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ENTROU Abr 24, 2019

Minhas Histórias

My Befriend Hero Second Edition

História Não Verificada My befriend hero lived with me and my mom. He has his own superpower ability to get enlarge and shrink down to a miniature size. Also, he helps her to solve some problems and avoid my evil sister Billionaire Donna's attempt to expose his secret id...
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Tiny Doll-size Husband

História Não Verificada My newlywed husband Dave Seville reduced into tiny doll-size because he has unknown disease miniature.
1.5mil visualizações Novo capítulo A cada 30 dias

My Befriend Hero

História Não Verificada Dave Seville is my befriend hero who has secrets power abilities to turning into a fifty-foot giant and reduce into six-inches miniaturization. Also he helps his normal-size forty years old African American novelist woman on her problems with fami...
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My Giant son

História Não Verificada My adopted giant son Dave Seville lived with his normal-size guardian foster mom Dionne Allen. He learns from bad influence and avoids trouble himself.
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Dave's Adventure

História Não Verificada The chipmunks' adopted human single father Dave Seville uses Simon's miniaturization ray to turn himself into six inches ft tall to reunite his live-action African American woman novelist married his live-action husband Dean Cain thought she still...
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Dave's traveler

História Não Verificada A Traveler name is Dave Seville been discover on the Small World and Giant World.
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The Incredible Shrinking Hero Dad

História Não Verificada Alvin and his oldest brainy brother Simon fought over shrinking ray then he had been accidentally to zap Dave into a tiny doll-size.
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História interativa

The Incredible Shrinking Dave

História Não Verificada My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by unknown radioactive waste spill spreading in beach water and effective to reduce him getting smaller and smaller
4.6mil visualizações 119 1 Novo capítulo A cada 30 dias

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