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The cruel winter hits the townsfolks without mercy. The world has changed and the seasons have become unpredictable, not to say that the poor conditions of the town make even harder to face this. In the little and humble houses of wood; people seek shelter from the arctic air that chills everything on its path. Some of the townsfolks, fortunately, have chimneys which help them to stay warm, on the other hand, the poorest ones have to figure out how to survive this winter if they want to stay alive another year. Life is like this, sometimes good and others times bad, but if you believe and God everything will be fine. That is what was thought to Sara and Rei. Two little girls which grew up in the worst possible conditions you could imagine. The two girls wander the cold streets with their nude feet searching for food. Neither of them has eaten a thing for several days and they have started to feel the consequences of it. Both girls have no family nor relatives to relate on. Their parents left them be for their own sake. Rei, who is the older one, never could understand why her own parents did such a thing. She will always resent them until the death comes for her, however, Sara always thought that her parents had a reason to abandon them so, she still keeps the faith that one day they come for them. Sara and Rei have no place to call home, so they wander for the city and search for anything that seems edible and gets it to fill their bellies. On the sides of the streets, the snow piles up and the merchants sweep it away to place their stations to sell their goods. Even when the winter is like this they cannot stop for the sake of their families. In this street, a lot of stuff is sold like rancid bread, preserved fruit, raw meat, and even mead or beer. Sara and Rei gaze at the tasty food with desire on their eyes and then, both grab their bellies while they roar for food. The pain starts to sharpen and the necessity for food are corning them to the edge, if they don’t eat something soon they will be the ones eaten by the Ravens and worms the next days. So, Rei makes a harsh decision and rashly head towards one of the merchant’s place and take some apples then she runs with all her might as she grabs Sara’s arm. The merchant quickly chases them, however, due to the heavy snow he lost them; the girls were faster than him. With a sad look, he thought that perhaps today his family won’t eat since his only apples were stolen.

Sara and Rei notice that the guy is no longer chasing them, so they stop. Rei leads Sara to a dark alley and then both hide there.

“Look, Sara, now we can eat,” Rei says, “take one and eat.”

Sara nods and both girls sit on the bare cold street. They bite the apples and notice a rancid flavor. The sweetness is not there and the apples are too soft. Maybe they were about to rot, but it doesn’t matter, now they are eating which means that they can last longer.

Sara and Rei look at each other and smile. They are happy because even when the world is merciless if they know that if stay together they will be fine. While both girls are eating and laughing under the snow suddenly, an old man appears out of nowhere and demands the apples from the girls. Rei quickly stands up and hides Sara behind her.

“Get out of here, these apples are ours and we won’t give you any,” Rei yells.

The old man ignores Rei’s words and then rushes towards them, putting out a dull knife. Rei tries to avoid the blow, but since the winter is too cold, her movements have been slower than usual so, she closes her eyes and waits just for the stab while thinking of just protecting her sister, but when she opens her eyes; what she sees is Sara shielding her from the knife while the apples fall to the cold snow. The white snow on the ground starts to spread with the crimson red as Sara embraces the death. Rei yells and hugs Sara while she tries to keep her awake, meanwhile, the old man picks the remaining apples from the ground and run away while saying ‘sorry’. Rei tries to hit Sara in the cheeks to wake her up, but, that doesn’t work; she is already dead. Her face turns pale and the black under her eyes turns even darker. Rei knows it already, but she does not want to accept it. She keeps hitting the corpse for several minutes until her hand got numb. After that, she drags the corpse to a little river where she cuts her own wrists with the same dull knife that killed her sister just to let herself to sink with her beloved sister in the cold water of the lake.

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Jose silva whoever reads this and reads my work i would like to ask you if u could tell me what you think about my stories and if you could leave some feedback to improve. That would make me really happy. Ty for taking the time to read this and my stories :)

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