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Couldn't You Be A Friend Of Mine?

História não Verificada A story about a couple and a common friend of them. The third character is a handsome, bachelor but always being a honest , trustworthy to the couple .Lady character has an inclination and weakness towards her husband's friend , she wants to devel...
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Her Midnight Guest.

História não Verificada The story telles about the conflict among motherhood, chastity and feminity. Mira Jwardar a deserted woman lives in inlaw's house. She has sacrificed her every desires ,passions love and feminine intinct in the name of chastity and motherhood. Sh...
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Love !Knows no grammar.

História não Verificada A love between two individuals that perhaps cannot get recognition by society. Such a love that breaks conjugal tie-up , destroys friendship and trust. But love is blind knows no bounds! A person finds his/ her better-half has fall in love with s...
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Recovery of lost coin

História não Verificada This is a story of a top class administrative uncompromising officer of age 32 years unmarried lady who has been an inspiration of thousands of young girls who are either at their teens or are college-going young ladies, they are her unconditional...
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Life Is An Enigma

História não Verificada This is neither a novel nor even a biography too. It's a collection of experience gathered one's own life at different phases. Desires, hopes born in the mind,we try to get them instantly or slowly .We may gain or fail to access them.Joy or owe a...
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The hidden files of my life.

História não Verificada It is a story of an oppression victim.He born with lots of crises.Tried to overcome every issue that came on his way.But he never compromised with the Crisc.
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Time doesn't listen my request.

História não Verificada poems of heart
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