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The fall

Life on earth was not always this rough. Before civilizations decided to make the world a harsh wasteland. It's 6025 and the world was laid to waste in 2640, the when the USA finally had enough of the "red menace" as they had referred to before. Canada had decided to cancel their treaty for supplying oil to the globe. A man named Mark Twiggs was running the country at the time. The nuclear war broke out because of the oil in demand from Russia, their leader not abiding to the idea of submitting into the NATO treaty offer that was presented at the time. World peace never was possible, it was native for the world to ever think so. Most of history from then and before has been lost to the devastation the nuclear war had on earth. Somehow, humans from all over survived. New life has formed all over the world. No known civilization survived, though a new world has come from the ashes of the old world. We don't know about their ways or life, but their ruins leave alot of questions we never will know the answer to. Large debris covers alot of the world. human life is scarce. Any life is scarce. Food grows, but there is very little water anywhere that is not along the coast of the oceans. Even then most would question the quality, considering the monstrosities that wash upon the shoreline.

This is the world that lays in ruins, yet still manages to live on. Earth is at some of its darkest days. There are people who believe that the war is still happening and we shall see another storm of nuclear wars. some have farms. Others have trading routes they regularly use. Some people utilize the ruins to find things to build with. Once in a while people find weapons and start a settlement to protect people from the wild mutations that live outside.

Some of these beasts are called mutants. They have electrical abilities that devastate the area. Others are salamances, once small lizards, now huge flaming beasts, which not only are on fire, yet can breathecallehe Oros, is a three headed eagle that can cause tornadoes in a matter of a few minutes, shall it circle its prey.

then there is Mastaras, the hidden dragon of the seas. the dragon is what we call it, though it is a large serpentine that spews out large jets of water at its target. the Mastras are the biggest torment for those who wish to cross the ocean, this is the biggest occurrence of incidents regarding sunken ships in the modern world. w still see even stranger animals as people can spread more and find safety spots.

nothing seems to be any hope but the coast here. anywhere between, the Badlands. desert storms and beasts of mighty size that wander and consume all life. the Japanese descendants refer to these as 'Aragami' however, most consider them hell hounds.

large desert snakes ascend the desert floor of the Badlands on a regular basis.

Rakdola are always on the move around the Badlands. they are small sand colored wing armed lizard like thing. it's rumored to spit acid on its target. only small legends speak of early heroes who managed to overtake one, such as Mestasa.

the Bastor is a sizeable beach bound creature. most consider this thing to be a docile creature, however, it's flaps, like a turtles, actually can induce flight, if it isn't burrowed partially into the ground like usual. not many have any better of a description in regards to this legendary creature.

the Badlands, a place full of monsters, death and struggle. hardly anyone lives. lone stragglers hardly ever return to a city. few tales of other cities or settlements ever reach an ear. the world it seems is fallen.

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Cam Roze An Upcoming Male Author of the fantasy Genre.

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Arthur Lake Arthur Lake
Great introduction to the challenging species' , impressed.
February 25, 2023, 15:48
The Badlands
The Badlands

The world has seen the greatest human tragedy of all time. The last war, wiped the world clean from all civilization in 2640. All that is left now. Is ruins and sands that hide deadly beings all over the globe. Leia mais sobre The Badlands.