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The yearn

Life is strange and strange indeed, it surprises you, baffles you, exhilarates you and more than often makes you pause at crossroads!

Naina! Naina, she grew up in a small town, moved to a big city as a naive young adult.The city lights dazzled her and she too dazzled the lights of the city, fullfilling her aspirations, flying high and accomplishing her(then)mission like a young twenty something would!

She gave it her all, to give it all up! Such was she!

One thing she hid from the world behind her effervescent exterior, was her dark side; her vulnerabilities, her desire to nurture romance, her desire to be desired and desires of such ilk.

The journey of life continued running downhill, the humdrum played on and then her path crossed with someone very similar, yet different. Different because he, unlike her, was dismissive about his vulnerabilities and desire for love(sorry, she being judgmental) and unlike her was still chasing a myriad!

When they met, No, no Cupid struck, her heart didn't skip a beat and for him, she was no brighter than a spec of dust, not his fault, she was nothing close to be called a beauty and her wit with which she wooed, wasn't not plastered on her face !

Time moved but nothing moved the story forward, nothing! Psst!!!

Then there was a thunderclap and they were together, the female in her head was rejoicing and dancing with joy, though she kept a poised exterior concealing the parched peice still, under the downpour.

Rain cleansed the earth, every thing was bright and beautiful and happy and so was she; though not knowing his mind still!

A shiny green sampling emerged from a tiny crack of earth, she symbolized it with love!

Love, it exists in various forms, types and in different shades, be it grey,black,red,white,yellow, orange,blue, pink or purple.

Ego love: where you love and expect it back.

Authentic love: you only love knowing you will not be loved back.

Infatution: most likely to die down if it is exterior.

Lust: physical love, may or may not have anything to do with love.

And the love I am talking about here ... let me steal a line from an old Hindi song..

प्यार को प्यार ही रहने दो कोई नाम न दो ...

She still doesn't know his mind!

The juncture of life where she stands,not in silly teens, nor frivolous 20s but much much older!

As we age, life humbles us, our perspective goes beyond the visible, we learn the meaning of relationships- material, non material and immaterial. We become more disserning, no room for rash and brash!



The girl in her jumps up and says, " no way, I am not settling with your philosophy, Woman, I shall go after what I want".The woman, smiles the wry smile enjoying the rebellion of the girl and still taking cognizance of the real world she is in!

This battle between the woman and girl is continuing and there is a flurry of emotions spinning along...

प्यार को प्यार ही रहने दो कोई नाम न दो ...


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