Martin Araya

A boy called Martin lives in a world where everything is solved in friendly fights. One day his friends have a big problem, but Martin can't help them because he is in another dimension where plants and zombies are normal.

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Episode 1 Prologue part 1 "Welcome to my world".


This story is in Spanish. That's why some jokes may not make sense in English. Sorry and thank you for reading this message

A boy with black hair and light blue clothes can be seen next to an old man with a frying pan on his head and an odd-shaped plant on the ground.

Martin: Um... did that take the purple out of him?

The boy stares at the plant

Yes, that's me, Martin .... And if you want to know why I'm standing next to a weird old man with a satin and a plant that seems to be alive, it's because I've already gone mad, but to find out how, you have to go back, way, way, way back.

A few days ago Martin can be seen walking in the middle of the street.

Let me introduce myself properly, I'm Martin and I live with my parents in Olmetota. Yes I know it's a ridiculous name, but that's the name of the village.

I am 16 years old, my mother is a nurse and she is very busy with her work. And my father, haha... he wasn't just any father because my father was Herte Lopez, the biggest trainer in the village! Herte Lopez is the fighter who trains the others with his great ability to dodge, to give fine and very strong blows with his sword.

My father, yes, he gave up his training to raise me, but he remained the GRAND MASTER. A GRAND MASTER is someone who trains people in the village.

Can you imagine what it's like to have a grandmaster as a father? Well, that's my life, but it wasn't all pride as it seems...


(A few days ago)

Martin: Mum, do you know where my father is?

Nicole (Martin's mother): Yes, he is helping important people, but I don't know his exact location.

Martin: ah....

End of Flashback

My father has many obligations...

???: Dimensions exist!

Martin can see an old man holding a sign with a picture of a portal.

He is Crazy Ted Imagine just for a moment a person who believes that ponies with horns are real, that's Crazy Ted.

Ted anxiously shows a picture of a portal to some girls walking by.

Ted: Do you believe in portals?

Girl: em.... Sure ...

Ted: hehehe... I knew you'd believe me!

Martin: *thinking* will she realise at some point that he lied to her to get her to leave her alone?

Ted laughs like a madman as the girl retreats very, very, very slowly.

Martin: Ted again?

Ted: oh, you're that son of the master physicist Herte, what was your name again?

Martin: .... I'd better... See you later

Martin starts to run in the direction of his house.

Meanwhile ....

A person is reading a book

"Legends say that there are 2 swords that were formed in the beginning, both by the light and by the darkness. These swords were sacred and if anyone should think of taking them out of the hands of their bearers, darkness would invade the whole world. Legends say that the bearers of these legendary swords would not be defeated. These legendary bearers are sworn to protect every dimension we know."

Herte: And BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA... ha, ha, ha, ha, yes, of course these things won't happen, it's just a simple legend.

Herte throws the book in the wastebasket and then goes inside a house.

Herte: Martin should have arrived by now, his enthusiasm was always there.


You could see a little boy was Martin as a child.

Herte: Come on Martin! It's just a movement

Herte picks up his sword and throws a blow.

Martin tries to imitate him, but falls down in the process.

Martin: Dad, I can't ....

Herte: yes you can be enthusiastic, you only missed thirteen hits.

Nicole: Honey, that won't give him enthusiasm

Martin looks sadly at the ground

Herte: heh!... I'm sorry my life

Herte looks at Martin and lifts him up

Herte: my son...

Herte bends down and puts his right hand on Martin's right shoulder.

Herte: life won't be easy, there are many things you won't expect, maybe it will be very difficult, but don't give up, do you know why most people are warriors son?

Martin: To destroy the bad guys?

Herte: well, you're not wrong, but what really drives a fighter is to protect what he loves, what he wants, and to destroy what he wants to prevent that.

Herte: you are my son and if you become a warrior I will be very proud of you.

Herte: because I know that you are great... and that you will never give up on your dreams

End of Flashback







Martin is returning home

Martin: Yes, this is my battle!

You might be wondering what I just said and I'll explain it to you quickly, there are 5 types of masters: physical, magic, defender, swift and healer. If you defeat one of these masters, you will receive an armament authorisation as a reward.

If you defeat a physical master you can carry a wooden or metal sword, if you defeat a magic master you can carry a staff that increases your powers and the rest you can get by intuition.

And remember I said that my father is the physical master? Well that explains everything....

Martin opens the door of the house and enters

Martin: I'm home, Dad!

Herte: Well son, you know the procedure.

Martin: Yes, I'll get ready

Herte: Won't your friends see you fight?

Martin: No.... Alex is busy with I don't know what and Sofia is locked up.

Herte: Her father again, huh?

Martin: yes ....

Sofia is a friend who has been with me since I was 6 years old, we were together for many years. Although... her overprotective father doesn't help much....

Martin: likewise.... I'm going to go and get ready

Herte: go ahead son

Herte goes out into the courtyard and Martin changes his clothes, as he was wearing a school uniform.

Martin goes to the garden and watches his father carefully as he picks up a plastic sword and Herte picks up a wooden one.

Martin: Come on dad, I'm ready!

Herte: Heh, heh, heh, heh, that's the way I like it...

Martin leaps forward and Herte does the same, but before they hit...

???: Hello.

Martin and Herte are alarmed by paying attention to a female voice, they crash headlong into each other.

When they were on the ground in pain they realised that the person who spoke was none other than Sofia.

Martin: *nervous* He... He... Hello Sofia

Herte: Yes, hello

When they got up, Herte and Martin cleaned their clothes and interrupted the battle.

Sofia: Sorry, am I interrupting something?

Martin: Nah... you're not interrupting anything, just the usual.

Sofia: Fighting with your father, right?

Martin: Yes...

Martín: Ah! And Sofía, how did you manage to come here?

Sofía: Well, it was easy... I ran away!

Herte: Phew...


Herte: Teenage love is becoming more and more beautiful

This made Sofia blush.

Martin: *frowned* ¡¡¡¡DADDY!!!!

Martin calms down and looks at Sofia again.

Martin: *Sigh* I'm sorry, my father's jokes make me very violent.

Sofia: Okay .... my parents also do that sometimes.

In the distance someone's voice was heard.

Sofia's father: SOFIA COME HERE!

Sofia: Oops... I'm sorry Martin, but I have to go.

Martin: OK, bye

After Sofia left, Martin's father comes over to say something to him.

Herte: It wasn't a joke

Martin looks at his father with an angry face and Herte steps back with a smile and closed eyes, but then opens them to listen to Martin.

Martin: Dad, do you know how many times you humiliated me?

Herte: I don't know... I don't remember any

Martin: the time you called me my little Martincito at school in the middle of all my classmates ....

Herte: ah... Hehehehe.... That's a classic

Martin: Saller laughed saying if he needed a nappy!

Herte: Don't listen to him

Martin: How can you not listen to something that everyone else thinks is funny?

Herte: Well, but it's not that humiliating.

Martin: What about when Sofia and Alex came to visit us?

Herte: They are your friends, what's wrong with that?

Martin: You showed them both a picture of me as a baby.

Herte: More than humiliation, it should make you proud.


Herte: well .... At least they'd see your cute little baby butt before you turned into a teenager...

Martin: that's not funny

Herte: but it could have been worse

Martin: Worse? How?

Herte: I was going to show them the photos of you naked as a baby and your mother cleaning you, luckily I couldn't find yours, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Martin: .....

Martin stares at his father

. . .

Martin: I'm going to rest my mind from my mental image....

Martin obeys his own word and goes to his room.

Meanwhile in another house

Sofia can be seen descending the stairs, but before she can go all the way down she hears the voices of her parents.

Sofia's father: Rosa, you can't argue with me! She needs to study! She needs a future!

Rosa: No, no and no, Fernando you know very well that she has to be social, I understand what you're saying, but you're overexploiting it too much.

Fernando: Me? You're the one telling me the opposite of what I think!

Rosa: Yes! And you're saying keep her here! What happens when I need to talk to people on the street or at work or whatever?!

Rosa: She's a bit shy, you know it's hard for her and you're keeping her away from the world!

Fernando: They're going to hurt her out there!

Rosa: Harm is part of life!



Fernando: You know what? That's it! That's it! That's it, we're done!

Rosa: Perfect for me

Fernando: Take Sofia if you want, I'll go and look for a woman who DOES WANT ME!

Rosa: Search and search, but you're not going to find her!

Fernando: You'll see, you pig!

Fernando takes off with a suitcase full of things that strangely enough had been ready for two days.

Rosa goes upstairs quickly and Sofia, seeing that, decides to go quickly to her room.

Sofia sees how desperate and angry her mother is.


Sofia: Why?

Rosa: I can't tell you

Sofía: Is daddy going with us?

Rosa: Well, he's very, very busy so pack your suitcase and fast!

Sofia: But where are we going?

Rosa: easy! We'll go to that boy Martin

Sofia: *embarrassed* we'll live in his house?!

Rosa: No, but we will live very, very close.

Rosa: *thought* I just hope that house wasn't bought by another family....

Sofia jumps with happiness and hugs her mother while, happy as an earthworm, she starts to pack her important things in her suitcase.

On the morning of the next day....

Martin is sleeping, but out of nowhere

The phone that was in the entrance of the house starts ringing loudly.

Martin is startled and falls out of bed

Martin: *thinking* Who would call at 9:00 in the morning?

Martin comes out of his room

Martin: I'm coming, I'm coming

Martin goes to the entrance, answers the phone and Sofia's voice comes out.

Sofia: I'm... I'm sorry Martin if I woke you up.

Martin: Nah, don't worry, besides, my alarm should be going off by now.

Out of nowhere a loud sound starts to emerge from Martin's watch.

Herte: *half asleep* who called the fire brigade?

Martin: Sorry about that...

Martin: Moving on... Why are you calling even on a day off?

Sofia: Emm.... Well, it's to tell you that em...

Sofia: That you look at the second house on your right .... Just that...

Martín: *thinking* Right? But that house is abandoned.....

Martín and Sofía hang up the flame at the same time.

Martin takes off his pyjamas and puts on his clothes. He goes out to see the house that Sofia mentioned to him.

When he saw that Sofia was there he was surprised.

Martin: WHAT!?

Then the two of them went for a walk in the park.

Martin: Em.... What happened? Why do you live there now?

Sofia: Um... Well my parents got divorced

Sofia: And emm.... as my father was the rich one, my mother rented another house, cheaper.

Sofia: And well, that house was the one near, ummm... yours.

Martín: Wow... Well... You're free to knock on the door whenever you want!

Sofia blushed.

But neither of them realised that there was a person in the bushes.

???: Hello...

Martin and Sofia are alarmed

Martin draws his sword to take up a fighting stance while Sofia stands beside him.



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