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lunarmoon1004 Luna Elizabeth

A family goes on a camping trip next to a nuclear site and meets an abandoned boy.

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A Nuclear Camping Trip

“Come on,little brother,”said Lola.

“Wait up,sis! I have to finish packing and grab Muffins,”said Cameron.

“Muffins? Why do you need muffins? We already have food?”

“Not food,our dog,Muffins.”

“Oh,okay,come on Muffins.”

Muffins bounded out the door and jumped on Lola, essentially, tackling her. Muffins licked her face and got her slobber everywhere. Lola laughed and tried to roll away. Cameron finally made it out the door with the leash and grabbed Muffins by the collar.

“Muffins,no! You can't just jump on people. Even if it is Lola,”exclaimed Cameron,who looked angry but was also trying to hold in a laugh.

“Don't be so hard on her,no harm was done...just a lot of spit,” protested Lola.

“Fine, let’s just get in the car,” whined Cameron

Lola rolled her eyes, but she jumped into the car and grabbed Muffins. Muffins looked up at her and Lola swore she saw Muffins smile. When Muffins was comfortable and content, she laid her head down in Lola’s lap and fell asleep. Lola smiled at the sleeping mound on her her lap and scratched the mounds head. She knew that Muffins loved her more because Cameron was too hard on her. Finally Lola and Cameron fell asleep. For the next few hours, the backseat was silent.

When Lola and Cameron woke up, it was dark out. Lola quickly glanced over at the clock. It was 11:00 at night! How could she have slept through all the beautiful and fantastic sights? Why did she fall asleep? She looked down to pet Muffins, but she wasn't there. Oh,no, where was Muffins? She was about to ask her parents, when she noticed they weren't there either.

Lola started to panic. She looked over at Cameron, who had been screaming and crying for the past 5 minutes. She leaned over and tried to comfort him.

“It's okay, we are going to be fine.”

“No, we aren't. We are going to DIE,” yelled Cameron!

“Be positive”

“Fine, I’m POSITIVE we are going to die!”

“Ugh, that's not what I meant and you know it.”

Just then something hit the car and they both screamed. Oh no, someone was trying to rob us! What are we going to do? Lola looked over at Cameron. He was once again freaking out and this time she couldn't comfort him.

She decided the best thing to do was save him,so she told him to get down. Once he was down, she jumped into the front seat and locked the doors. Then she jumped back to the backseat and got down too. The only thing that she could think about right now was if they were going to live.

“Dang it, I thought we left the car unlocked,”complained Dad!

Whoever was out there started unlocking the door. How do they have the keys? Did they hurt Mom and Dad? Finally the person got the door unlocked and got into the car. She was too scared to look at them, so she just kept her head down.

“Why do you two have your heads down,”questioned Mom?

“Wait, you guys are alive! You were the ones trying to get in the car?”

“Uh, yeah. Who else would it be?”

“Um,no one. Just forget I said that.”

Lola then looked over at Cameron and realized how dumb they had been. She could tell he was thinking the same thing. What she didn't realize is his expression changed. He looked like he was going to laugh and when she finally realized it, it was too late.

Muffins leaped on top of Lola and barked like she was dieing. Cameron had burst out laughing and had fallen out of his seat. This was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Lola pushed with all her strength and could not get Muffins off. Finally she gave up and within a few minutes, Muffins got tired and went back to sleep. Happy it was over, Lola relaxed and fell asleep too.


All of a sudden, Lola was wide awake. She thought something bad had happened, but it turns out they had made it to the camping site. She was so excited, she practically leaped out of the car. What were they going to do first?

“Can we go swimming please,”pleaded Cameron!

“No, I want to go on the history trail.”

“Ugh, Lola, that sounds so boooooring.”

“It would be fun.”

“Mom and Dad,tell her we are not doing that.”

“I already told your sister she would get to choose what we did first because she completed more chores than you.”


Cameron stormed off and didn't come back for half an hour. During that hour, Lola,Mom,and Dad all set up the tent. They also got some food cooking. For lunch they were going to have the best meal of their lives.

“What is this?”groaned Cameron

“Quit complaining and to answer your question, this is grilled hamburgers and homemade mac and cheese.”


“Hey, we worked hard on this!”

“Sorry, I guess I will try it.”

They all sat down to eat and ten minutes later, they were all done. Even though Cameron had thought he would not like it, he ended up finishing first. He had practically inhaled his food. Lola could not help laughing. She was happy to be camping and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so that was fantastic.

A few minutes after everyone was done, they headed towards the history trail. When they got there, no one else was around so the tour guide said they could just follow the path themselves. They did as they were told and soon found a sign saying:

Old Nuclear Power Plant

This originated from over 14 years ago. It was closed down 5 years after it was built because of an explosion. People had to evacuate the area, but about 3 years ago the land was cleared and this camp site was built.

Wow, this was the most interesting thing Lola had heard about. From behind them, a twig cracked and they all jumped. They did not know who was there but they told the person to show themselves. The person did not argue and stepped out into the light. He looked like he had lived in the woods all his life. He was wearing torn up clothing and was bare foot.

What in the world was he wearing? Lola had never seen anybody look like this. She had no idea how to react. She just sat there with her mouth open.

“Um,hi,” exclaimed the boy.

“Um,uh,h-hi,”coughed Lola.

“Who are you people?”

“We are campers from the camp near by. Who are you?”

“I’m Vylad.”

“Oh,cool. Nice to meet you. Not to sound rude or anything, but why do you look like that?”

“Well,when I was about 5, the explosion happened and my parents accidentally left me here. I have lived in the forest for the last 9 years. I didn't have very many choices for clothing so ,yeah.”

“Oh, do you maybe want to come back to our camp and get some food and clothing?”

“I shouldn't, it wouldn't be polite.”

“Oh,no, it would be perfectly fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah,come on!”

The whole family headed back to the camp, completely forgetting about the trail. Lola’s brother was very excited to have another guy around. All he ever has is his sister and his mom. Usually his dad is working and they never really have time to have friends over. Even though Vylad was Lola's age, he could still get along with him.

When they got back, Lola quickly ran into the tent and grabbed a pair of Cameron's jeans and one of his shirts. She hoped they would fit Vylad but, she didn't know. She ran back out of the tent and tripped on the hook. Vylad happened to be walking by to ask her what she was doing and she fell on top of him.


“It's fine.”

Lola was frozen. She didn't know what to do. This was the most awkward situation she had ever been in. How was he so calm? He looked into her eyes and started laughing.

“What's so funny?”

“You seem so tense.”

“Well, yeah, this is awkward.”

“That's really funny.”

“It's not that funny.”

“Well, could you get off me now?”

“Oh, yeah, again I'm sorry!”

Lola got off him and he was still laughing. When he finally stopped she gave him the clothes and went to cook some food for him. He reluctantly went into the tent. He got changed into the clothes and emerged from the tent looking fantastic. The clothes were a little tight so you could see his muscles, that he had got over the years from making homes out of wood and fighting animals. He walked over to Lola.

“Does this look better?”


“Great, what are you making?”

“Hot dogs and chips”

“Oh, sounds good.”

“It is, I think you will enjoy it.”

Vylad went to sit down on a lawn chair and engaged into a conversation with Cameron. When the food was done Lola walked like a waitress over to everybody and have them their food. They all gobbled it up and sat around the fire quietly,just breathing in all the beautiful nature around them.

“Movie at pavilion in 10 minutes,” yelled the camp director!

“Ooh, Cameron and Vylad, do you guys want to go with me?”

In unison they both said yes. They grabbed a bag of snacks and 10 dollars from their parents, then they headed up the hill to the pavilion. It took about three minutes to get there and they found out that the movie was, You before Me. Lola had been dying to see this movie. Cameron groaned, this is a chick-flick and he didn't want to watch it. Vylad saw how excited Lola was to see it so he stayed to watch it.

As Cameron started back, Lola stopped him and begged him to stay. She said she wanted to spend some quality family time with him. Reluctantly he decided to stay, but only if she bought him a snow cone. She did and the movie started a few seconds later.

Half way through the movie, Vylad stretched and slyly put his arm around Lola. She acted like she didn't notice, but smiled to herself. When Cameron noticed, he glared at Vylad. His eyes said get you hands off my sister. Vylad ignored him. He knew that he was older, taller, and stronger than Cameron so he didn't care what Cameron tried to do. He also knew that Lola was enjoying this so he just continued watching the movie.

When the movie was done, Vylad challenged Cameron to race. He knew that Cameron would do it to prove that Vylad shouldn't mess with him. In the end, Vylad won. To congratulate him, Lola gave him a high-five. Vylad saw this as an opportunity to flirt with her again.

When she gave him the high-five, he didn't pull away. Instead, he interlaced their fingers together. Lola was ecstatic about his and didn't complain. They walked back to the campsite holding hands. Cameron did not like this at all. He walked behind them, glaring and mumbling the whole way back.

When they got back to the campsite, their parents were roasting bratwurst on the fire. They all sat down around the fire and told scary stories. When the food was ready, they ate and then they started cooking smores.

“Mmm...this smells so good!”

“Sis, you think all sweets smell good.”


Vylad took his s'more and wiped away a small amount of his chocolate. He then booped Lola on the nose and she got chocolate on her nose. She tried to lick it off and couldn't. Since this was a very funny site, they all decided to compete to see who could lick the most chocolate off their noses.

Cameron won. He smirked at Vylad to show him he was better than him at some things. Vylad didn't pay attention to this. He could care less if Cameron could do that and he couldn't. He was just happy to be enjoying time with Lola. She had been giggling the whole time and put butterflies in his stomach to hear her be so content.

Later that night, they all climbed into the tent to get some rest. Their parents had told them that they would need as much sleep as possible because they were going to go hiking tomorrow. Cameron was excited to finally get to do something with Muffins. He had begged his parents to let him walk Muffins and after an hour of arguing the parents finally caved. Lola didn't care what happened as long as everyone was happy. She also knew they would be going swimming after, so that would be exciting.

They all woke up bright an early. The dew was still on the ground and the birds were chirping. They quickly ate breakfast and changed clothes, then they were off. They headed towards the Indian trail, which was said to be 2 miles long. They knew this would take them about an hour, but they were up to it.

Once they got there, they noticed that it went uphill. Cameron complained that Muffins would not be able to make it all the way and Lola agreed. As if Muffins knew what they were talking about, she threw her head back to say,Really...I can easily make that. Lola decided that if Muffins thought she could do it then they should let her try.

Vylad was the most eager to start hiking. He had lived in the woods most of his life, so this would be like walking through his home. He had never been on this trail, but it looked a lot easier than some trails he had been on.

The parents knew this would be a challenge for everybody, but they also knew their kids were fighters. At their signal everyone marched forward into the unknown. None of the family had ever gone hiking, so they didn't know what laid ahead or what dangers might be in the forest if they got lost.

They walked for what seemed like an hour. Really it had only been twenty minutes. Muffins was already panting, Cameron was complaining that his feet hurt, Lola was stopping every few feet to examine the trees and plants, and Vylad was smiling giddily.

Once again they were stopped so that Lola could look at a new plant. Just then, Muffins saw a squirrel scurry along the trail. Cameron ran after her and his parents ran after him. Lola and Vylad didn't notice everyone runoff and were left stranded by the pond. When they finally looked up and noticed that everyone had left, Lola started freaking out. She ran in a random direction. Vylad followed her and they were soon lost in the forest.

They sat there, worried what might happen to them. When all of a sudden they heard a loud flapping sound. It sounded like a million birds flying at them. It ended up being giant hummingbirds. They stood still hoping that the hummingbirds would not see them and move along. The birds didn't, they quickly swooped down to attack. Vylads instinct kicked in and he pushed Lola out of the way. She stumbled backward and tripped over a root. Vylad quickly turned around and grabbed her hard. He pulled her up and then ran for his and her life. She was quite light, but it was still hard to run through the area with so many trees in the way. Eventually, the hummingbirds lost them and it was safe again.

“What were those?”

“Those were mutant hummingbirds. After the explosion, many animals breathed in the fumes and became mutant creatures.”

“Well, that was terrifying!”

“Yes, it was! I'm just happy you're safe.”

“Thank you for sa-”

Vylad kissed Lola. The kiss was slow and gentle. He was happier than he had ever been. He finally had someone to love and talk to. He didn't want to hear her thank him because she had saved him. He knew she didn't realized it, but she had done a lot for him. He knew this was the person he loved and would never want to let go of.

Lola was surprised. She hadn't expected him to kiss her. She didn't know how to react. Her instinct told her to just let it happen. She knew she really liked him and he obviously liked her too. Then the kiss was over, they just sat there smiling at eachother.

Then they heard voices. Lola's parents were calling for them. Cameron was running around flinging his arms everywhere. He was so worried about his sister and Vylad. He didn't know if he could trust Vylad to save his sister, so far he had just seemed like a flirt.

Then Cameron saw a flicker of movement. He didn't know if it was them but, he was hopeful. He quickly ran to the movement. When he saw it was them, he quickly threw his arms around Lola and started crying. He apologized a lot. He was so happy to see her safe that he could barely hold himself up. When Lola's parents made it over there, they pulled everyone into a big group hug. Everyone was happy to see the others safe that they sat there until dark hugging each other and explaining what had happened.

Lola was worried about Muffins, but Cameron reassured her that Muffins was back at the camp resting. They decided it was late so they headed back to camp. When they got back they went straight to bed because they had all had a long day. The next few day, they all relaxed and regained their energy.

On the last day,they went to the beach. Lola was practically hopping and smiling ear to ear. Cameron was excited but, he vowed to keep a watch on Vylad and Lola. They all grabbed their swimming suits and went to get changed. When they play emerged, Lola's mouth dropped open. Cameron was wearing the swim trunks she chose, even though he said he wouldn't. Also, Vylad was shirtless and she could not help blushing.

“Sis, you look like a tomato.”

“Um, lets just go okay.”

Then Vylad walked up to Lola.

“Hey, you look nice!”


She was wearing a purple and pink galaxy bikini. Her brother didn't approve of it but, he couldn't stop her from doing what she wanted. She loved the color pink and the galaxy theme looked really cool. Her mom had helped her pick it out because, they both knew that her dad and brother would never let her buy it. This was the first time she had worn one and she already was getting compliments. She knew she had made the right decision.

They all headed to the beach. When they got there, the first thing they did was build a sandcastle. It was the best sandcastle ever. It looked like the Disneyland Paris castle. Next they buried Lola in sand and made it look like a mermaid. After they played in the dog area with Muffins. She splashed water all over them and they all splashed back, laughing.

Finally they went to the human swimming area. They had a swimming contest and Lola won. Ever since she wa little, she had been nicknamed fish. She was always a great swimmer and knew many tricks. Cameron challenged her to a dual. They had to do the best tricks they could. They always did this and no matter how hard Cameron tried, he always lost. He didn't care though, he just enjoyed the family fun time. Vylad judged and once again, Lola won. They all swam around for a few more hours. They had splash fights and swam in circles laughing. They also had the color dunk challenge. Lola was really bad at it but, Cameron and Vylad were really good. Finally their parent called for them. They ran back up to the shore and dried off.

They got back into regular clothing and headed back to the car. They are all happy but, sad too. They weren't ready to go home. They had enjoyed this trip so much and couldn't wait until next year, when they would come back.


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