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Hello Everyone, I am Saint Marcus and my stories consist of fictional characters and their experiences through different eras through history, I am a kind and gentle person, You can always contact me on Discord, My name and tag is Saint Marcus #6885, Nice to meet all of you. Egypt.
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The story talks about a Crusader Knight, Named John and his journey through the Third Crusade in the Holy land, John has been summoned by King Richard the first to attend the crusades against the Muslim Factions, Will he be able to get back to Eng...
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História não Verificada This story talks about a Native-American young man named Josue in the 16th century during the Spanish Colonial campaigns in the New World. Josue lived with the European colonizers and has to find his true family, While also escaping the malicious ...
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The Story talks about a Phoenician Mercenary named Mithon in the 1st or 2nd Millenium BCE his story talks about a deal, He made with the devil, Whom he thought he was the god Baal, Which cursed him with tattoos that gave him supernatural powers, B...
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Shupa: A Lion's tale

It's about a Barbary lion named Shupa, Who lived with his pride and son in the Atlas Mountains and He is taken by Trappers to the Colossuem in 220 BCE and He has to survive and thrive to get back to his son and pride.
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