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Sarah Young meets Steve Harrington while cheering for his basketball game in 8th grade and they start dating but when they get to high school everything changes.

Drama Impróprio para crianças menores de 13 anos.

#stragerthings #inkspiredstory #romance #Horror
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I met up with Steve at his locker he looked annoyed at me and I didn't know why we had not talked all day so there was no explanation why he was acting like this.

"Hey...Hey Steve...hey Steve what the hell" I said while he was walking to math and ignoring me. Than I pulled his hand towards me.

"I know you slept with Jeremiah i'm not an idiot Sarah"

"what...are you talking about" I said with my eyes glaring into his

"you know what i'm talking about" he said moving closer to me and glaring back. He went to math and I to English. When I got into the classroom I went to sit next to my best friend Stacy Rosemary and told her about what happened with me and Steve she wasn't really surprised because he is an ass so it is not anything different.But he always had a soft side for me and always protected me from the creeps in Hawkins. When The school day ended I got on the bus with Stacy and Carol.Carol was also one of Steve's friends so I didn't wanna say anything about what happened earlier today. My stop was the 5th sometimes 6th if Rory Adams was there the days she wasn't there was the best. I got off the bus I told my bus Driver to have a nice day she was always so loyal to me but I think that it was only because she feels bad about my dad leaving and my moms drinking problem but I still appreciate it. when I walked through the door I saw multiple empty beer cans on the floor I pick them up and put it in the trash. Than I went into my room amd started to put in Steve's number. I put it in and to my surprise he didn't answer and did it five more times and he finally answered me.

"Hey Steve can we talk about earlier" I said with with a clam voice so he wouldn't hang up on me.

"yeah sure" I know he didn't want to talk about it but we needed to.

"can you come over?"

"yeah" he said with no emotion and he sounded tired of me.

He came through my window because he knows that my mom would never let me have boys over. I pulled him up with my right hand. He looked in my eyes and said "so you going to apologize to me" I was going to apologize anyway but I hadn't even talk to Jeremiah since freshman year.

"yes I am sorry"

"even though I didn't do anything" I whispered to myself.

"sorry what" steve said with anger in his tone. He set on my bed and looked at me.

"why do you looked pissed"

"i'm not pissed"

"than why do you look like it"

"maybe because you're accusing me of sleeping with Jeremiah when I didn't"

"oh my god you think I am full of-" he said yelling I covered his mouth because I heard my mom walking down the hallway near my room I knew she was drunk because when she went in my room to check up on me she just waved at Steve and smiled. I could smell the alcohol on her so I wasn't worried.

"apologize to me sincerely though" Steve said whispering

"I didn't sleep with him" I said with a a angry whisper. I looked away and than Steve went closer up to me

"Sarah...i'm sorry ok...i'm sorry" he leaned in for an kiss.He started to get over me I pushed him away.

"are you crazy my mom is here"

"she's drunk" he said like that was any better.

I pulled out multiplication flashcards that were in my nightstand so I can just het him annoyed

"here test me"

"ok...umm 2x2=....what?

"4 that is so easy give me hard ones"

"Sarah can we please do something else it is 11:30 school is done for today"

"fine. what?" he started leaning closer to me again. I pushed him away it wasn't like I didn't want to it was mostly I was to scared to.

"pleaseeee" he said while picking up a brown bear stuffed animal and using a baby voice.

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