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The cursed house keeps a danger you may not know.

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The house

The cold wind blows through the open window and red curtains move with its pace. The wind hits my face and cools me up, however, that is something I dislike since I hate the cold. I slowly huddle under my blankets and cover my face to avoid the cold breeze. Once inside, I sink my face against the pillow, enjoying the warm sensation, but suddenly I hear, or I thought so, whispers from outside. Shivers run through my spine as I remove the blankets and take a look around my room. The cold sweat falls from my forehead and my eyes are wide open, searching for anything suspicious. Once I feel safe, I turn on the little lamp which is located beside my bed. The light floods the room with its radiance and it makes me feel at ease. I get up and let my feet touch the cold floor to get used to the sensation. After a couples of seconds, I completely leave my bed and head towards the shelf beside the window; I grab a book and leave my room, not without before closing the window to not let the wind enter my room anymore, however, I notice but a shady figure running across my yard while I’m closing the window. My instinct quickly tells me to step back then my breathing grows frantic. I hide, then I peek through the window again, but what I think I saw is not there any longer. I close my eyes then as if my fear were taking over me, my brain starts to remember some rumors about this house. I was told that this house is haunted; many years ago, a man killed his entire family and committed suicide after that. Nobody knew the reason behind it, since the man seemed to be very kind and humble, so the people of this area came up with the idea that a demonic entity had possessed the man and made him go insane to the point of murdering his family -I personally don’t believe in such things- but strange things have happened recently in this house.

“No no, stop thinking about scary things,” I mutter.

With that said, I hit my cheeks twice to get rid of these thoughts and then I finish to close the window in question. With the book already in my hand, I leave the room and look forward to the morning coffee along with a good reading. I giggle – I couldn’t help but do it- this is the first I’m going to read something from the famous author H.P Lovecraft and even though I’m not good with horror stories, there’s something about him that makes his books so unique. 

“Help me…”

I hear a whisper behind my back. I stand still and with a subtle move I turn my head around just to see nothing but the corridor itself. Shivers run through my body, knowing that something might be wrong here -I know I lack sleep-, but that’s no reason for me to listen to these voices and even so, it's no reason for them to be so vivid now. I swallow dry, close my eyes -expecting myself to calm down- I open them, then in front of me, a little girl about ten years old is standing in front of me. She is wearing a white one-piece dress, part of it covered in blood. Her eyes are partially covered by her black hair and her skin looks as pale as the moon.

I’m astonished. I try to articulate words, but my voice seems to be gone. My breathing runs crazy and my heart is pounding as if it were about to burst out of my chest.

“Please, help m…”

As soon as she speaks I jump back and run towards the opposite direction. While I’m running; I stumble upon my feet and fall and hit the floor.

I cut my eyebrow and blood begins to come out from the wound.

There, in front of me, a little girl who seems to be around ten years old is standing. She is wearing a white-piece dress, part of it covered in blood. Her black eyes stare at me with wildness. Long black hair goes until her waist and her pale skin reminds me of a corpse left in a morgue for a long time.

I try to wipe out the blood, however, my hands are shaking like crazy, making the task really hard.

That being said, I try to gather strength then I ask.

“W-who are you,” I say with a trembling voice


No answer? Have I gone insane? Am I hallucinating? What the fuck is going on in here? All these questions make me feel sick. 

“Please help me… out,”

Suddenly she spoke.

To my surprise the girl as she speaks shed tears of blood from her eyes. Her expression darkens and the sensation of sadness fill the corridor, not only that, but I also sense that this path has become way colder than it should be.

“I have been trapped in here for so long,” she says, “I want to rest in peace now. I have asked many people to help me, but all of them got scared of me and then leave this house,” she says.

Astonished, my words cannot come from my mouth. I cannot believe this is happening, however, it seems like that. I get up from the floor and say something that might be stupid to ask since it seems there is no other answer to this question.

“A-are you a ghost,” I say.

I believe this question seems to be pretty dumb, however, I do really need to ask it.

For a few seconds she reminds silence, then she speaks.

“Yes, I am,” she says.

Holy shit! So, that means that the story I was told was actually real. While thinking about it I feel how the fear takes over me and my vision gets blurry, however, I pull myself together and try to assimilate what's currently happening in here.

Once I calm down; I wipe out the remaining blood from my eyebrow with the sleeve of my pajamas. Before I can open my mouth to say something else she starts to tremble. Her face makes a hideous expression, which I believe could terrify whoever sees them, then with a trembling voice, she speaks hurriedly.

“Get out of this house, get out of this house get out of this house!” she mumbles, “He is coming!!!” she yells.

“Wh-What happens?” I ask her, afraid.


No answer? What the fuck; this is becoming really scary now. Even when I accepted the fact that she was a ghost, I wasn’t scared, even when she did look a little scary at the beginning, she didn’t scare me, but now she is freaking me out.

“H-hey,” I say, “who is this ‘he’ you’re talking about?” I ask her.

When I ask her that, her eyes open and with a soft tone of voice she says.


Suddenly, a sharp pain goes through my chest. I don’t know why, but my first reaction was to turn back and see what it is, but then I noticed it.  A pale arm covered in blood is piercing my chest. I see how the blood from my chest is coming out. I start to feel the coldness of the death embracing me. My vision gets blurry and my breathing is starting to slow down with every second it goes. The book I took from the shelf early on is lying onto the floor while covered in my own blood -sorry Lovecraft, it seems I won’t be able to read you- then, when I raise my sight I see the unknown arm is holding my heart on its hand. I bitterly smile, thinking that this is ridiculous. Then, the girl standing in front of me shows a crooked smile as my vision darkens.

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Jose silva whoever reads this and reads my work i would like to ask you if u could tell me what you think about my stories and if you could leave some feedback to improve. That would make me really happy. Ty for taking the time to read this and my stories :)

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