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I'm a Simp and a writer.... I love writing stories.......... It's my thing of my passion, I love to have.. Cleveland , United States.
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ENTROU Jul 22, 2021

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Boyfriends Mom

História não Verificada Laura was the kind of  girl that can lore any man or woman, anytime, anywhere. Her self esteem is through the roof, being basic, is not in her vocabulary. When she walks by, she's like a magnet , she attracts any and everyone. She's unstoppabl...
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História não Verificada A son of from a father that had a deep feeling of his whereabouts were fatally dangerous, him just did not die from a heart attack.. He rescues  many babies as he could,  from being older of a age of a young adult. Mature enough  tracking down h...
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Listening To The Past

Listening To The Past Sometimes when we dreams when we sleep, we wish we could go back in time. Re live it all. Is older an older as we get, we say time flys faster then usual that old saying we say for excuses at times which we wasn't at all dow...
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Music Box

História não Verificada Music Box Money on bread to power that lead to destruction on desire. Desire of pain they cherished on it to went on. It of there darkness of plans to live on. The scams on there past decisions in life in the present is coming back to bite. ...
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Brothers 2

História não Verificada He just wanted to be loved
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Cut Throat

História não Verificada He was in a war, a war, he might not survive out of...
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Generation Of The Genesis

She was a woman of praise and filled with passionate love. She been born an introduced to her first love man she'll love and cherish to the truth of her heart until the end of time of there living. It being wrongfully taken away from her, broke ...
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They Want To Be Me

História não Verificada He acts the same. He moves the same. He fights the same. He behaves the same. His looks the same. Every he does is the same. His intentions was far more advanced, no one but him could understand. No one could help him, even if he tries, if he do...
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Warrior Pricness

História não Verificada Warrior Princess She survived on of the seven seas of lots that had died and been murdered on destroyed in the years of pirates and settlers as well all the bad that lived among the dead as well the Caribbean. She survived and was promised of h...
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Daughters Father's Promsie

História não Verificada His daughter last dying words whispered in his ear before she gagged on choked on her blood dying in his arms, made him cry of sorrow to the top of his lungs crashing to his knees with her dead body. He was promised of her. Could he keep that pro...
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