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Story Updates

I started to update the Werewolves of Billings Montana weeks a head of schedule. I have chapters released into August scheduled. I am hoping to upload more than once a week. I just don't know when at the moment.

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Sorry, it has been awhile. I just been dealing with work and everyday stuff.

I did update a few chapters of The Werewolves of Billings Montana a couple weeks back. So, there should enough two or three chapters that go into July posted or waiting to be released on Fridays.

This app kept giving update notifications to post something in here. So, here I am making up for lost time writing anything in the blog story.

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Late Update

Sorry, I have been busy between work and other issues going on beside posting on here.

It takes me a couple of days to write chapters and so I only posting updates for chapters on Fridays on here. I also make sure to write chapters before hand so those are ready to be published that following Friday.

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Chapter Updates

Chapter 2 for The Werewolves of Billings Montana was posted last Friday. I did write and schedule the next three chapters a head of time so those will be ready by then.

The same updates are already available on Inkitt and Wattpad already so they available there if people of want to read it early instead.

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