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It's about freedom.

Conto Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

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It was her daughter's fifth birthday. She was waiting at the counter of bakery to receive the cake that she has ordered. 

"What's taking them so long?" She thought to herself. Meanwhile she could see her husband standing near his car talking to Shilpa. She was a student living in neighborhood on rent. She often spotted her husband talking to girls in neighbourhood.

She trusted her husband. While waiting at counter another girl around 20 stood next to her at the counter. She was wearing candy scented perfume. Her lips were looking juicy because of lip gloss. She was wearing check printed shirt with shorts. Then her eyes strolled down to girl's waist and then semi naked butt and then thighs. It was perfect.

She started wondering how this girl of 20 might look naked. Then the guy at counter came with the cake.

"There you go madam. I'm sorry it took that long. We are short on staff today due to Durga puja. Which is funny because we need staff around festivals more than other days." Explained the guy.

" It's ok. I'm not in a hurry today." She said and left the bakery while still trying to get a look of the girl. But she couldn't.

"Okay I'll see you later." said Shilpa and left. 

"So you got the cake?" asked the husband.

"Yes" she replied.

Both of them rode silently to their home. When they reached home she picked up the cake and went to kitchen to finish preparations for her daughter's birthday.

It was 1pm. Relatives and friends of her daughter had started to come. She got busy in serving guests. 

"Is that Meena's photo? She looks so cute in that pilot costume." asked one of the guests.

" Yes. She is crazy about planes." explained her father "we infact even ordered a cake in shape of plane for her birthday."

"If I knew earlier I would have brought plane set for her instead of dollies." said the guest.

"No it's rather better. She should play with toys that girls are supposed to play with." explained Meena's father "plus I don't want my girl to go for job of pilot. She would be better off with careers like doctor or professor." said Meena's father. 

Meena's mother overheard the conversion. She started thinking about how badly she wanted to be a DJ with her friend Alisha but her family did not allow. "Middle class family children cannot go for such jobs. Moreover you are a woman. It will be insecure job for you." Her father would say. So she suppressed her desires with passing time. After all her father was her well-wisher. He cannot think anything wrong about her future.So she chose to be a teacher. But the passion for music still haunts her like the one that got away.

"Oh she is awake." said Meena's aunt who saw her coming out of room.

"I'll get her dressed in a minute." said Meena's mother and took Meena back to the room to get her dressed.

"Why is everyone here?" asked Meena

"It's your birthday dear." She said.

"Are my friends here too?"

"Yes. We even got you an amazing cake." said Meena's mother.

"I hope it's big like a plane and we could eat it all."

"You'll see" said her mother while removing her clothes and preparing her bath.

She started giving her daughter bath in the bath tub when she realized that her daughter will never get to see her dreams come true.

A sudden horror grasped her. She saw her daughter feeling the same thing in future that she had been feeling for a long time. Something like imprisonment inside one's life, mind and body.

She got chills. She loved her daughter. She knew she wanted to fly planes when she grows up. But she won't be able to because of her father. Struggle would be useless because Meena's mother knew Meena's father.  

As she was pouring water with mug on her daughter's body an idea crossed her mind. She read somewhere that the door is always open it depends wether you wish to walk through it or not. She missed her chance but it won't happen in the case of her daughter. She will fly. She will fly. But how?

Meena's mother pulled Meena out of bathtub. Dried her with towel.  

"I don't want to wear frocks" Meena said when she saw her mother pulling one from cupboard. "Can't I wear jeans."

The very sentence of her daughter was enough to push her through the unlocked door. So she carefully and gently took her scarf and tied around her daughter's neck. And strangled her.

Meena's father entered the bathroom to check on his wife and saw his daughter lifeless lying on the bed.

"What happened?" he asked "why is she lying on the bed?"

"She flew away."

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Elisa Dias Elisa Dias
Oh my God! It was intense and powerfull. Your story is amazing!
29 de Agosto de 2018 às 17:28