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Charlene Chavez is the kind of girl who brings a smile when you feel down. When something bad happens to her she just puts a smile on her face and continues her day. Then one day she just can't seem to bring that smile on her face when she see Simon Delgado, her ex-boyfriend. ____________________________________ "Charlene?" Charlene whole world freezes when she hears that familiar voice. "Simon?" "Simon? Hey you! Security guy give me your gun!" Perla yelled. "Sorry ma'am but I can't just hand you my gun" "Will see about that!" Simon runs away but glances at Charlene one more time. Charlene starts to move again. "After all this time, you are back. Why?" "Where did he go?" Perla said, she looked all tired with a gun on her hand. "He ran" was all Charlene could say.

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The Text That My Your Whole World Fall

Chapter one: The Text That Makes Your World Fall

I'm just here minding my own business when Perla bursts in.

"I've been thinking alot and I've decided to go back to school!"

"Can you knock!" I said.

"This is my brother's room" Perla reminded me.

"But still- Wait did you just say school? You're going back to school?"

"Yes! But not a private school, it's a public school" Perla explained. She goes to Reed's, Perla's twin, stuff looking through his belongings.

"Perla, public schools don't have good food"

"I know. I've also been thinking of donating $5,000 to the school" Perla said, she found her brother's phone and whispered to herself, 'Payback bitch'. I see she is still getting revenge on him.

"Five thousand dollars!" I yelled. And just for food? Unbelievable! I knew she would one day say that.

"I could bump it up," She said," What do I do to his valuable phone?"

"But don't you think it would be weird that you just give away $5,000 just for food?"

"You're right! I'm doubling it just for food. It's not like they will know about me. Why would I, a multi-billionaire, go to a public school?"

"Perla, why are you going back to school?" I curiously asked.

"Uh... You're to young to know!"

"Perla... We're the same age" I reminded her.

"Well Simon told me..." Perla noticed what she said and stopped talking.

"Simon? What did he tell you?"

Simon is my ex-boyfriend. I love him so much that it hurts knowing that he isn't mine anymore. Right now he could be with some girl while I can't even try to get a guy to talk with me.

"You're to young!"

Perla runs out of the room. With Reed's phone of course. I chase after her. I just need to know what he told her.

Perla also ran past Reed, who was eating. Reed gets up and catches up to me.

"Why are we running?" Reed asks.

"You, I don't know but Perla, she's running because she won't tell me what Simon told her"

"Cooooool... Uh... I'll run ahead of you" Reed says before dashing away to Perla.

Maybe he wants to know to. Wait! Don't tell me he knows as well.

"Reed! Wait!" I run faster trying to catch up with Reed. But Perla and Reed had another thought. They went inside a empty room. I reached before they could lock it.

"Simon is going to kill you!" I heard Reed say to Perla.

"Tell me what he said!" I yelled.

"He can't. He will be dead before he can kill me" I heard Perla say.

"How did she find out?" Reed asked.

"She was asking me why I am going back to school?"

"You mean us?"

"Yeah, whatever. And back to the subject, she was annoying me so I just kinda spilled it out" Perla said.

"Wait! Is that my phone?" Reed asked.

"Um... Well... You know... Your phone has Simon's messages and she could have read them" Perla said.

"You deleted the messages"

I let go of the handle knowing what is coming next.

"Wait?! No I didn't!"

The instantly forget about me and start yelling. All I could hear from their yells are cuss words. Then it all stopped.



"Outside" Perla said.

I opened the door just a little just to see what is going on. But to my surprise it wasn't a good thing.

"Perla! Don't do this! You're to young to die!"

But Perla didn't listen to me, or maybe she did but chooses not to listen. She jumps out of the window. And we are in the third floor!

I quickly run to the window expecting to see a dead body but I saw Perla getting out of the pool. She saw me and yelled.

"Now you won't catch me!"

"I'm going to kill you!" I yelled at her.

"You look funny" I heard Reed say.

I turn to Reed and glare at him.

"Hey Charlene..."he said backing up towards the door.

"Don't hey me" I said with anger.

"I just remembered that I have a date with my girlfriend!" Reed yelled.

"Reed... You don't have a girlfriend" I reminded him.

"Yes I do!" he said.

"Than what's her name?" I asked.

"Beth Allen" he grinned.

"Reed, Beth Allen is married to Jackson, your best friend"

"Another Beth Allen" he said.

"Show me a picture of her than" I smirked. I know he is lying. He stutters when a girl he likes comes by.

"A picture? But Perla has my phone" Reed reminded me.

"I'm not letting you go this easily" I said.

"I have an idea!" Reed yelled.

"What is this idea that made you yell?" I ask.

"If you let me out know than I'll buy you chocolates everyday to the end of this year" Reed said.

"Chocolates?!" I can't just pass that offer. I mean I could go to a store to buy chocolates but the ones Reed buy are the best. Taste like heaven.

"Okay, fine. But when you get your phone back you have to show me the girl" I said.

"That is if I get it back from Perla" Reed says.

I look back to the window to see something.

"Reed... Perla left your phone here"

"She did?"

I grab his phone and go to his gallery. I already know his password. I hacked my way in here. One of my many talents.

I scroll down to see no pictures of a girl. Wait! There is pictures of a girl. Perla. Reed loves Perla. Everywhere they go he makes the excuse of taking a picture for a friend. He just keeps them their.

"Reed, you lied to me"

"No, I didn't" he denies.

"I can't find any pictures of this girl" I say.

"How can you? My phone is locked."

"Password" I say.

"What?" he asks.

"Password is your password"

"How did- Forget it! Give me back my phone!"

"No!" I open the door and run out. I see Maxwell, their butler, flirting with a maid. Typical of him.

"Maxi, we have a problem!" I yelled.

Maxwell immediately stop flirting and turns towards me.

"Candy crush or slippery jelly, sugar princess?" he asks me.

I call Maxwell, maxi and he calls me sugar princess.

"Slippery jelly is good" I say.

"Slippery jelly it would be"

We get everything prepared. I hide behind the desk and maxi hides behind a curtain.

Footstep soon can be heard heading this way.

"Charlene! Give me back my ph-!"

Reed comes inside the room and slips from slippery floors. He gets up and grabs a rope to hold himself up.

Wrong move Reed!

The rope leads to the jelly falling on him.

"It's on my hair!"

I try to hold my laugh but I don't make it. Reed sees me and glares at me.

"I'm never buying you chocolates"

My whole world falls just like that. How can he say that? He's just going to separate me and my lover away. I can't survive without those chocolates! Their to delicious to be true!

"You really don't mean it, right?"

"I'm serious Charlene. You ruined my hair! My perfect hair!"

"You can always clean it" I said.

"It will take hours to get this jelly of my hair"

I try to get myself out this situation.

I look outside and an idea strikes me.

"Is that Perla talking to Luke?" I say.

Reed is overprotective of Perla even when Luke, his enemy, is around.

Reed forgets about me and leaves the room.

"I'm going to kill Luke! If he lays a finger on her it will be cut off!"

"Maxi, I say we did great"

"We did do great, sugar princess" he smiles at me.

Maxwell isn't old, he is actually twenty-one. Three years older than me.

"Did you know Perla is going back to school?" I asked.

"You mean Perla and Reed? Than yes, I do"


"They gave me strict orders to not tell anyone or I will be fired."


"Charlene... If you want to know so badly. Then why don't you go with them?"

"That's actually a great idea!" I say. Reed's phone vibrates.

I look at his message.

Simon sent you:

I'll meet you at the mall where Kevin won't find me. Meet you in ten. And don't bring Perla.

This time my world really falls apart. He is still alive and breathing.

"Maxi when you see Reed please give him his phone"

"I'll do what you ask, sugar princess."

I hand him Reed's phone and he walks out. I clean the mess that I caused.

Once I'm done I go straight out towards my car. I need to ask him why. Why did he leave me?

So how is it? Please comment what you think, it will please me very much. Oh and also Maxwell was never meant to be there. I added him because I felt like I needed to.


Till next time!


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