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Technology and faith had collated instead of proved a way to share our ideas and believes we are left feeling more disconnected than ever.

How many times we see people passing near us, but do we talk to them? No, we don´t or barley do. Well we are just wasting our time, letting amazing people go in and out of our lives or not even giving ourselves to know them.

Yes yes, all of that so true and we all know it. So, why is it that difficult to communicate? to get to know someone? to be friendly? It may not be the best answer for those questions, but at least is one. It is love, loving ourselves first and being able to love others infinitely.

But how do we know it is not the best answer? Well there is no way to know it, just if we try it and respond ourselves. So, why not putting love as a trend? Let´s!!!

So who to do it?

I am not an expert, not at all, but in my mind if you don´t try then there is no way to figure anything out. So, who to do it? Well, I don´t have more recommendation than just experiment by yourself!!

At internet we can find lots of ideas of how to love ourselves like (some that I found reading online): cooking, meditation, exercise and an infinitive lists of ideas. But that might overwhelm anyone, and we get to the point that we just want to know the most effective ones, so we can put them on practice and get to success relating with ourselves and others specially.

But it is just a sign, a clear sign that we need guidance. But from whom? Here I do have a direct answer, I am catholic so I say: God, but you might have other believes so God might be different for you or none. So respect that from yourself, and embrace it. So let’s just start there. First find someone or something to believe in and surrender to.

And you may be asking or wondering: and the what? Which is the next step?

Well the answer is none, because you won’t need any more steps to follow if you made the first one. If you need something through this process is time, believe, trust and faith.


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