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True love and my meaning behind it

Poesia Romance Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos). © Markie Wilkerson
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True love

His hands were gentle and his voice so sweet. His words wrapped around me like they were meant just for me.

His lips so soft as they pressed against mine , his kiss made me float like a baloon going into the sky.

The way his eyes sparkled when he'd look my way , How his body would tense when he would grab my waist.

How his hair felt in between my fingers and when his heart would beat my ears would tingle.

He showed me true love and destiny. My future he holds and i know he knows. He holds my love forever , My one True love and happy place!

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Markie Wilkerson Hello I’m Markie Dyan Wilkerson, im 29 years old and am the mother of 4 boys! I am a wife to a loving man of 3 years. My life is beautiful and True.

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