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Behind My Smile

Dear little fighter

Always hiding your suffering with a smile, don't you get tired of it? or pretend? You go to school, joke with your friends and make them believe that everything is fine, but inside you are breaking into pieces, do you think that lying to everyone can you get out of this? Really?

Think about it.

Show everyone what is behind that smile, show everyone how broken you are inside, show everyone what you always hide, cry if necessary, don't be afraid; that doesn't make you weak.

Show all your scars, those marks on your arms, don't hide them with a coat, those marks show the falls you had in your battle, don't hide them.

Behind that beautiful smile, there is a girl asking for help without even using words, but few people are the ones who realize what happens behind that fake smile.


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Dear little fighter

Many people suffer in silence for fear of being judged, I was one of those people but I realized that when I did not speak what was happening to me it hurt me more, it is difficult, I know, but it is better to speak it, look for someone in whom trust and let off steam, look for a shoulder to cry on, and if you think you have no one, write letters like me, you will see that you will feel better after doing so, believe me.

Don't keep quiet, don't make the same mistake again, if you're feeling bad, say it. If you have bad thoughts in your head, say it. If you are going to hurt yourself and you have no control, say it. Please.

And you wonder "why do people stay silent when they are suffering?" There are several reasons: they are afraid to express themselves, they feel that nobody will care about their problems, they are afraid to go to a specialist like a psychologist, they believe they can do it all alone without anyone's help, because they show their weak and vulnerable side ...

Then you will say "what does suicide have to do with this?" Simple, people who suffer from depression and say nothing, make the decision to take their lives because they have so much damage and accumulated suffering that they feel they can no longer live, they give up and when they do and we don't know the reason why he left, we blame ourselves for not having realized the suffering that was happening to that person, we blame ourselves for not having stopped him in time, but it is too late and that person left, we could not save him.

Silence is the most powerful scream


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Dear little fighter

Have you ever thought what the world would be like without me? Well, I've thought about it a lot, why? because sometimes I feel you would be better off without me, imagine it, you didn't have to worry about me, you didn't have a suicidal friend, a friend with no hope of life, it's better to end the suffering, right?

But I can't do it.

I can't leave my parents or my family.

I can't let my friends feel guilty.

I can't

I can't leave him.

My best friend, he doesn't deserve to suffer.

I promised him that I would not leave him and I will keep my promise, because I know that after everything we fight together, we are close to reaching the light, to the hope of life.

I know that together we can achieve it.


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Someone Like You

Dear Best Friend

Thank you for being part of my life because thanks to you I'm still alive, you have shown me the good side of life and that despite the problems you can move on.

You hugged me when I cried, you comforted me, you were there when nobody was there. You made me laugh in my moments of sadness, you advised me when my grandmother was in her last moments, you told me to make her laugh, tell her something good and thanks to you I know that she is in a better place, that she is no longer suffering.

I remember the first time I told you what was happening to me, you were worried and you were afraid of losing me, but I promised you that I wouldn't leave you, that I wouldn't end my life because I know you cannot bear another loss because you have also suffered and don't deserve more.

When I met you, I never thought you would become such an important person for me. You told me "we are fighting together, I know that together we can get out of this" and I believe you because you have shown me that after each fall we get back up and that is something I learned from you.

I always say that all people deserve someone like you, they deserve to be hugged, to be told that everything will be fine, to give them hope to live, to get a smile, to have a shoulder to cry on. That's all you've given me and I repeat again, everyone deserves someone like you.

I won't get tired of thanking you for everything, I will repeat it again and again, you know why? because you deserve that and much more, you deserve to be told "I love you", you deserve happiness, you deserve someone who is for you at all times and I'm sorry if I can't be that person.

Thank you for letting me into your life.


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