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" I can't leave her, my fate is somehow connected to hers" Amy and Jack, their fate entwined by a dark past.

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"What are you talking about?" he stated, shocked from the statement the boy made " I raised you as my son, you traitor!" he yelled this time, groaning in pain, his body getting weaker and weaker, the injection taking effect.

He scoffed at this statement, glaring at the dying man, his hands resting perfectly in his back pockets.

" You raised me, but never loved me, only used me for your own selfish purpose" he said walking towards him, picking the signed document while kicking Mr Scott to the floor, his body meeting the ground with a thud. " Goodbye, Father" he said, while walking away.


Amy, a young girl, maltreated by her father, who blames her for the untimely death of his wife, who died during childbirth.

Her father works at a construction site but the irresponsible man just spends his entire income on gambling and alcohol. Amy, as a smart girl didn't have to worry about tuition fees, as she was on scholarship from her kindergarten to her high school. But still, she gets bullied frequently because of her pale skin and unhealthy hair, but she doesn't care about all that, as long as she can complete her education and escape the grip of her ' proclaimed' Father.

" Hey filth!" her father yelled, hitting the door loudly, by the sound of his voice, one could tell how drunk he was. She quickly stood up from where she was studying, packed her books away, before heaving a very loud and fearful sigh because she certainly knows what's coming for her when she opens the door.

" What took you so long, bitch" he said, throwing a fist to her face, luckily because of his drunken state, she was able to dodge but regretted it when her father kicked her at the side, took an umbrella near the door, hitting her again and again with it. She could hurt him if she wanted, but chose not to, her screams could be heard across the neighborhood but no one chose to come to her rescue because they didn't care, or many of them were also drunk and gambling their income and lives away. Yes, that's where she found herself, in this side of society.

While, in the other side of the society, there lived a family, the Father, mother and son. A type of family one would be envious of, all smiles and loving towards each other outside but inside, it was always a battleground.

The father, CEO of a reputable Enterprise, only lives to accomplish his selfish ambitions, a tyrant in his own world. Anything he says stays, a very grumpy man who everyone fears including his family.

His wife, whom married through an arranged marriage, in order to build more aura to their name and companies.

Yes, they have a son, it was necessary to have an heir, someone who will inherit all this in the future. Jack, was raised in a loveless home, his mother who was supposed to be there for him, doesn't even care because according to her " I didn't want this marriage, I didn't get to live my youth because of this stupid marriage" so instead, she parties, drink expensive wines, goes shopping with her sly friends and never shared motherly love to her growing son.

What does fate have for Jack and Amy? How is their fate intertwined? Two who came from opposite sides of the society, bound by fate and a dark past tieing them together.

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