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miewgic Yasmin de Carvalho

listen before I go... I love you goodbye. A #3shot inspired on Billie Eilish's songs. © @miewgic / @Blubluleta | Yasmin de Carvalho Kley All rights reserved.

Drama Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

#feelings #emotions #musical #MusicalFic #3shot
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listen before i go


Time was ending... I could feel.

My cells, my atoms, my memories, everything giving up on me. The moment I wanted most to postpone, finally, had arrived. Nothing could be maked.

I accepted my destiny... Don't wanted fight no more; I was tired of be locked and suffocated in this world. My place wasn't here... I should go.

But how? How leave the only life I knew?! I was scared of the idea of what would become of me, of tomorrow. Would everything be okay, like everyone used to say? I never knew.

From the rooftop, the stars look like small teardrops of longing, of a happy past so far away of the actual reality.... Everything was so bright and calm, like it was really meant to be.

Looking to the sky, feeling the tears falling silently, I saw myself in a blank page, reliving old records; a big smile, a soft laugh, hugs and caresses, a cup of tea, kisses on the cheecks... I saw his face and my heart tightened, so beautiful, so perfect...

Mom and dad packing the picnic, my little sister running with her dog, Olly; our best summer, our best time together. So happy, so safe...

But nothing last forever. Suddenly, the curtains close, the light turns out, the music is turn down. No more magic, no more joy, no more safe place. Lonely souls, wandering as broken warriors searching for a second chance... But there's no more time.

Say to my friends that I love them; say to my family that I love them; tell to the brown eyes I loved him, as much as my weak soul allowed me. Make them know I'll miss them, but I can't stay... I'm sorry.

Slowly, the breath is getting irregular; heart pounding fast, feeling the last moments of freedom. Sounds getting confused, a wrong symphony, without rhythm, ugly chords, no cadence at all.

Turning blue... Becoming part of universe. Last goodbye...

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