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I'm 14 years old girl who love writing, I don't want to be an author but still it's my hobby to write books ☺️ United Kingdom , United Kingdom.
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A cute Love story

História não Verificada A cute Love story between to step siblings
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The devil

História não Verificada Janet discovers a hidden tunnel at a Halloween party and becomes intrigued by the room she sees during a ritual. She decides to sneak back into the tunnel but finds more than she bargained for - a mysterious symbol, a dark and shadowy figure, and a …
2.7mil visualizações 4 2 História concluída

"The Journey of Creativity

História não Verificada This blog is a space for people who want to explore and reflect on various topics related to personal growth, wellness, and spirituality. Through insightful and thought-provoking articles, the blog offers guidance, inspiration, and practical tools f…
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Imaginational poetries By Me

História não Verificada All poetries encompasses a wide range of creative and expressive writing that explores the human experience through language, imagery, and metaphor. From the sublime to the prosaic, these works evoke emotions and resonate with readers on a deep and …
3.2mil visualizações 9 História concluída

The Warrior and the Prince

História não Verificada : A tale of adventure and redemption, "The Warrior and the Prince" tells the story of Athena, a fierce warrior who must overcome prejudice and discrimination to prove herself in a male-dominated world, and Jungkook, a prince who learns to appreciat…
3.1mil visualizações 2 2 História concluída

Little soul and the devil

História não Verificada i don't know what to write, he he he I'm a stupid writer he hehe but still i manage to write books with chapter , if you read it you might get amazed so give it a try.
2.9mil visualizações 8 2 História concluída

Sole Survivor: A Tale of Perseverance and Survival.

História não Verificada A girl named zainab who lost her parents while israel bombing in Gaza, what will she do next, will she give up or fight for her life ?
2.9mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída

Heart broken Poems

2.9mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída

Reflection of fear

História não Verificada "Reflection of Fear" is a psychological horror story that explores the depths of one's own mind. The protagonist is plagued by a recurring nightmare that seems to be coming to life, and they must face their own fears and insecurities in order to bre…
2.6mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída

Life time together

História não Verificada Follow our beloved characters as they embark on an epic journey through time and space. Join them on their adventures through countless eras and dimensions, as they face unimaginable challenges and obstacles that test their strength, willpower, and…
3.2mil visualizações 10 2 História concluída

Blood ties

História não Verificada "Love in the Time of Pandemic" is a heartwarming romantic comedy that follows the lives of two strangers, Joon-ki and Ha-eun, who meet during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world seemingly falls apart around them, the two find solace an…
2.7mil visualizações 1 2 História concluída

Bad boy meets the trouble maker

História não Verificada yn is a trouble maker who get stuck with the bad boy of uni.
2.7mil visualizações 4 Novo capítulo Nenhum

Mafia brothers

História não Verificada Yn is a smart MD childish girl what happens after she meets his step brother who are mafia's?
180 visualizações 2 1 Novo capítulo A cada 30 dias

The secret room

In "The Secret Room," a person explores a spooky mansion and discovers a hidden chamber filled with ancient tomes, manuscripts, and mysterious artifacts. The person is caught by an old man and forced to leave, but their curiosity is piqued, and they…
5.5mil visualizações 4 4 História concluída

"Finding Strength and Love After Heartbreak"

História não Verificada "Finding Strength and Love After Heartbreak" is a heartwarming story about a woman who, with the help of a supportive friend, learns to heal and move on from a painful breakup. As she navigates the ups and downs of a new relationship, she discovers …
2.6mil visualizações História concluída

Good boy turns into a bad boy

História não Verificada When Tha good boy turns into a bad boy for the girl called yn
2.8mil visualizações 2 Novo capítulo A cada 15 dias

The sibling Rivals

História não Verificada : Sibling Rivals follows the story of two siblings, Zainab and Jungkook, who are constantly at odds with each other. Forced to work together on a school project, they must learn to put their differences aside and work as a team. Along the way, they …
2.8mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída

Mafia kings heart

História não Verificada Zianab, a young journalist, found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnessed a murder committed by the notorious mafia gang. In an unexpected twist of fate, she was rescued by none other than Jungkook, the mafia king himself. …
2.7mil visualizações História concluída

Secret "Love and Protection: The Story of Jungkook and Zainab"

História não Verificada "Love and Protection: The Story of Jungkook and Zainab" is a heartwarming love story that follows the journey of two individuals who find each other in the most unexpected way. Zainab, a young woman who had given up on love, meets Jungkook, a kind-h…
2.6mil visualizações História concluída

Badass girl of college

Guys you don't need description for this I know you will love it ❤️
1.9mil visualizações 12 22 História concluída

From rivals to partners

História não Verificada Zainab has a strict family, who does not want her to be in live with anyone so they decided that Jk would marry her, but zainab is not ready for this cause they hate each other
172 visualizações 7 1 História concluída

Save me

História não Verificada When zainab curse his professor not knowing he os behind her.
2.6mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída

My professr Jeon Jungkook

História não Verificada This is a stry where jungkook his professor chnages zainab's life by supporting her in ever situation .
2.8mil visualizações 1 3 História concluída

"Jungkook's Compassion: A Story of Standing Up Against Injustice"

História não Verificada "Jungkook's Compassion: A Story of Standing Up Against Injustice" is a heartwarming tale of a young boy who shows empathy and courage when he sees someone in need. When Jungkook comes across Zainab, a girl from his school, crying alone on a bench, h…
2.6mil visualizações História concluída

Finding Love and redemption

História não Verificada "Finding Love and Redemption" is a touching story about a young woman named Zainab who is struggling with her feelings for her professor, Jungkook. While she is madly in love with him, he is in love with someone else. When Zainab witnesses a bullyin…
2.7mil visualizações 1 História concluída

"The Turning Point: When a Stoic Husband Saw His Wife Cry for the First Time"

"The Turning Point" is a heartwarming story about a woman who finally lets down her guard and shows her emotions to her stoic husband. This moment of vulnerability becomes a turning point in their marriage, as her husband becomes more attentive, exp…
4.0mil visualizações 4 1 Em progresso

Building Love : The Journey of Zainab and Jungkook

História não Verificada Zainab and Jungkook are couples husband and wife but they argue on small thing like there is no end but they can't see each other in pain will they defend each other if they are in trouble?
2.7mil visualizações 1 Em progresso

Love in the Spotlight

História não Verificada Jungkook and yn were an iconic couple , who had captured the heart of millions with their talent humilty and love for each other . However their fame came with a price as they had to face the harsh scrutinity of the media
2.6mil visualizações 1 História concluída

Broken Love

História não Verificada Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to LOVE.
2.7mil visualizações 2 1 Em progresso


História não Verificada Yn is a hardworking girl but one message change her life
2.7mil visualizações 1 1 Novo capítulo Todos os dias

When he saw you crying for the first time

História não Verificada Yn is a kind sweet hearted person but unluckily she got a married to a person who doesnt even care about her JUNGKOOK but see how he melts his heart for her.
2.6mil visualizações 1 1 História concluída


História não Verificada Jungkook is the popular guy of the university, one day they go to a trip and yn get lost in the forest while camping will he be able to save her enemy watch the full chapters 😊
146 visualizações 6 3 Novo capítulo Todos os dias

The lazy secretary of the cold boss

História não Verificada Jk is cold and rude towards yn but yn doesnt know that Jk love her, but yn puts him in trouble and one day Jk marries her a contract 😜
2.6mil visualizações 2 2 Novo capítulo A cada 2 dias

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