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Ravenna was a mute girl that was abused by her ex and was put into witness protection. She travels to find. Land to build her ranch and. If it had a place on it cool .as she finds one she gets to know the locals the Navaj people native American people that they had a viking style land the ones like her lineage But what happens when she meets a tall dark and handsome stranger that so happens to be her new ranch hand.

Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos).

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Chapter 1 Dying inside

my buzzing of my alarm waking me up from my unrestful sleep, my ribs most likely broken and my face busted up. I wobble into my bathroom and started my shower water. I grabbed me some black sweats and a long sleeve shirt and sports brah and underwear. I put them on the sink and stripped down and got into the shower. I hiss in the pain I feel as slowly the steamy hot water streams down my body. I used a bar of soap that will help clean me and the wounds on my face hands and torso and legs. it took almost off the breath out my lungs to bend over even a little bit. I broke up with my ex boyfriend Cody, he was abusive to me for 5 years. it wasn't a relationship that I would want some one to have. he brought me terror, and horror to the years I was with him. he would be kind and nice on the outside and in front of people, but once private doors were closed he would smile while he broke my bones and raped me and broke me over and over again. I was slowly dying inside not wanting to live anymore if I stayed with him any longer I would be killed by his hands. I was lucky to get away after. I broke up with him. right now I am in Florida in a motel renting it out till I get to where I needed to go. I had to sell my car and took out my funds I saved to get me a new card and I had help with the state to put me into witness protection program.

after my shower I dried off and gotten dressed. I brade my Auburn red hair after I brushed all the knots out. when I was done getting dressed I got my a pair of socks and put on my survival hiking boots on. I grabbed my hoodie on my chair near the desk in my room and grabbed my back pack and keys, and duffle of supplies. my goal today was to scoat some land for me to build. I got into my truck put my back pack in the passenger seat and put my duffle of supplies in the back seat. I started my car and drove to the office and gave them back their key and checked out., then headed north for the boat fairy. it took my in the wooded area lake moona I drove my truck north towards the mountains and. looked up on my phone where in this area I can slowly build my home. I found a place at the edge of the mountain that was for sale for 1,050 for 3 acres. I called them and a lady answered. she told me her name is Ruth and she'd meet me on the property. when I got there. she was unlocking the gates and. I drove in first on to an old gravel area and she parked next to me. I walk out and see an old vicking style modern ish home and a brick old stable theat was for a car.she came up to me and she gahpsed. she looked over my body and then saw my face. she was a tan native American woman with some grey in her long black hair. I slightly bow to show my respect to her. my vikings lineage respected elders. when I saw this home. I need it felt right to buy. " I'll take it. I have it all in cash and I would like to buy a couple horses and a wagon and the set that goes with them. some chickens two ducks two goats four sheep and two cows and a bull.and. if you have any cattle training dog pups I'll take them too." I wrote down to her in my note pad, I gave her the money and she smiled softly and said, " thank you the live stock will be here in a couple of days and the hourses and wagon will be here sometime tonight. " I nodded and signed over the amount and she gave me the deed and the keys. then she back out of the drive way and left.

I locked the gate and walked up to the Viking home. the art and culture on the wood working it was like out of the movies . I unlock the front double doors and walked in. there was a fire harth in a sitting area on the patio on the left side of the house, and. dark carpet and dark wooded floors . there was a decent modern kitchen and a stone stove as well .black wood furniture and pelts on them as well. I go down to the hallway and see a master bedroom and a office and closet. then the room after that was a bath but it look like this person took a lot of Japanese style anime bathroom look here. a large bath and outer shower area. then a double sink. and mirror. it look like a fancy hot spring room.

I loved it.

I walked back outside and I put my back back in my bed room and my duffle in my office along with my suitcase filled with other survival clothes and important documents. as I unpack I marked the truck on the right side of the property. as I was doing so a girl and what locked like her younger brother were in front of my gate. I walk over and see they grought the wagon and the horses. I unlock the gate and they circled them around. and unloaded the hay and feed by the barn in The back of the house. and put the supplies I needed that they had for my other animals they set them in the barn as well. the girl comes up to me and said," everything thing is all set and. my grand mother will be sending a ranch hand. to help you settle better more here. she saw your injuries and. she didn't want to ask but she thinks that this will be of help. and we will be coming over and seeing if you ever need a hand with anything as well. "

I nod at her and write down" thank you, please let them know I'm mute..." she softly smiles and nods then leaves with her brother.i let the horses in the barn and gave them hay and some feed and I closed it and walked into my bedroom. it was about 8:30 pm. I stripped into my boxers and a muscle shirt and un did my braided hair. I went over to the blanket closet and there was black sheets and black bear blanket pelts and furs in them. and I told some into a pillow case and set up my pillows and made my bed. then I grabbed my sandals and went near the wood chopping area and chopped some wood for the fire places.

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