITNB also, therefore, even in their advanced squadrons, and despite the Beballerung with fresh series competition is still a special bond, because you saw her for the first Time this boundless, blissful Wegglotzen. And because the prison stories that are different than the increasingly zerdellten "House of Cards", is still interesting.In its beginnings, OITNB tells the story of Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling), a bourgeois-Bohemia niches Manu fact urine from Brooklyn, was convicted of a drugs case to 15 months in prison Soap. That you made, of all things, in Soaps, fitted in perfectly, because Piper was so white and squeaky clean and proper privileged, as you could only think. On her Hand, they entered the prison world, which had existed in Piper's past life reality, just as the series backdrop. In retrospect, it is difficult to imagine that the first episode of OITNB turned almost exclusively to your first day in the women's correctional institution - no comparison to the human and dramatic hidden object to expanding the series for a long time. In the course of the seasons, you could watch as the once-carefree Upper-Middle-Class woman in jail shows peeled new versions of themselves: for the First verschrecktes Bambi, then Entrepreneur, the made in worn panties, and finally even the accidental leader of a Nazi-uniform White-Power group. And above all, you could watch as they shrank to just one figure among many others, in some cases significantly more interesting,. From the beginning Piper by series Creator Jenji Kohan had been as a Trojan horse intended to be, a harmless slip the end of a sales aid for an ensemble fitting, so much larger social battle paintings. In conventional shows with a mostly female Cast, the differences between the figures have been limited, until then, mostly on their hair colors, well, all the drawers were ripped open and their insides cluttered: In Litchfield, the young and the old women sitting, black, white, standard, beautiful, and that is not the norm shook beautiful, gentle and hard, wide and narrow, mentally stable, and passes, with children and those without, lesbian, heterosexual, and everything in between. OITNB was one of the first TV series with a Transgender character, Sophia Burset, was also played by the real Trans-activist Laverne Cox, and had not be used for showmanship, but had to bear in the prison of their own, maßgepackten packet, such as the fight for the proper administration of hormones.With figures such as Sophia shifted OITNB, the ideas of which stories - and, above all, whose stories - as a commercial series, material good. The series of screw-bone hard topics such as abuse and racism as well as sex stories without soft filter, political commentary, and Humor to a mostly stutter-free story machine. In its best moments, it spat out scenes such as the dialogue in season 7, in which two characters talk about what has to do with the British Trash series "Love Island" with the Brexit to. Or moments of poetic beauty, such as the outbreak break of the jail allow staff to Drive to a lake, a wordless. scenes like this were short, good banks in a narrative that destroyed especially the Illusion that there is something like a large, blazing justice. There is not, the OITNB made it clear like no series before - at least not in a world with corrupt institutions, in some of the Offences punished with prison, and others with a promotion will be rewarded. And a world in which it took a blonde Piper to be able to tell stories. The final season returns to its initial focus is on you, the now dismissed, but anything other than free in an unused room in the small family of her brother's houses, although you will always mean more offensive, that you would rent out your chamber rather than AirBnB. In the prison is writes, meanwhile, of the big, overarching narrative arc: How does the prison system itself, the greatest danger to the lives of its inmates. Be a dramatic climax to the end of season four was, as a silent Protest of the inmates to be wrestled, and a guard Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley) accidentally suffocated. season seven also introduces the Storyline, in which some guards in a game called "Fantasy Inmate" (a Perversion of "Fantasy Football thought compete") is to collect the most points by betting on the next fight, Overdose, or the next suicide attempt among inmates. This is cruel, but still cruel suspicion that this game's plot drama might not be so far from the real, TV Mature coping mediated reality, because OITNB was never just thought of is. In season seven there is sexism allegations against Ex-prison chef Joe Caputo, and illegal immigrants are detained under the worst conditions in an internment camp. Maybe OITNB has to end now, therefore, after six years, because their stories were always realistic and it is this cushion that is why more and more difficult, with the very own OITNB-Humor. "Orange Is The New Black": The seventh season since the 26. July Netflix available

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