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Do you love me

História não Verificada Devoured a priest...
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Fell in love with the beast

História não Verificada A mysterious beast who was presumed to be dead has resurfaced, and his name is Vincent Keller, the girl he saved Catherine Chandler he fell in love with.
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História não Verificada Me and Derek were raped abused by his father and there are about 50 other kids that was raped or abused half of them did not make it, nobody could hear us scream or yell out for help because he took us to the one place we couldn't and that was the b…
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História interativa

Fairytale love

História não Verificada Amelia has been in love with Sebastian since we were kids, and him finding out that she has an arranged marriage, he was torn to hear that he was not invited, so he as to fight tooth and nail for her.
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Fell in Love with the Devil.

She fell in love with a guy whose name is Lucifer, but she finds out that he is the devil of the underworld.
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Vampire Stories

História não Verificada Damien fell in love this girl that is human, and she does not know that he is a vampire with a scary past, and the only way for her to know is if he tells her.
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