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This story is about how two best friend that fall in love and how there love became to be and how there family and friends are there for them to get through what fate has in store for them and to help them face their enemies and other obstacles that are thrown their way I hope you like this story and let me know if you like it so far have a nice day -Addison😊

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The Beginning

“Wendy, where are you!? Andy, go and look over there” said Lizz. Andy nods and goes looking for Wendy then Lizz hears, “Hey wake up! Will you, Don’t make me say it again - come on get up!”. Lizz woke up to see that it was all just a dream and that her block guard was standing in front of her. Her block guard happened to be a childhood friend.

“Is she here? Have you talked to her? Tell me she is ok!” said Lizz. Andy looked her in the eye and said sadly, “You know that I have not seen or talked to her since your trial. However, she did leave me a note telling me where she is. I haven't looked at it though….I don't think that she is coming back.” Lizz rolled over and whispered “I don't know what happened to us, we were so close the three of us. I just hate that I don’t know where she is. I'm worried sick. And what the hell happened to the nice boy that you used to be? -She whispered even lower so he could not hear her say- “the one I fell in love with as kids”.

Andy turned around to the cell door and said, “Look, I just came to wake you up. Now I have to wake everyone else up if you don’t mind!” Lizz got up and grabbed his arm and said “You didn’t answer my question, so I will ask again what the hell happened to the nice boy I knew so long ago?”

Andy looked back at her and said “He died when the old you died, when you got thrown into this prison. He is never coming back as long as your jail sentence, and that is two more years. Before you ask, it doesn't matter that you already served two years. Now if you do not mind I will be going to wake up the tougher prisoners, see you later.” As Andy left the cell after she let him go to go wake up the other prisoners, Lizz laid back down and stared at the ceiling above her and thought about both her past and her present situation. That evening when Lizz was about to go to sleep Andy came to see her like he does every once and a while. Lizz was lying against one of the cell walls when Andy came up to the cell and opened the cell door. Surprising Lizz, he entered the cell and then shut the door behind him and sat on the bed to look at her. “What now Andy?” Lizz asked with annoyance.

Andy got up and walked over to her and gave her a hug, “I got another letter from Wendy today.And I decided to take a look at it. She said that she is ok and that she met a boy named Max and he is the same age as her. She told him about you and now he would like to meet you. She has allowed me to send a response from you if you would like to?”

Lizz starts to cry quietly and Andy hugs her tighter and rubs her back. Lizz mutters “I am missing my little sister's life and it is all my fault and I heat it. How can I live with myself? I am a terrible person. How can you live with me? Who would want to have a life with me?”

Andy whispered in her ear “How could you say that? Yes, you did something terrible that you regret and you are doing your punishment. And to answer your questions, I have to because one I promised your sister and two it is you and most in porintly me and Wendy will always want to be in your life.Even if you are hard to deal with, I will alway deal with you,you know why?” Lizz shakes her head no then Andy continues to whisper to her and kiss her forehead “because we’ve known each other since we were kids so I learned how to deal with you. Trust me it was not easy”. Lizz and Andy laughed “I am ok now and yes I would like to write back to her” said Lizz. Andy let go of Lizz “alright I will let you write your letter tell me when it’s done so I can send it. Alright I gotta go I will see you in the morning when I wake you bey” said Andy and Lizz said “ok see you in the morning good night.”

Andy left the cell as Lizz went to bed. That night when Lizz was asleep someone tried to steal the key to Lizz's cell and get into Lizz's cell to rip up the letter but a guard had seen some movement and yelled “what the hell are you doing here?!” the girl ran and somehow got away . The next day when Andy was on his way to Lizz cell when a guard stopped him and told him about last night, when he finally got to Lizz he was worried but he opened the cell door and saw the letter and read it and it did not surprise him that it was good and long. Andy went over to Lizz's bed and sat down and placed his hand on her shoulder and said “It's time to wake up and you have visitors that want to see you”. Lizz woke up and looked at Andy. “Do you like how the letter is going? I det it is good and long knowing you there is not wrong with it” said Andy. Lizz smiled a little and had Andy smiling . “It's good so fair I am mostly complaining about you ” said Lizz.

Andy got up and went to the desk and read it and Andy looked at her with a fake hurt expershin and said “I am not that bad how dare you” Lizz gets up and walks over to the desk and giggles saying, “oh no but it's always fun to extend the truth a little ” Andy walked over to her. “Your mean you know that oh and btw you have guests” said Andy.Lizz was a little surprised but They start walking out of the cell and down a long hallway when Lizz asks “I wonder who they are? Do you know who my visitors are?” Lizz and Andy stopped for a second and Andy said “All I know is that you have visitors and you have not had a visitor in a long time.” Lizz playfully punches his arm. “Ow! That so totally hurt” he said sarcastically as Lizz gave him a mean glare. They kept walking and they stopped at a door.

“Are you ready?” said Andy. Lizz looked at him and said, “Let's do this, I am ready as I'll ever be.”

They went through the door to find a boy that looked no older than 15. They walked over to the boy and sat down. Lizz said “How old are you and what are you doing here and how do you know me?” The boy looked at Lizz and Andy and said “I am 14 and I come to see you with a friend to talk to you because they haven't seen you in a long time and I wanted to meet you and see what are like in real life” Andy and Lizz looked at each other and Andy said “Who are you here with?” Then someone walked up to them

and said, “I am with him, good to see you two I have missed you. Did you get the letter that I sent? I surely hope so. How have you been Andy, Lizz?”

Lizz and Andy were at a loss of words. Andy and Lizz looked at each other and yelled “WENDY!?” Andy and Lizz got up and hugged her “I am so happy that you are ok! I was worried sick. I am so happy that you are here.”

Andy let go and when he did he saw Lizzs tattoo when her shirt lifted and remembered when they got matching a tattoo but as they had their moment. “Why did you leave me with this butthead who is also a dimwit and plus really annoying and kind of mean to me, just a little” said Lizz.

Andy tapped on her and said annoyed, “You know that I am right here and I am also the one in charge of you, so that means that I can wake you up whatever time I want so I would watch you say if I were you”. Lizz let go of Wendy and said with a glare, “If you do that, you will not see a very nice side of me” Andy walked closer to her and said “I have seen almost all or your so-called sides, so what else do you got cause I am ready little lady.” Wendy and Max laugh as they watch Andy and Lizz bicker. When Lizz and Andy notice that they are laughing at them they sat down and Andy asked,

“How long have you known each other?” Max stopped laughing and said “We have known each other for one year and a couple months. I am so glad that I met her but she has told me a lot about you two. Like that one story when Lizz was getting a book and slipped and Andy was going to catch her but she ended up landing on you instead and you couldn't walk for a week and she did not ever get the book hahaha”

Andy and Lizz started to blush and they said “Wendy why did you tell him that? It happened so long ago!” Wendy looked away from Max to look at them and said “Because it was funny and I wanted to see the looks on your faces and they were so darn funny! Hahaha!”Max looked at Andy and Lizz and asked “So Andy, how long have you been working here?” Andy looked at Wendy as she nodded and then looked at Lizz who also nodded and with that, Andy said, “Well I have been working here since Lizz and Wendy's mom and dad's killer was prisoned here. Well I got hired a year after he was arrested.”

Wendy then looked at Lizz and said “That was five years ago and next month it will be the anniversary of their death.” Lizz turned her head so only Andy could see her face but she was crying. Andy looked at her and when he saw her crying his face went sad and wiped her tears and said “I know you miss them. I do too.” Wendy whispered in Max’s ear “I love you. I am so glad I married you. Aren't they so cute? They are like a couple.” Max laughs and blushes a little. When they heard Max laugh Lizz and Andy looked at them and saw Max blushing and Lizz asked, “Why are blushing? Did Wendy say something to make you blush?” And then Max started to panic. In that panic he said, “What? Nooo! You got the wrong idea. If anything, you two give off the wrong idea being so close to each other.” Wendy started to laugh again and when they all smiled at her she asked with a smile on her face, “I am getting a coffee, do you guys want anything?” They all said what they wanted and Lizz said “I will help you get those.” When they left, Max looked at Andy and said “So, when are you going to tell her?” Andy looked confused and said, “Tell who what?” Max sighed shaking his head and said “Are you that dumb? Can't you see that you are in love with her?” Andy looked more confused and said “Who are you talking about? I am pretty sure that I would know when I am in love with someone.” Max sighed and said, “You're such an idiot if you don't think that you are in love with Lizz”. Andy started to blush, Wendy walked up to them and said, “What you don't think your in love with my sister how dumb can you be?”

Wendy heard footsteps and stopped on that subject “You are so cute when you're blushing.” Lizz heard Wendy call Andy cute and said, “I know right.” Andy blushed more, and looked away trying to hide his face from them and “I hate all of you” said Andy. “Oh come on Andy, we are just messing with you!” said Wendy. Lizz sat back down and asked “So Max, how about we play a little game?” Max looked at her and said “Sure, what game?” Lizz looked at Andy and he nodded. She looked back at Max and said “It's called, How well do you know Wendy. So are you sure you want to play?” Max looked at Wendy and she nodded and he said ¨ what are the rules ? ¨ he looks back at Lizz and Andy and Lizz said ¨ all right the rules are : me and Andy will ask you a question about wendy and you have to answer trulefly and no work arounds ok do you agree to this?¨ and Max said yes. Wendy sat down and said “I will be the one to see that your answers are correct. You can start now. ¨ So Andy looked at Max and asked ¨ how old is she?¨ Max then said ¨ she is turning 15 next month on the 11 ,next question please ¨ Then Lizz asked ¨ what is her favorite hobby to do when she has free time?¨ Max then said ¨she loves to garden and some of the time she likes to read instead , next please. ¨ Andy then asked ¨ where did you two meet? ¨ Max smiled and said ¨ we met in town ...she dropped something and I picked it up for her and gave it back ¨ Andy then asked ¨ what did she drop?¨ then Max said ¨ she dropped bred¨ Lizz then asked ¨ how many friends does she have ?¨ Max said ¨she has for really good friends but she knows the hloe town ¨ Andy looked at Lizz and she nodded he looked back at Max sighed and then said ¨does she have a boyfriend? Even though she is too young to have one¨ Maxs eyes widen and then looks at wendy as her eyes widens as well then a gared walked up to them and says ¨ your time is up time to go back to your cell ¨ Andy gets up and walks up to the gared and wisped in his ear ¨ I will take her back you go and take the visterd and walk them back ok?¨ the gared nodded and Andy then said ¨ all right he is going to take you back ¨ they hug and said goodbye. With Wendy and Max on their way home. Max asked ¨ what are we going to tell them the next time we go?¨ Wendy looked at him and said ¨ we there lie or tell them the truth ¨ Max sighed and said ¨ we might as well lie even if they are mad at us for lying but if we tell them the truth they will hate us did you see the way Andy was with that question and it looked like lizz was going to yell at me if I said that you had a boyfriend or is marred ¨ Wendy looked in front of her and sees there house and said ¨ they would have beaten you to a pulp. We should just be happy that the gared came when he did anyway. I will race you back to the house”. Wendy takes off running to the house with Max. With Lizz and Andy when Wendy and Max left as they were walking back to Lizz cell Andy said ¨they are hiding something from us. Did you see the way they looked when we asked them the last question they were worried that we were going to find something out that they are hiding.¨ Lizz stopped walking and looked at him with wide eyes and said ¨ she is dating someone ¨ Andy's eyes wide and said ¨ are you sure??¨ Lizz nodded and said ¨ it's all there when we asked the question did you see the way they looked at each other ?¨ Andy nodded and said ¨ do you think maybe that Max is her boyfriend?¨ Lizz starts walking again and said ¨ The is a chance that they are but I do not think so I mean they didn't touch much but wendy did whisper something in his ear that did make him blush I am just not sure the only thing I am sure of is that I do not like not knowing ¨ once they get to her cell there was something on her bed Andy went to see what it is then Lizz asked ¨ What is it ? ¨ Andy walked over to her form the bed and said ¨ it looks like a will but if it is the will from your mom and dad then why are you getting it now of all times ¨ Lizz takes it from him and rud her hand over the orange envelope and said ¨mom said once that if anything happened the will is going to be given to me when I am turning 23 but that not until May forth which is next moth ¨ with a confused look on his face he asks ¨ then why are you getting it now ? you should get it next month¨ Lizz walks into the cell and sits on the bed and said ¨ I don't know but we should get wendy back here so we open it together so what are you waiting for go get her ¨ Andy nodded and walked out of the cell and shout the cell behind him and goes to get wendy. With Andy when he gets to Wendy's house he knocks on the door then heirs ¨who is it ?¨ from the other side of the door Andy the said ¨ It me Wendy can I com in its inspiration ¨ from the other side of the door ¨ hold on i'm come give me ascend ¨ then the door opens and Wendy says ¨ what is so important you had to came all the way here wait aren't you still on the clock for work? And if so what are you doing here?¨ Andy then said ¨ yes but this is really important you need to come back with me it's about your moms and dads will. Lizz and I are flipping out and we need you ¨ Wendy then yells back into the house ¨ I will be right back go ahead and start cooking dinner without me I do not care what we eat ¨ from inside the house someone said ¨ok see you when you get back ¨ then on there way back Andy asks ¨ who was that in your house?” Wendy then blush and looks the other way and said ¨ oh nobody why is some gelies ? do not worry he is not going to take your place in my heart ¨ Andy then said ¨ I am not and I know that thank you very much for leaving that spot for me in your heart ¨ Andy then mutters ¨ I hope I still have a special spot in her heart I don`t care if I have to share it with you wendy because Wendy you're my little sister in more ways than one ¨ Wendy then said ¨ I feel the same way about you and she does you just have to be patient until she gets out ¨ Andy then opens the door to the prison and sues his ID and they start walking to Lizz's cell said ¨ but I am not sure if I can wait that long because every time I see her I want to kiss her but I don't think that she feels the same way¨ by the time they get to Lizz cell they were done talking and Wendy asked ¨ what so important the you had him come drag me away from dinner ¨ Andy opened Lizz's cell and whispered in her ear ¨ she had a boy over do not cry it makes her feel bad ¨ Lizz then said ¨a boy really ¨ Wendy laughed sly said ¨ h-he was just a friend ¨ Lizz then said ¨ when do we get to meet him ?” Wendy then walks over to the bed and sits down and says “you will when you tell me what is so important “ Andy walks over to Lizz desk and picks up an envelope and hands it to Wendy and as Wendy looks at the envelope and says “ is this mom and dad's will???” Lizz walks over to her sister and sit down and said “ yeah but the thing is that mom said that if anything happened to he and dad that I would get the will on my 23 birthday” Wendy look confused and said “ but that not until next month why are you getting it now “ Andy then said “ we don’t know thats why we want to open it with you here with us “ Wendy nods and hands the envelope Andy then opens the envelope and pulls out papers and stars looking thought it and his eyes get big and looks at the sister and the sisters then say “ what is it is something wrong? tell us what it is “ Andy then said '' here let me read from the beginning and you will see. Lizz you get the cabin and the house and wendy you get the rest of there fourchon and there is one other thing I get to be the one that you have to share and take care of me, are you seise you do not have to do that even if it's in the will” Lizz got up and slapped he and said “ stop freaking out go and sit down by wen and shut up and listen.” Andy does what hes tolled and Lizz contuse “ wendy how about this we share I get the cabin and you get the house but you get the cabin whenever you want and when you are at the cabin I get the house and or you what me to be at the cabin with you is that ok with you?” Wendy then says “ yeah but more than likely we are going to have a lot of sleep overs and maybe you will be an aunt who knows” lizz was in shock and said “ w-w-wait w-w-w-what??” When Lizz was done talking one of the guards came and said “ you have a visitor” Andy then says “ thank you you may go “ the guard nods and lives Andy then said “ shall we go see who is here ? “ Lizz and Wendy nod and when they got there they saw Max waiting when they got to the table and Wendy asked “ what are you doing here? “ Max then said “ I was worried you left so soon without telling me anything so I came here to look for you and here you are “ wendy then says “I`m sorry Lizz and Andy needed help with something I promise that I will tell you what is going on next time“ Andy then said “ ok but scene we are all here how about some more questions if that ok ? ” Lizz then said “ it ok with me what about you two ?” Wendy and Andy both say “yeah good with me” Wendy walks over to Max's side of the table and sits down and Max puts a hand on Wendy's leg and then asks “so how did you guys meet ? Wends hasn't told me yet ¨ Lizz and Andy then said ¨ wow I thought that she wood have by now ¨ Lizz then looked at Andy and he nods and then Lizz look to Wendy and she nodded then Lizz said ¨ well it goes like this me Wendy and our parents were at the cabin for the weekend because we did not have school monday and so when we got there me and wendy whent to play in the water but when we got their there was a boy skipping rocks into the water and then wendy did the funniest thing I have ever seen * she laughs a little thing about it* so wendy goes and hugs him from behind and said and I quote ¨ you look so down how about you put a smile on and play with us and by the way my name is wendy¨ it was the cutest thing I have ever seen and so we played all day and found out that he lived in our neighborhood and so we walked to school every now and then and he come over to do homework together and before we know it we were just like brother and sisters and here we are" Max then said " do you mind if wendy had a boyfriend do you ?'' Lizz and Andy looked at each other and then look at the suddenly shy couple and laughs and said '' we don't mind as long as we think that it's a good match say like you two together are a good match '' Wendy and Maxs giggle shyly and Andy then said in a low voice '' but if we don't like them or think that it a good match then we will not be nice'' and Lizz then said in the same low voice “because we will not waste the time we have with her and to be honest we already missed so much of her life that it pains to be away from her “ Wendy and Max both get cold chills Wendy then gets up and walk over the her siblings and give them a hug and say “and now you will not lose me because I will be visiting every day “ Andy then asked “why are you asking us about how we feel about Wends having a boyfriend?” Wendy let go of Andy and Lizz and walked back off to Max and siad “because we have something we have to tell you " Andy then got up quicil and qusedend " your not pregnant are you ?” Wendy and Max laugh " no I am not pregnant “said Wendy still in a laughing fit as Lizz and Andy let out a the breath they were holding as they were thinking the heavens as they were thinking “oh thank the gods I am not ready to be an aunt/uncle but one day yeah but that day is not today” Max clears his tout and then said “ me and Wendy are together “ Lizz and Andy were shocked and said “wow we didn't think that you guys would ashle say it “ wendy then said “wait you guys knew ?" Andy then said " yeah we figured it out after you left the first time you guys came we pasted it together we're not mad we are really happy for you guys we just can't wait until you have kids '' they were surprised when Lizz`s lower came to the table and Lizz got up and hugs her and said "hey lucy why are you here do you have any news on my case ? " Andy got up and walked over and then said " its been awhile since we saw you how have you been? Any news on the case? " Wendy then got up and ran to Lucy and pulled her sister off of Lucy4 and gave her a big hug and said " long time no see lu how are you ? you look good , any news on the sace “ Max then said “give her some room so she can talk ok?" Lucy then looked at the boy she did not know and said “ Ih I am Lucy hart I am Lizz's lower and who might you be? “ Max then gets up and walks over to her with his hand out to shake and sayes “ I am Max Wendy's boyfriend nice to meet you lucy” Lucy shook his hand and said “ it's nice to meet you too. How long have you been dating wendy?” Wendy then said “ we've been together for a couple months, we just told Lizz and Andy the other day” Lucy looked at Max and asked “ how old are you ? “ Lizz said “ don't worry we asked him all the questions that we thought of he's a good kid and I think they will be together for a every long time and hopefully I will have a brother-in-law and I might be an aunt “ Lizz nunged Max and laugh Max then said “ well maybe you and Andy will get together and me and Wendy will have ness and nefus it a posabilt “ Andy and Lizz`s faces turn cold and destined and Andy moved closer to Wandy and Lizz moved closer to Lucy. Wendy and Lucy looked at each other with a sad look and Wendy hugged Andy and some color came into his face and he hugged her back and kissed her head .Lucy raped her hands around lizz's waste. Lizz leaned into Lucy and relaxed into her. Max then said “I am sorry that I said that and i was just playing around because you said that thing about me and wenys and I thought that its only fair if I said it about you too i'm sorry" Lizz then said " its not your fault it you were just messing around your family and to be completely honest its kind of Andys fault for saying it first" Lizz smiled at Max

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