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" I reject your rejection, Luna" His dark eyes stared into me. As much as I wanted to hate him, reject him; my heart and my wolf leaped with joy once those words left his mouth. ~ Never being the one to take orders even from her Alpha father, twenty one year old, Rieka becomes livid after discovering that she has been sold to a rival pack leader.With only a month until the forced wedding, Rieka must decide if she will give in and marry the Alpha, or if she will go against everything she was raised to follow. I mean after all, rejecting your mate is easier said than done.

Fantasia Fantasia negra Para maiores de 18 apenas.

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Chapter 1

" have you gone completely senile?"

I glared at my father as he sat behind the large oak desk in his office. normally it would be a death wish to speak to your alpha the way I was speaking to mine, but seeing as he is my father I didn't really care. the man had done lost every bit of sanity he had left.

he let out a long exaggerated sigh as he ran his hands over his face, his elbows rested on the desk. I had stormed into his office, unaware and not really caring that he had a meeting with his beta.

beta Taylor shot me a look when I stormed in. a quick finger in the face with the words " fuck off" kept him from opening his mouth.

being raised by the alpha was no walk in the park. contrary to what others may believe, it was a nightmare. not a soul wants to date the notorious Alphas daughter. the man who wouldn't hesitate to shun any and all who disobeyed him.

even with that, my father wasn't all that bad. he was a good man he just let power get to his head sometimes and this time, he went to far.

" dear, what are you talking about"?

his brown eyes stared into mine as the facial hair that stuck to his face, begged to be trimmed. he wore a black suit and tie and his shiny ass black dress shoes. I never understood why he dressed so professionally for work when he literally never left the damn house.

" don't play coy with me, father"

" I assure you, Rieka. I have no clue what you're talking about"

I laughed as I glared at the old man. I shared many of his features. his long dark hair that he had pulled back into a ponytail, the dark brown eyes that intimated everyone who looked into them. the button nose that rested in the center of his face. the dimples that made an appearance with every smile.

however, unfortunately for him, I got mother's attitude. he thought pissing mama off was bad, yet he finds it entertaining to piss off the woman who is the mini version of the woman who once terrified him.

" you promised me to Luka?" I yelled.

silence fell over the room. I could feel the uneasiness between father, Beta and myself.

father and I stared at one another. both waiting for the other to break. if there is one thing the man taught me, it was to never back down. unlucky for him, that was the only advice I ever took from him.

" he's not a bad man, Rieka" he responded as he looked back down at the mountain of paperwork he had piled on his desk.

" not a bad man?" I snapped. " he's the alpha of the silver pack. our rivals"

he didn't speak. rather looked back at me with that same look he gives everyone who questions him. I didn't care though, the old man had crossed the line this time. I was use to him running my life but to offer my hand in marriage to our rival leader? that was a different type of low. a low I wasn't sure even the devil themselves would make.

" he and his beta will be here tonight at eight. we're having dinner and I expect you to be respectful. are we clear?"

" no, we're not"

" Rieka" Beta Taylor spoke from behind me.

I snapped my head in his direction only to see he backed away. he wasn't afraid of me, no beta would be afraid of anyone in the pack other than the alpha, but he knew when father and I were arguing, it was best to steer clear.

" whatever deal you made with that mut, call it off" I spat as I looked back at my father.

" I'm afraid that's not possible, dear"

" and why the hell not?"

once again, we were in a staring contest. each one waiting for the other to blink. what was his agenda? what was he planning? if I knew my father, I knew he was up to something and I was determined to find out what.


I stormed out of the office and out the front door. the blood was rushing through my veins like lava and all I could think about was shifting.

I wanted to run and never look back. to escape this hell my father has placed on me for reasons I'm not sure of. but I can't. I can't abandoned my pack. not like it matters. once I'm married off to that filthy mut, Luka Silver, the pack I've grown up in, I've fought side by side with, will be a thing of the past.

no wolf has ever been a part of two packs. it's not heard of and once I've been marked that those infected teeth of his, I'm no longer part of the Lockford pack.

I felt tears sting my eyes as I walked away from the house and through the small community I grew up in. houses lined the streets as cars sat parked on the sides or in driveways. anger continued to fill in me as the thought of loosing all this haunted me. I loved my father but sometimes I wish he'd just step down, let Beta take over. Beta Taylor would never let this happen.

" Rieka"

I looked over my shoulder to see my best friend, Lucy running to me. her blonde hair bouncing with every step she took. her work out shorts were tight on her toned thighs and the tank top she wore outlined her DD breasts perfectly.

she stopped in front of me, her hands on her knees as she bent over to catch her breath. after a moment she stood back up, glancing those blue eyes at me.

" girl, you're quick" she said in between breaths.

" more like angry" I responded as I looked away from her.

Lucy always knew when something was wrong with me, she just wasn't the best at trying to comfort me. don't get me wrong, she tries, it just always ends up with us off in some Forest chasing wild animals or in the bar downtown, drinking our body weight in alcohol.

" what's wrong?"

I let out a sigh as I looked back at her. I pursed my lips as I nodded my head in frustration. " father has offered me to Luka"

her eyes widened. "Luka Silver?"

" do you know any other Lukas?" I sarcastically smiled.

I turned back around and continued my walk through the town. I wasn't paying attention to anything but the anger and thoughts that rushed through my mind. for the first time in my almost twenty two years of life, I wanted to battle my father.

" why though?" Lucy asked as she made it next to me.

" no clue"

" it doesn't make sense. what's in it for him?"

I stopped as she asked the question. I turned back to face her. the look she gave me told me she was scared she might have crossed a boundary. she didn't though, I had thought the same thing.

" I mean, think about it Rieka. your father wouldn't even let you hang out let alone date the boys in our pack and now suddenly he's marrying you off to the rival alpha? something smells bad? she said, still trying to catch her breath.

I knew she was right. father has always been strict about me dating the boys in the pack so why all of a sudden he had no issue basically selling me to another pack?

" when is this supposed to happen, the wedding?" she asked.

" right after my birthday" I responded as I looked back at her.

her eyes widened once again. " that's in a month, Rieka"

" yeah. I'm aware of when my birthday is lucy"

she shook her head. " so what are you going to do?"

I stood silent for a moment as I tried to think of a response to that question. that's when it came to me. I gave her a smile as she gave me a frown.

" that smile. I hate that smile. it always means trouble"

" tonight. Luka and his beta are coming over for dinner. some get to know one another BS my father has put together"

" okay, and?"

" you're coming" I smiled again.

" alpha won't like that"

" screw alpha" I snapped. "I'll handle him. you just show up"

" okay. and what am I supposed to do?" she asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

my smile grew. " you're going to flirt with the beta"

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