Dene Juliette

Édouard is the son of a mafia who persecuted his mother to kill her. I knew the story but I have never seen his father Édouard you have a relationship with the son of a mafia the Edmonds are the first family, this is how Édouard's destiny will take him in the mafia association at the age of 14

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the runaway woman

a woman named eva, has found work in the house of a mafia family, the three children of the seconde lived in the house mob and his wife. there is one of the sons who likes to sleep with the workers, something that his mother couldn't stand. When he saw the woman, a beautiful woman approached her to talk to her, but the woman did not want to listen, she told her that he has the right to talk to her only about work. over time she ended up falling in love with him we saw each other more often, when the mother found out that he didn't take it seriously because she knew her son well, she said it was for fun. one day she saw her son in the neighborhood where the woman lived, it was dangerous for a person like her son decided to separate them, he paid a man to kidnap the woman, he put her in his bed and took pictures of her, the son believed and said he never wanted to see her again. A week later she found out that she was pregnant, she came back to the house but he wouldn't let her in she didn't want to leave. the mother came out and she told him I'm pregnant. She didn't know what to tell him because she knew that the woman hadn't cheated on her son, the child could be her grandson. When her son found out that the woman was outside, he humiliated her and said that he was not his, he sent armed men to kill the woman, but she fled. .

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