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Ode to Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaf how you glow and glisten
With the dew drops of the early morning
Looking as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe
Autumn leaf sitting on the your tree
With a calming ease
Looking at all the students passing by
Wanting to join them in there travels

You, Autumn leaf, jump down from your tree
Slowly falling to the unknowing children’s feet
Scooting along with the wind
To join your fellow leaves
On their journey of hope of traveling with these children

You finally make it in front of the kids
And look up at them
Wanting them to pick you up and take you away
But sadly they just step on you
Leaving you behind
Like you are another step in their journey
Do they not care for you?
Do they not see your beauty?
Do they not understand the effort you have put in to be with them?

You lay there
Wondering if you will ever see them again
Wondering if you will ever see the world
You try to get up determined to meet them on the rest of their journey
But alas you realize your stem has been broken off
At this moment you finally feel how much your carbon dioxide has depleted
You try to breathe in
But nothing but a small trickle of CO2 make it to you
You take your last shaky step with the wind towards your goal
That will never be complete
For you have joined the last stage of the great circle of life
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