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Rain Halt was always happy with her family. Having 3 older brothers, and an amazing mom. And the whole school loved her like a princess. That's until, when she met her soulmate, Howard Cinch. Except he rejected her after dating for months...Because she wasn't willing to mate him. Rain...poor Rain suffered so much pain that she tried to commit suicide until her wolf told her something that changed her destiny... Forever.

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-Rain Halt-

"Babe?" I call, as I enter our room in the packhouse.

Just came back from school as usual for me, Howard was done with high school and now working on becoming an Alpha.

"Yeah?" He says, looking up from his phone.

He was sitting on a small couch in the living room, looking through his social media.

"I miss you," I said, smiling at him as I hurry myself to sit next to him with great news.

"Awww." He says, sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Did you miss me?" I ask Howard softly, feeling a little rejected by his response.

"Well yeah." He tells, awkwardly, staring at me a little annoyed.

"Love you," I say, kissing his cheek, and my head laying on his shoulder.

"Love you too." He says, carelessly, not really paying attention to me.

"So how was your day?" I ask him, looking up to see his eyes.

"Nothing much really. But hey, um can we mate?" He asks, with a little hope in his voice.

"Why?!" I cry, in shock and surprise, jumping away from him.

I shiver at the thought of him touching me without my permission.

"Cause we have been together almost for a year and I really want you." He clarifies our relationship.

We have been together for a while now, and I know I should have met him but something is holding me back.

"Forever or just sex?" I ask him, looking away in disappointment.

I just wanted to be loved...

"I think both, but mostly sex since I'm still a virgin. But god, Rain. I can't be a future alpha who's a virgin!" He explains while with anger in his voice.

"Why not?!" I yell, trying not to tear up in front of him.

"Because I'm not weak! As you-" I cut him off before he starts again about how weak I am as a Luna.

"Shut up! You do not know me, you are my mate. You are supposed to understand that I'm not ready!" I shout even more at him with my wolf howling in pain.

"Why?!" Howard shouts back at me, also standing up. But he was getting a little closer to me.

"I just don't know okay?! The only thing I want the most is for you to pop the question." I answer, truthfully.

"What question?" He asks, in confusion and looking at me strangely.

"Marry me?..." I answer softly and a little hope for him to realize that.

All I wanted us to say "I do" till death do us apart...

"Why? We're mates! Not soulmates!" He answers with a little more bitterness.

"They are the same thing, you idiot!" I cry in anger, tears now drilling down my cheeks.

"You know what?" He finally says, starts walking away from me.

I sigh a little before realizing what he meant as my eyes widen.

"What?!" I shout, regretting that I couldn't control my anger.

"I said, I'm out! I'll see you later bitch!" Grabbing his black jacket and starts heading out the front door.

"Howard!? Please, don't go..." I say, pleading and whimpering.

"You don't love me Rain." He says, softly to himself but barely enough for me to hear.

"But I do love you," I whisper behind him, almost touching his back.

His head looks back and smirks.

"Then can I mate you tonight?" He says, his voice with hope, probably still hoping I'll say yes to him now.

"No! Are you crazy?! Right now?!" I scream at him, a sob going to my throat.

"Fine! Just get out of my way then!" He screams with his alpha temper and command.

"Howard..." I whisper as he leaves out our small apartment to drink.



I cozy myself in our bed, hoping Howard will come back from his friends or alone time. Or something like that.

That's when a shocking pain went through my body.

It felt like heartburn and drowning in water in both impossible ways.

I just can't seem to breathe!

"Help..." I whisper, feeling myself dying from the extreme pain I'm experiencing.

My eyes closed tightly, hoping the pain will stop.

Please, I begged in my head and the moon-goddess to answer my pleads.

But it only gets worse.

I wasn't thinking but begging, crying, and screaming in pain.

"Help..." I cry once more.

As the pain goes away...


I woke up, except everything was blank, white, and empty. Like a hospital room...

Am I dead?


"Mommy?" I croak out, my eyes wincing at the bright light around me.

She held me tight and cry.

My eyes got clearer to see my small family.

My 3 older brothers, came in looking tired and weak. As if they beat up the crap out of someone.

"Jr? Tanner? Taryn? What happened? Why is mommy crying? Why am I in a hospital room?" I ask, questioning my situation right now and hoping someone could explain what happened.

They all look at me with grief and silence until my older brother, Tobby Jr answers my question.

"Sis, we all need you to reject Howard." He says, closing his eyes as if this was hard to tell me.

"What? Why?" I ask him softly, as mommy still holds me tight and cries.

"He's the reason why you almost died last night," Tanner answered for him, and I just sat there with more confusion.

"But...he wouldn't hurt me, he's my mate. I love him, and he wasn't with me when I was dying." I explain how he wasn't with me last night.

"He wasn't with you because...he slept with another she-wolf," Taryn whispers at the last sentence of the reason why I was dying.

That's when I couldn't breathe again, and that hurt because my heart just broke.

Am I really not worth waiting?

Then everything went black again, hoping this time I'll die...


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