ravena-black Melody Miles

Whenn melody finally gets away from her ex she begins from scratch. A new identity a new place a new country scottland.... She tries to learn how to heal when she meets a man no a gob and he growled at her mate he says

Erótico Para maiores de 21 anos apenas (adultos). © All rights reserved

#violence #domestic #erotica #romance #mate #mates #luna #abused #scottland # #werewolf
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Chapter 1 new life new me new country


I wasn't able to open my eyes. the pain was the only thing telling me I was a live, as my friend Zane rushed me to the plane he had set up for me to leave for scottland. as we finally got there he got me into the plane and grabbed our bags he gave me a new identity and a new life, right now I'm just trying to survive my wounds from finally getting away from my ex. when he finished getting our things into the plane he dressed my wounds. " Mel come.one let me help you, by the time.uyou wake up I won't be here I gotta get to London before he figures everything out so I need to make sure you are able to move when you land." he says. I must have gotten a few broken ribs and a concussion, and a broken wrist." fuck me, Jesus this shit hurt 🤕."

as he dressed my wrist and head the main thing was to re-aline my ribs before they puncture anything. once he did that everything went black.....


when I woke up I was sore as a motherfucker. Zane left me a note and a bag full of money that he would send by plane to me every first of the month. I looked over my I'd and saw Melody Ann Revna 27 years old. 5'1 blue eyes and lives in kinloch Ranch scottland. we were will flying. but I can see us circling around where we were about to land. I buckled my seat belt and put my I'd away.

after we landed I took in the view. it was one of my dreams to be in scottland now I am doing it.the pilot took me to my cabin it was a four bedroom house and 2 bath. it used to be a air b and b but the owner sold it to Zane.now he sold it to me.

the pilot put my bags in my room on the first floor and he gave me a wave goodbye. I was stunned at the beautiful work of art this place was. so warm quite and comfy.

I walked into my room and sat down on the bed.maybe I can use this place as my homestead I've been wanting to do. I thought to myself, I would just need to fence off a few places. I laid in bed pushed my bags on to the floor and fell asleep. it was a rough night no one would be up right now. hearing a howl in the distance I froze. yeah definitely fencing around my property. and I may have to hire some help till I am healed.

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