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Tipton , United States.
139k Palavras
ENTROU Jun 30, 2021

Minhas Histórias

Into Another World: Alien

História não Verificada Going on a picnic with your friends and aunt and then having your alien stolen from you because of stupid sirens is not the greatest thing to admit. But Rykel admits it. She can't live without Virus and Virus can't live without Rykel. Rykel must t...
2.7mil visualizações 2 História concluída

Into Another World: Rampage

História não Verificada The exciting ending of the trilogy of Into Another World.
1.6mil visualizações História concluída

Into Another World

História não Verificada The Turning Stone is the only way that the Curse can be undone. Humans transformed into their Inner Animals must seek help from two outsiders from the Other World (Earth) to turn the Stone and lift the Curse. But this journey has proved difficult ...
4.0mil visualizações História concluída

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