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Kliedeo awoke with a startle. She subtly sat up in her bed and scanned her room. Nothing seemed to be out of place, until her eyes feel upon her bookcase. Sitting on top of it, was a tall gangly looking young adult male. He glowed with bright yellow skin and had sharp features. He was still, although, every couple seconds his image would go out slightly like static on a T.V.

She squeezed her eyes tightly shut. After a couple seconds of silence, she decided she must have just imagined it. For that reason, she peeled her eyes open. A little to her dismay, the man was still sitting there, staring straight back at her. He seemed enveloped by her and didn’t pay attention to anything else. When she didn’t run out her room screaming her head off, he smiled a toothy gentle smile. He then hopped down very gracefully for his size. He landed without a single noise being made. Kliedeo was completely entranced by him. Instead of fighting him or running to get help, she just wanted to find out who he was and why he was here.

She slowly stood up and started moving towards him. With only about a foot left between them, she stopped. By this time, her instincts had kicked in and she started contemplating how dangerous this could be. Her curiosity really was putting up a fight though. Finally, he made the decision for her. He stuck out his hand, waiting for a handshake. Kliedeo respected anyone who introduced themselves first with a handshake. For this reason, she obliged to his open hand invitation. His grip was strong, but when he had one of his static episodes, her hand slipped right through his. He looked embarrassed, but she just brushed right off. After standing there for a couple more comfortable seconds of silence, she decided to finally get some answers.

“Who are you.”

“I’m Cosmo Starstorm. I’m sorry if I scared you earlier, I hadn’t meant to wake you up. I was only trying to check up on you.”

“What do you mean check up on me?”

“Um...it’s kinda hard to explain.”

“Try me, I’ve been told I’m quite intelligent.”

“So I’ve heard. Anyways, I used to live a couple houses down from here, and the girl I loved lived here. This was her bedroom. When I failed to save her in this room, I promised myself, in memory of her, that I would protect whoever lived in this room. I died a couple months after that from heartbreak, but even as a poltergeist, I have kept my word. I’ve been with you this whole time, you just never noticed me. I don’t know what triggered you waking up.”

“Oh wow. That’s really kind of you, but also kinda creepy. I guess thank you for watching over me though. And sorry you and your lover died.”

“No need to apologize. That was long ago. I’ve learned to accept the fact by now. Also, you’re very welcome.”

“Why were you sitting on the bookcase though.”

“It’s just where I telepo—I mean, that’s just where I like to sit. I like to believe I can feel her presence there. My lover used to love reading. We spent ours next to this shelf. Her reading to me with the cutest little smile ever.”

“What was that first part you were saying? I didn’t quite catch it.”

“I have to go now.”

“Wait, no! I still have so many questions. You can’t leave n—“

All of a sudden, a bright flash of yellow light up the whole room. Kliedeo had to dive and throw her arm across her eyes to avoid going blind. When it was finally over, Cosmo was gone. Kliedeo tried to move, but instead she just felt a small pang in her head and it was lights out for her.

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