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Come and be fascinated as Precious and Patience go their separate ways and go on extreme life-changing events after they find out the truth about who they really are. Though when they separate and meet again will they be Jealous of each other? Will they still think the same of each other? Or Will it be just too much to handle? *Trigger Warning*

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The Volleyball Game

Today is a volleyball game. Today there's supposed to be a special kind of school that's for people who they think have potential here. They're sitting in the audience right now. I know it's not me. I can barely keep my anger in control when people look at my twin sister wrong. I'd seriously kill someone for her.

"Patience!" My twin sister comes running towards me, to give me a huge hug.

"Hey, Precious," I say smiling, enjoying the fact that she doesn't have to be scared of her bullies anymore.

"You ready for our volleyball game? Luckily it's indoors this time."

"Yeah, but I might sit out for today and keep watch for you. I don't know if I can keep my anger in control if anything happens." I look down. Then at her.

"That's right, our old school will be playing us today." She starts to look down and I almost can see her start to cry. I put my hand to her face.

"You don't have to worry about anything. I got your back. If they even look at you wrong I swear I-" she stops me short. "No, no, don't think like that. With that attitude, you seriously won't be able to play if I were to get hurt." I relax a little letting what she just said sink in. "You're right. You play first and if anything happens then I'll come in. 'Kay?" She nods her head.

I go to sit back down and I swear I see six people staring at me but then look away when I look at them. Weird. They are the exact people that go to every school and pick out the best people to join them. I wonder why they were looking at me. 15 minutes 'till the game starts.

"Patience!" Precious comes running to me.

Shocked I say, "Yeah, what is it?"

"You remember Zay from 8th grade." Of course, I remember that two-teethed low-down scan--she cuts my thinking short. "She was apologizing to me for bullying me."

"I'm not surprised." Zay walks a little closer.

"What does that mean?" She starts to twitch her hand. I stand up. I'm just a little bit taller than her. I used to be shorter than her in 8th grade, like a foot. That was three years ago. Now I'm in 10th grade.

"It means," I walk a little closer to her, "that I'm not surprised. Do you need to go back to the hospital where I sent you to get your brain checked or do I need to do the checking myself?" I tilted my head a little. 'Guess that's a defense mechanism.

"Oh, you got lucky that time hun', 'won't happen again. Promise that." She steps closer. Now she's really in my face.

"Oh really? Wanna test that theory out?"

"Oh yeah. That'll be my warm-up for the game. And then, I'll beat your ass sum' more." Before I could react and say something, Precious was already in between and stopped us before anything could happen,

"Stop!" Precious holds both her hands out.

"She apologized so there's no need for this. Why can't you accept it?" I love my sister to death literally. But this, this isn't happening.

"No, no I can't accept this. Do you really think her apology was real? That it had feelings in them? No. Nope Never. Never in a million years will she apologize to someone who she bully's. Even if they whooped her ass. So, that's why I can't accept this." I can feel someone's eyes on me. I turn in the direction of the six people who were looking at me a little while ago. This time they keep staring at me when I look at them.

"You gotta problem? "Cause I won't get any prettier if you keep staring at me. Let someone get a chance to look."

"Ha. They're looking at you because of how ugly you are. They're just surprised at the intensity you have." Zay won't stop. Then I'll stop before it gets out of hand. You know what....?

"Yah knows, maybe I'll just break a hand. Maybe then you'll play volleyball better than an ugly grandma." I laugh.

"At least I don't look like one."

I'm tired of her now. At the same time, we both throw punches. Then a man who looks every bit of 25 comes and stops us. He grabs my hand with his right and Zay's with his left. He spins both of us around. "You have a volleyball game to start don't you?" He points at the teams that are starting to start the game. Zay blushes a little while I'm surprised that He caught my punch. I was literally a little bit less than an inch away from Zay's face.

"Yes, I do. I can keep track of time. We have a minute and two seconds 'till the game actually starts." He stares at me. "Good, then I think you both-you three should take your positions."

"Whatever," I turn to Zay as he lets my hand go, "but come near my sister, and I'll rip your throat out. That's a promise." I walk to my team's place and take my position. Precious follows.

I'm in the back, so I can see everyone on my and Zay's teams. Everyone on Zay's team is people who bullied my sister and tried to bully me. I can name the people I sent to the hospital one by one. All I hear is, ah and uh.

The outside hitter is Asuri. She's the one who mostly bullied my sister with her goons. You could say she was the leader of the gang. They're just as ugly as one anyway. Inside and out. Then there's Zay. She plays the middle blocker. She was the second goon to the gang. The rest of them, I can't remember their names. Maybe, Kissis, Calile, Carlisle---the evil twins. And, Mayven.

I lost track of time and it was time for a break. I met up with Precious.

"Hey, Precious, do you know..... never mind. I think the school for the potential peps is here for you. The way you're smacking that ball almost makes me rethink about taking care of your future bullies. One punch to the face and they'll be flying into their next generation." We both laugh.

One of our teammates come rushing towards us. "Hey Patience, you know that special school?" I shake my head. Of course. "Well, I think they are taking interest in you." She jerks her head up. I look to my right, and at the very top of the bleachers, I see where I left them staring at me. I start to flush. "Precious, I think they are gonna pick you." I turn to her. She makes a face. A face I know all too well. Hope. Hope that was only alive because of me. But, then faded once realization comes knocking at the door. "What's wrong?" She keeps looking at the top of the bleachers. "Patience," she says in her most sweet tone, "we both know who they're here for." She turns to face me. "You".

I stare back at them. "Patience!" My coach calls for me. I run towards her.

"Yes, coach?"

"Do you think I don't know what you're doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Lift your arm sleeve up." I refuse.

"No, Why?"

"Because I said so, and I am your coach."

"Or do you want me to tell Precious about it? I lean closer.

"Okay, okay" I whisper. I roll my sleeves up.

"Good lord. What happened to you?" There were red-purple-ish circles around my wrists.'

"I...like to practice volleyball with r-ropes...around my hands." Even a baby would know I'm lying.

"Until you get your lie straight sit down."

"What---wait, no! I can't just sit out." Precious needs me.

"You think because you're on that field, you can protect her. It's a volleyball game."

"I'm not saying that. I can protect her even when I'm unconscious. I just want her to get picked so she can live her dream." I felt like I was giving a speech. "When I'm out there when she knows I'm out there with her, she doesn't feel as If I left her to d---as if I left her. She needs me."

"Okay, but you're still sitting out. Thanks for the speech but that other one ya told me about was worthless. I'm one month pregnant and my baby knew you were lying." With that, she scoffed she walked away. I turned around and walked to the bench where benched players sit. I feel their eyes on me. I want to go up there and confront them but I might lose the chance of getting precious the opportunity.

"You care about your sister a lot, huh?" I flinch at the person who magically appeared at my side.

"Who the hell are you?" He literally just appeared there, I didn't even see him approach.

"Well, I'm your fairy godmother ---father."

"Okay, 'fairy godfather' what pleasure do I have with talking to you?"

"Well, I' m sure you have questions."

"And those would be?"

" 'Will they pick my sister?', 'Is she going to college a proper college?', 'Am I able to come with her for protection?' You know the good stuff"

"I do though. But what does any of this have to do with you?"

"I can answer those questions."


"Just ask me."

"I just did."

"You're a smart one aren't you?"

"The one and only." He's just a con artist.

"I'm John by the way."

"Thought you were my fairy godfather."

"You don't-" Cutting him off I say, "Look, to tell you the truth, I think you're a con artist and I have more things to worry about than self-questions that I've thought my whole life. I've answered my questions before I could do It again." I got up. This time I feel their eyes on me. Like it's staring into my soul. I start to walk up to the people staring at me. I think the school they're from is called TSK academy. It almost makes me want to do just that. As I'm starting to go up the steps I hear the buzzard. When I turn around I saw both teams jumping. It must be a tie. As I turn back around I see the TSK people looking at something like they are waiting for something to happen. I don't know why but I was curious to see what it was.

It was my sister.

And that snotty-nosed, Zay.

Suddenly I realized the gym lights were flickers, but that doesn't stop me. I walk down to steps slowly to calm myself. But, that doesn't help. I feel someone grabbing my arm.

"Don't," someone pleaded. He smells like to same one from earlier who stopped the fight.

"Look let's just say my school is a special school with special people on it."

"Not in the mood for a father-daughter talk right now. I don't even know you. Just talked for a second."

"Look I just know when something bad is going to happen."

"You can see the future, huh, Mr. Superman?"

"Well, I'm no super, but kinda."

"So, what do you see for that girl right in front of my sister.?" I hear him gruff. His grip gets a little tighter. I turn around.

"I'm gonna kill her aren't I?" As I turn around I see his eyes get wider. I twist my arm to the point where I have my hand on his wrist, I pull him towards me, then twit his arm around his back.

He lets out a little grunt. I didn't tear or break anything, but I did hurt him for the time being.

His students, I guess, stood up.

"Oh, sit back down, he's just hurt." For some reason, they listen to me.

I walk down the bleacher steps.

I'm finally at the bottom.

As I'm walking towards Zay, who's in front of my sister, I find myself speed walking.

I stopped behind her.

She turns around.

We look each other dead in the eye.

"I warned you didn't I?" After saying that, I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her down. As her head hit the ground I hear a crack.

"Oh no you don't," I pick her up, "I'm not done, don't go anywhere just yet."

I see black.

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