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Curse, a half-wolf faunus boy goes to the Beacon Academy under the orders of the Ozpin Director himself. But this year he will meet a girl who will remind him the mistakes of his past while the dark is always waiting to attack. Will the light of humanity scatter the darkness? Or will the power of the shadows cover everything?

Aventura Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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The Great War... Name that is remembered with much regret because of the deaths and losses that had been generated in those long 10 years of battles between the 4 kingdoms of Remnant. In those times Mistral, one of the great powers of the time was always requested by its great amount of resources where they spared the enemies of the darkness. It was not strange to think that Mistral had managed to grow in territory at all encourages in such a short time. Because an unpredictable ally had helped him meet that goal. Mantle The northern kingdom was well known for its technological innovations; Ships, production of resources and of course... weapons.

Both kingdoms had formed an alliance, Mistral provided him with resources that he was unable to get in the ice kingdom, while Mantle was selling technologies that Mistral Never would have imagined having in more than a decade, besides that support during colonization in Anima. Everything was going well up to this point, but like every ambitious kingdom growing up. They always want more and more.

After a while, Mistral had moved his forces westward in search of new lands to continue exploiting even more resources. However, they never expected that right next to them would be another kingdom that already dominated those lands. Vale, a kingdom that was just beginning to give its first steps had seen the arrival of the Kingdom of Mistral at its doors with the clear intention Of wanting to take their land. And despite the pleas of his citizens and friends. The king of Vale did all he could to avoid an armed conflict with the neighboring kingdom. But despite all the effort of the king to stop the conflicts between the colonies of Mistral and Vale, without anyone knowing how it happened, had emerged one of the first battles that would Lead to the Great War...

Mantle of course responded quickly to support Mistral in combat against Vale in countless battles that swept a lot of villages and people, both caused by the war and the invasions of the Grimms that logically reacted to the emotions negatives of the war.

To this extent, Vacuo had done everything in his power to try to stay out of the situation. Inevitably sooner or later he would have to join some side. Mantle and Mistral several years ago had established a small territory in Vacuo with the promise that they would leave if they did not intervene with their affairs. Despite that, the conversations between the kingdoms had evolved in a way that would not benefit from Vacuo. Going from 'Do not stand on his side' to 'If you're with us, we'll protect you.' Logically Vacuo, thought that if Vale fell against the invasion of Mistral and Mantle, then there would be no one to stop them both in case they decided to conquer Vacuo. Then Vacuo faced the two kingdoms that were in their territories forcing them to retreat, to then make an alliance with Vale and confront the kingdoms of Mistral and Mantle.

And now that things were in the same conditions, battles had become more and more bloody as time went on. The same Negative emotions became increasingly stronger around the world, attracting a lot of creatures from the dark. While the best warriors of all the kingdoms fought in the war, the villas and cities were unprotected from the Grimm's attacks's generating countless losses. Villages who were never again reclaimed and communities that disappeared almost without leaving a mark of their legacy.

Despite all this, Mantle and Mistral were preparing the final attack against their opponents where they would ensure a significant advantage. In the Vacuo's capital, the last place that remained to continue supplying resources was being heavily attacked by Mistral and Mantle who had sent all the available arsenal they had at the time. If they be managed to conquer those lands, it was only going to be a matter of time to Vacuo would slowly lose its strength due to lack of resources

And when at the last moment the Vacuos Capital was to be razed, the same king of Vale in person led his army flanking the forces of Mistral and Mantle Quickly. Once the Vale counterattack was completed and with the blood of its enemies drenched in the battle arena, A large number of creatures of darkness came to the field to take the leftovers. It was one of the bloodiest battles against the Grimm's that ever existed.

When the battle was over, the kingdoms of Mantle and Mistral had unconditionally surrendered to what they called "The Warrior King" who, alongside them, were two other legends that transcended through the ages ... "The Wolf" a powerful warrior that according to rumors indicate that he was capable of transforming into a great beast causing destruction on the battlefield. and "The Blue Gleam", a skilled hunter that tore apart her opponents in an instant with a great wake that illuminated her path guiding her to victory against the forces of darkness. It is said that both warriors had a prosperous life somewhere in Remnant

In this way the Great War was over. The kingdoms were ready to be submitted under Vale's mandate around the world. However, the Warrior King opposed that idea and proposed one where everyone could live in harmony as one.

The Vale King gathered the leaders of the other kingdoms on an island called Vytal to sign a peace treaty between nations and work together to improve the prosperity and well-being of its citizens. Territories were redistributed, cities rebuilt and with the last order of the King of Vale, the last king they would have, founded the academies of hunters and left their most trusted followers in charge of each of the schools of the kingdoms. He would teach the world to fight as long as it is in our favor. And never again, against ourselves...

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