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Stacy had to endure some horrible news about her parents being in a bad car accident and they didn’t survive… she didn’t know what to do because her parents helped her with everything she had to manage things on her own especially being a single parent and barely making ends meet. She had to get a second job just to put food on the table and she had to deal with the feeling of being alone.

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The Feeling of being Alone

Stacy was a single mom with Two boys Nathan 6 and Daniel 12. She worked Two jobs to make ends meet, she started off working 1 job and everything was fine. Her parents would babysit the boys while she worked. but one Sunday evening everything would drastically change. Stacy was off that day and was home with her boys everything started off normal you know she made breakfast for her and the boys the boys went on a playdate with there friends... she cleaned the apartment and watched some tv you know things you do on a typical Sunday.. well she decided to go ahead and do some laundry so she went downstairs too the laundry room to start a load, when she walked back upstairs the phone was ringing and ringing so she ran to pick it up and it was the hospital, she panicked because she thought something happened too one of the boys, but it wasn't her boys.. The doctor said are you Stacy? and she replied yes i am, the doctor then said im sorry to tell you this but your parents were in a bad car accident and they didn't survive.Sorry for your loss. She couldn't believe what she just heard... she dropped the phone and was just shocked, how was she gonna tell the boys?? how was she going to deal with being alone? Her parents were her everything, they helped her with so much what was she going to do? That feeling hit her once again, that feeling of being alone...

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Lorainne Simmons Single mom been through a lot in my life, I enjoy to write it keeps me going, I’m not that good I’m still learning but I do enjoy to write… another thing I like to do is spend time with my daughter she’s a growing child and I love her so much!!! She’s all I have left after losing my immediate family

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