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Dear No One,

I don't know who you are but I know that I will find you. People always talk about one day but honestly, as patient as I am, I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to get to know you and ask you questions about your childhood and figure out why you do certain things you do now. But I just don't want to get to know you...I also want to get to see your soul. I want to get to know all of you. I want you to feel that you are safe with me. Not a place to me but two arms and a heart beat. I want to get to that day where I will wake up next to you in the morning and I will watch you compete with the sun about who shines brighter. But I already know who is gonna win (: ...Sorry sun (: . I cant wait to fall for you. Because this kind of falling...actually feels like flying. You won't have to question my love towards you because I will be all about you. I will look at you like I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life. And whatever you've been through before, things that broke you, all this pain, I'll rub it away. I promise to be there for you. I promise to pick you up when you fall. I promise to love you on Sunday mornings with sweat pants and with messy hair. I promise to work on tough times with you. I promise to encourage you for the things you want. I promise to stand up for you even if you are not around. I am honestly so excited to see you succeed and complete whatever it is you wanna do that makes you feel alive. Your number one fan....that's me right here. I know that I am just a girl with little strength but even then I will try my very best to stay strong for you. You inspire me every morning and make me wanna get up knowing that another day passes by because the more the days pass by I know that the closer I am to reaching to you. I can't wait to get to love you with all of me. What makes this so amazing is that you could be anywhere in the world. Literally anywhere! You could be so far from me but yet so near without me noticing it.  I hope life treats you good. Until then we meet....take care. 

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