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3 things you can do in Cabo San Lucas

1-.Camel Ride

Take a camel ride along the beach and discover the beautiful coast of the Baja California peninsula on this morning or afternoon tour from Los Cabos. With a professional guide, discover Mexico's fauna and flora on an out-of-road tour and guided nature walk, and sample local food with a traditional lunch overlooking the ocean. To complete the experience, there will be a tequila tasting and a tortilla making class.

To get here, you will need a car hire in Cabo San Lucas as many times rural transports do not reach these places.

 2-. Zipline in Los Cabos

Coming from your Los Cabos hotel, you will be directed to El Tule Canyon. upon arrival at the site, the friendly bilingual staff will briefly explain the zip lines, harnesses and other important safety instructions before your adventure begins.

Hanging high between the treetops, you'll fly through canyons, passing close to rock formations, on this incredible journey. This adrenaline-filled course is full of adventure and fun.

3-. Motorbike rentals

if you like extreme sports something you should do is rent an ATV, either by the beach or the desert in this place is something incredible, beyond that you can share this experience with friends and family.

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